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August 22, 2011

SF CA: Art for AIDS Celebrates 15th Anniversary Supporting UCSF AIDS Health Project| September 23, 2011

by Accidental Bear

Rex Ray, Untitled, 16”x16, resin panel

Art for AIDS celebrates 15th Anniversary Supporting UCSF AIDS Health Project with “Phantom” Star and Artist, Franc D’Ambrosio on September 23, 2011. San Francisco, CA—The UCSF AIDS Health Project announced the 15th annual Art for AIDS auction will take place on Friday, September 23, 2011, 6:00–9:00 PM. More than 700 supporters are expected to converge at The Galleria in the San Francisco Design Center to celebrate Art for AIDS 2011, benefiting the UCSF AIDS Health Project. This year, “Phantom of the Opera” star, and donating artist Franc D’Ambrosio will open the event with a special performance.


Unifying emerging and established artists, galleries and collectors, Art for AIDS is San Francisco’s premier art auction, bringing the Bay Area art community together to support Bay Area residents living with HIV/AIDS.

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August 22, 2011

AUSTRALIA: R U OK Day: A National Day of Action that Aims to Prevent Suicide| Sept 15

by Accidental Bear
A wonderful message. The world should take notice of the compassion happening down under. Mike Enders

VicBears is planning to start some life-changing conversations this September 15, hosting a discussion evening on mental wellbeing and how to look after your mates. The evening is being held to coincide with R U OK Day, a national day of awareness that aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to have open and honest conversations and stay connected with people in their lives.


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August 20, 2011

Food Fight For Lives: Put Down Your Damn Phone and Drive

by Accidental Bear


Join the fight HERE

Are you furious at the mmount of drivers who talk on Phones and Driving. Stricter laws are needed, but in the mean time throw your food at them. Guaranteed to make them think.

We want to start a movement that will irritate the hell out of people breaking the law and make them stop and think. The punishment for people busted for driving while talking or texting is barley a slap on the wrist and way to lenient. Gruesome pictures of severed body part and crushed vehicles aren’t enough, so let’s take a different approach!

We are encouraging you to, every time you see someone on the phone and driving to throw what ever food or drink that is in your hands or easy to grab at them and get their attention and royally piss them off. I did this earlier with a full cup of coffee and boy did it feel good!

Let us know your stories and pass this own.

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August 18, 2011

Inbred Hybrid Collective Forget Their Manners: NYC Sept 13th

by Accidental Bear

A Book Club Burlesque inspired by “The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners.”

Calling all bears, artists and performers: musicians, dancers, circus, variety, burlesque performers, film makers, puppeteers, piano players, drag queens, installation artists, photographers, actors, freaks, the bizarre, strange, and subversive

We highly recommended that you read the book because this IS a BOOK CLUB.

The goals for our Book Club Burlesque events are to :
1. promote literacy;
2. showcase unique talent; and
3. Have SEXY FUN!

If these things are important to you then come join the collective!

This is a great opportunity for artists to create. We encourage our artists to fully bring their own creativity to their pieces.

September 13th, 2011
doors at 8pm, show promptly at 8:30pm
$7.00 (sometimes enforced one drink minimum)

Parkside Lounge

317 E Houston St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 674-9308

We encourage our artists to fully bring their own creativity to each piece, relating their performance or installation to themes or text, and having sexy literate fun.
Past books have included: Lolita, Valley of the Dolls, Less Than Zero, The Scarlet Letter, Archie Comics, the Brothers Grimm Collection, Siddhartha, Stranger in a Strange Land, City of Night, The Curious Sofa, Mutiny On The Bounty, Please Send Money, Geek Love, Volsungasaga, The Handmaid’s Tale, Where The Sidewalk Ends, Louis L’amour, The Curious Sofa, The Joy of Cooking, and more!

These events have been a Voice Choice, written up in Time Out, La Dolce Musto, and the New Yorker.
For the New Yorker review of our past show:

August 18, 2011

Backstage at ITV and Save the Children’s Born to Shine with Gareth Thomas.

by Accidental Bear


“We helped 3 million children through our health and hunger work in 2010. We run world-class programmes to save children’s lives and we challenge world leaders to keep to the promises they’ve made to give children a brighter future.” Gay rugby star Gareth Thomas joins the cause. We have all seen him in his tighty-whities playing the harp. Born to Shine concludes this weekend as Gareth returns to perform in the shows grand final. Will he be crowned winner? Find out Sunday at 7.30pm, ITV1!  While Gareth is busy practising, watch this behind the scenes footage of him learning the harp. Despite his ‘Cumberland Sausage fingers’ he quickly got the hang of it!

August 12, 2011

Feel Good Moment: U.S. Air Force Staff’s Cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”

by Accidental Bear

Singe from the heart of folks who know just what rolling in the deep means in all senses of the words.

credit goes to:

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson and Sidewinder perform a cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Sidewinder is part of the 571st Air Force Band, 131st Bomb Wing, Air National Guard. They are deployed as the U.S. Air Forces Central Command Band!/pages/SIDEWINDER-Air-National-Guard-Band-of-the-Ce…

August 7, 2011

PSA: How a Bear Loves a Cockatoo Named Babalu

by Accidental Bear

IMPORTANT: Please read how you can help save parrots. The movie “Rio” will have consequences. If we work hard we can turn these into positive consequences. Please check out this article CLICK HERE. The movie will inspire many to purchase these fragile spirited creatures and then abandon them once they discover that they are loud, have powerful beaks, and often destroy their feathers or act aggressively. Caution: “Rio” shows parrots taking poison: Cocoa, chocolate chip cookies, and food from human mouths. “Rio” does have value, too. It shows that human-raised birds rarely can survive in the wild. On the humorous side, note that the parrots in the movie have only 3 toes, not four.We must all act to turn this potential disaster into a venue to educate the public on the true nature of parrots. For more on their true nature, see this information in pdf format.

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August 1, 2011

Hey Baby Face, Kiehl’s for amfAR: LifeRide for amfAR

by Accidental Bear


Motorcycles and cream, love it. (remove mind from gutter here)

kiehls 01 selectism Kiehls for amfAR

Maintaining a long-standing tradition of supporting HIV/AIDS charities, Kiehl’s Since 1851, has announced the Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream to benefit amfAR.

The Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream will launch during the second annual Kiehl’s LifeRide for amfAR, a seven-day charity motorcycle ride up the Eastern coast. 100% of proceeds from the sale of the cream will benefit the charity.

July 28, 2011

The Late Great Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen Keeps on Giving

by Accidental Bear


Alexander McQueen bequeathes £100,000 to Terrence Higgins Trust

The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen has bestowed £100,000 of his fortune to gay men’s charity Terrence Higgins Trust. The donation is one of four £100,000 gifts he donated in his will, this week. Other organisations who also received the sum are: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the London Buddhist Centre and the Blue Cross animal welfare charity in Oxfordshire. Out of his estimated £16 million fortune, he also left £50,000 for each of his dogs, gave £50,000 to both of his two housekeepers and  bequeathed £250,000 to each of his siblings.

The iconic fashion designer, who suffered long-term anxiety and depression, was found dead at his London home on 11 February 2010. Westminter’s Coroner’s Court ruled today that he had taken sleeping pills, tranquilizers and cocaine before strangling himself.

Sir Nick Partridge, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “Alexander McQueen was a friend of THT. He supported us for over 12 years, working alongside the charity to raise awareness of HIV as well as vital funds. We’re touched that he chose to leave this generous legacy, which will be used to support those living with and affected by HIV in the UK.”

July 24, 2011

The Pride is a Comic Book Series Created by Joe Glass and Gavin Mitchell: Help Support & Fund

by Accidental Bear

Hey all, there’s literally just 11 days left to help the comic. We really need everyone to get involved please, then we can make sure the print run is large and able to spread far and wide. Please, whatever you can do to support, please fund, spread the word. We really need the help. Thanks



About the pitch

Have you ever felt misrepresented? Or not represented at all? Have you ever thought the media makes you out to be something you’re not? A joke, a monster, a danger, or worse? Well, FabMan has. So he’s forming his own brand of superhero team…one with an LGBT twist. THE PRIDE are coming to show you what they got; they’re here to savethe world; they’re here for everyone!

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July 16, 2011

Accidental Bear’s “It Gets Better… Mmmm Cupcakes” Video

by Accidental Bear

Accidental Bear’s owner Mike Enders joins the It Gets Better troops and talks about the many different types of gays you can be. He expresses the celebration of Bears love for men who are fuzzy, husky and tattooed and their appreciation for CUPCAKES!!!

July 14, 2011

Humans Save Whale By Untangling Human F**k Up (Net): Heroic Video

by Accidental Bear

Michael Fishbach narrates his encounter with a humpback whale entangled in a fishing net. Gershon Cohen and he have founded The Great Whale Conservancy to help and protect whales. Visit their website, facebook page, and join them in helping to save these magnificent beings.

July 13, 2011

Straight Allies Ben Cohen & Michael Irvin Grace the Covers of Out Magazine

by Accidental Bear


  • OUT MAGAZINE AUGUST COVERS 560x (COURTESY) ADVOCATE.COMDallas Cowboys star Michael Irvin talks about what he learned by having a gay brother, and about being afraid “to even let anyone have the thought” that he might be gay too, in an interview with Out magazine.  READ MORE >
July 13, 2011

Stand With Planned Parenthood ProChoice Hanger Necklace – All Profits Go To Planned Parenthood

by Accidental Bear

 Wow, powerful message to wear around your neck. I fully support! 

Stand With Planned Parenthood ProChoice Hanger Necklace - All Profits Go To Planned Parenthood

Stand With Planned Parenthood ProChoice Hanger Necklace - All Profits Go To Planned ParenthoodStand With Planned Parenthood ProChoice Hanger Necklace - All Profits Go To Planned Parenthood
The hanger has sadly become a symbol of the pro-choice movement, reminding us of the horrors women endure when abortion access is restricted.With the purchase of this necklace, all profits will be donated to Planned Parenthood where it will be distributed to wherever the need is greatest. These donations will help provide low-income women with access to much needed healthcare treatment and prevention services. If you would prefer the donation go to your local Planned Parenthood, please make note of that in your order or convo me.

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July 12, 2011

Gay Activists Use F-Word-Filled Comedy Video with 12-Year Old Boys Sharing Same-Sex Kiss to Raise Funds to Fight Minnesota Gay Marriage Ban

by Accidental Bear’s newest F-word-filled video brings together cussing drag queens, two pre-teen boys kissing in it’s attack on the “Top 5 Reasons to Ban Gay Marriage”. Group pledges 10¢ for each Facebook “Like” or Twitter tweet up to $10K as part of its latest gay marriage T-shirt sales fundraising effort.

[vimeo 26083711 w=400 h=224]
Los Angeles, CA – July, 12  2010 – Outraged by the upcoming 2012 ballot vote in Minnesota to change the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage, gay activist website has created another F-bomb-filled Internet comedy video sarcastically slamming the “Top 5 Reasons to Ban Gay Marriage.” The new video which is already going viral on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, laughingly attacks bible-based arguments against gay marriage. The video is intended to send a “gloves off” message and to promote fundraising T-shirt sales with a portion of proceeds donated to Minnesota gay marriage equality organizations.

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