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September 1, 2011

Design from 1945 to the Present at MIA

by Accidental Bear


I would give my left testicle for this couch, but for now I will hold on to my testicles and head to The Minneapolis Institute of The Arts (MIA) and check out this amazing collection of furniture from 1945 and on. Mike Enders

design from 1945 to present1 Design from 1945 to the Present at MIA

The Minneapolis Institute of The Arts (MIA) is showing an exhibit on modern design through September 11, featuring design and designers from the post-World War II era to the present. From the museum: (via

American and European designers over the last six decades have explored abstraction of form, new technologies, new materials, and adventurous colors in items for household use. This exhibition focuses on these developments through over thirty examples of furniture, industrial design, jewelry, and other consumer objects, including notable recent acquisitions. Works by Americans Charles and Ray Eames, Harry Bertoia, Frank Gehry, and Michael Graves, as well as Europeans Eero Aarnio, Piero Fornasetti, and Jens Quistgaard, are among the designers included.

Minneapolis Institute of the Arts
2400 3rd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404-3506


August 29, 2011

4HOME: Albam, Antikmodern Furniture

by Accidental Bear

Tasteful, gorgeous, grown-up furniture will make your home into a sanctuary.

Albam, Antikmodern Furniture


Albam partners up with Antikmodern and now will have showcase space for things your bum to sit on not just to put on. The space will be filled with midcentury furniture including names such as Ercol, Ole Wanscher and Eames. The match seems like it fits like a glove.  Albam and  Antikmodern both have a stylish, earthy feel and easy on the eye. Treat yourself to a peak at the other goods.

(via Selectism)


August 15, 2011

4HOME: asaf weinbroom: New Series of Lamps

by Accidental Bear

Each of the lamp’s bases are handmade in weinbroom’s wood shop. The lampshade cones are built from a lamination of red oak veneer. The lampshade texture accents the wood’s natural fiber and structure. The studio also developed a unique lamination technology in the manufacturing of the cones. This encompasses producing a very strong cone made from thin layers of veneer that is light in appearance. For more info CLICK or just sit back and enjoy the slick design work on your screen.

August 10, 2011

I Art You: Metal Chair by Olsson Jensen

by Accidental Bear

Olsson Jensen


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July 28, 2011

Cuddle mattress: The Design That Lets You Keep a Loved None Close

by Accidental Bear

Who knew? I have yet to try one of these cuddle mattresses, but in theory I love them. For someone who spends half the night with arms half dead and tingly from sleeping on them this could be a solution. One the other hand this mattress might be a flop. If you get the chance grab someone and cuddle and get back to me pronto before I throw down some Benjamins.

It is a problem that has taxed mankind since Adam first lay down next to Eve. How do you cuddle your loved one at night without your arm going numb? Now, centuries later, the Love Mattress has arrived with an ingenious solution to this quandary. Though the central portion of the mattress is a single foam block, each end is made up of ten slats which are each three inches wide. These part easily from one another, leaving room to slide an arm beneath a partner and leave it there.

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July 2, 2011

Sustainable Memories by Resign| Furniture

by Accidental Bear

Mean, green, awesome machine. Growing up in Up State my family frequented Farmers Markets, Apple Orchards, and at the time lived a very new way of living, Green. Then, we were just hippies, but now it’s a movement even whispered from ear to ear in the White House. My design aesthetics have always been focussed around earth tones, wood, water and all of the 5 elements. “Resign, a creative network and lab out of Italy, creates a distinctive methodology to creativity and creation where it attempts to connect to all designers who believe in magic and the symbolic value of things.” It is if they were me, if I were more creative and could swing a hammer. Resign has managed to take reduce, re-recycle, re-use from bumper sticker status and make interesting, functional art.

Founded in 2007 by Andrea MagnaniGiovanni DelVecchio and Elisabetta Amatori the methodology is based on:

  • Channeling creativity into meaningful paths that can be easily shared
  • Creating a sense of identity and symbolic capital to their pieces and the network of relations
  • The necessity to revise the design methods looking forward towards sustainability

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May 27, 2011

How to Make A Natural Speaker (video)

by Accidental Bear

Just how green can we go without reverting to caveman days and banging rocks together to start a fire? This morning I tied 2 soup cans together by a mile long string so I can save time on my phone charger and keep my phone bill down. As I chatted to the end of my soup can, my words fell on deaf years and I cut my lip. The inventors of The Natural Speaker have better luck at keeping things simple and green.

Joon and Jung Studio are responsible for “The Natural Speaker” which employs a porcelain casing for optimal sound.

the natural speaker from Studio Joon&Jung on Vimeo.

The idea for the ‘the natural speaker’ derived from the desire to create an absolutely unique, handcrafted speaker for the interior space.
Whereas a lot of speakers are constructed to produce a rather fat bass and sharp high tones, we felt the sound was kind of stuck inside the speakers, missing a natural vibe and ambiance. During the development of the ‘the natural speaker’ we discovered the great properties of porcelain as a speaker casing, providing a clear resonance and mellow sound.

May 26, 2011

7 examples of living furniture, Solid as a Rock

by Accidental Bear

Growing up I dreamt of living inside a tree and my love of camping made living out my golden age in a tent on the beach. Now that I am aged like a fine piece of cheese, I choose a cozy bed indoors. I do still love the feel of dirt and the calmness that happens when I surround myself with plants. Here some great ideas if you have the space and the will. The 2 below are my favorite out of the bunch. AB


Peter Cook got the idea for growing his own furniture in 1986. Nowadays he’s a regular master at the refined art of tree shaping — guiding trees into desirable designs as they grow. Perhaps his most notable piece is the Pooktre chair, an ideal resting place for a gardener. Each chair requires painstaking attention for seven to eight years while it forms, but the effort is part of what makes relaxing in one so rewarding. Check out Cook’s Pooktre website to learn more about these beautiful living chairs, and to see what other wonderful living inventions the Pooktre artists have created.

Chaise-lawn chair
Invented by designer Deger Cengiz, the Chaise-lawn chair doubles as a lawn and a chair, not to mention a wheelbarrow for hauling around any human who finds it too comfortable. The chair might appeal to people who live in apartments and miss the simple pleasures of having a grassy yard — though you might want to check with your landlord first.


May 25, 2011

Modern Appealing Clothing Doubles; Ospitals’ New Addition in Dogpatch / SF CA

by Accidental Bear

“We are please to announce the opening of our second shop at 1003 Minnesota St. at 22nd St. Sandwiched between Piccino restaurant and Dig Wine store and bar, we are selling collections from Dries Van Noten, Maison Margiela, Kolor, Comme des Garcons as well as exclusive garments from California designers, Lemon Twist, Dema and Ryan Roberts. In our new shop we carrying items for Hearth and Home, including Heliotrope Skin care, Boulette’s Larder salts and spices, Heath and Rae Dunn ceramics, George pet products as well as a selection of Summer wear from Mollusk and Creative Growth for Everyone.”

Via sfgate

The Yellow Building, a renovated barn at Minnesota and 22nd streets, houses a MAC shop, a cafe, and wine and coffee shops.

Chris and Ben Ospital’s new branch of their Modern Appealing Clothing (MAC) store shares an 1840s stable, painted a very fashion-forward yellow, with Piccino Cafe, Blue Bottle coffee and Dig, the wine store. Collectively, it’s the Yellow Building. The Ospitals answer their phone “Yellow.”

All three businesses manifest an enthusiasm for the handmade (pasta!), the local (Lemon Twist clothing) and the sustainable (organic, biodynamic wines from small, family-owned vineyards in Italy and France). The interior space was purpose-designed for the businesses and features the work of local craftspeople. At MAC, Valerie Gnadt wove a rug and a display tablecloth from Ben Ospital’s old suits and white dress shirts. What might have seemed like an odd grouping made perfect, if only-in-San Francisco, sense.

The Ospital siblings are planning for a twofer, offering made-to-measure clothing from a different designer each month in an area demarcated by photomurals of 17th century French doors from Maison Martin Margiela. The made-to-measure items will be everyday clothing for real people, not the $5,000 suit that “you wear 12 times and then you die,” said Ben Ospital. He envisions the project as providing the perfectly fitted staple, perhaps a Robert Ryan jacket in Italian canvas that gets worn on a night out or to the supermarket for 20 years. The made-to-measure concept emphasizes the craft work that goes into creating clothing and textiles, Ospital said.

1003 Minnesota St. (at 22nd Street)
11 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Saturday; noon-6 p.m. Sunday.

(top photo: Siblings Ben (left) and Chris Ospital, in hand-printed cotton aprons, flank their mother and MAC partner, Jeri, in their store.)

May 7, 2011

Me Wants a Felt Mouse

by Accidental Bear

Joey Roth’s The Felt Mouse

joeyroth felt mouse 9 Joey Roths The Felt Mouse

Joey Roth’s latest project looks to hark back to a time of wood mice with compression clicks. It’s clearly a nicer form, replacing the “razor” movement with a precision optical control. It’s very much a modern mouse with an incredibly unique form. “The Felt Mouse will be launched on the 13th this month, part of American Design Club’s “Use Me” exhibit.”

May 2, 2011

Home: Gabriel Hargrove Saddle Stool

by Accidental Bear

Can I borrow $700 ?

“Town Stool is a modern piece of furniture inspired by well worn bicycle saddles, realized here in wood. The saddle and legs of this stool are made from ash, the legs are ebonized and the seat is stained in dark pecan. The saddle is sprung, like the leather saddles of many town bikes.”

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