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July 15, 2011

Morning Warm-up Videos: Lulu and the Lampshades, Twerking, Jet Pack Technology & The Mark Bingham Story

by Accidental Bear

July 8, 2011

TOMS Shoes: Tsk tsk On You, Playing with Homophobes & Anti-Choice Groups?

by Accidental Bear

This is a tough one, like a blow below the belt. We have to pick our battles. I am a big flaming homosexual and do my best to not give my money to groups supporting hate, but I also find it impossible to be a 100% ” gay PC”. It is hard to keep track of where to and not to shop, eat and patronize.  Why TOMS, why? Target, now you. (crying into the palms of my hands) AB

Last week, TOMS shoes founder Blake Mycoskie was a headliner at an event hosted by Focus On The FamilyAccording to Christianity Today, Focus On The Family is “working to become a TOMS international distributor in Africa.” Will canvas-footed progressives balk?

Since the departure of James Dobson, the group has modified their tone on polarizing topics, but not their positions on them: They still are anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-evolution, you name it.

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June 28, 2011

Israeli Video Blog Exposed as a Hoax (Loser Alert)

by Accidental Bear

The New York Times  Exposes a YouTube video featuring a man who presented himself as an American gay rights activist disillusioned with the latest Gaza flotilla campaign has been exposed as a hoax.

The man in the video, who introduced himself to viewers as Marc and claimed that the organizers of the latest flotilla of ships bound for Gaza had rejected his offer to mobilize a network of gay activists in support of their cause, was identified as Omer Gershon, a Tel Aviv actor involved in marketing, by the Electronic Intifada, a pro-Palestinian Web site.


June 22, 2011

Southwest Airlines pilot was suspended after Obscene Rant about Ass F**king Homosexuals and a Granny| Video

by Accidental Bear

Whoopsie Daisy of the Day: A Southwest Airlines pilot was suspended without pay and ordered to attend sensitivity training after he accidentally broadcast an obscene rant concerning the lack of datable flight attendants to every airplane in the area through the Houston Center air traffic control frequency.

The exchange between the pilot and his co-pilot, which took place on March 25, was obtained by Local 2 News through the federal Freedom of Information Act, and has been posted online in full.

The airline refused to disclose the name of the pilot, but did confirm that he was suspended, though would not say for how long.

(NSFW, obscene rant.)


June 14, 2011

Disabled Gay People Can’t Swim in Kentucky Public Pools

by Accidental Bear

Kentucky: Disabled Gay Couple Ejected From Pool

By Michelle Garcia


A gay couple in Hazard, Ky., was ejected from a public recreation facility, sparking outrage from local LGBT organizations and allies.

The two men, who are reported to be developmentally and intellectually disabled, went to the pool at the Pavilion in Hazard, a city-owned facility. They were turned away by a maintenance technician, who told them, “We own this place and can tell you to leave if we want to.”  

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June 8, 2011

Chloë Sevigny To Play An Irish Transsexual Assassin In New Miniseries

by Accidental Bear

Perfect parts come to good people. Just saying. When I become uber famous and gobs of people are making films about my life, I want Chloe to play me. She is divine and talented, which translate to secret weapon. AB


Not many actresses would be able to recover from doing “that scene” in Vincent Gallo‘s “The Brown Bunny,” but then again, Chloë Sevigny has hardly played by anyone’s rules. She broke out in the controversial “Kids” and from there has amassed an impressive CV working with directors like Lars von Trier (”Dogville,” “Manderlay”), David Fincher (”Zodiac”), Woody Allen (”Melinda & Melinda”), Whit Stillman (”The Last Days Of Disco”), Jim Jarmusch (”Broken Flowers”) and Harmony Korine (”Gummo,” “Julien Donkey-Boy”). And oh yeah, there was that Oscar nomination for “Boys Don’t Cry” as well. She’s also come on the radar of mainstream America with her role in the HBO series “Big Love.” However, her next role might be her most memorable one to date.

May 20, 2011

Rapture Wear: Handi Rapture Ready Diapers for Mature Men and Women of Faith

by Accidental Bear

Get them while they’re hot! Wait, what!?!?

Order Now

Do you have what it takes to be rapture ready? We have what it takes to make you Rapture Ready. Rapture Ready Diapers automatically disolve upon completion of levitation leaving you fresh and as naked as the day you were born.
Be sure to stipulate size, When ordering note whether you wish an iPod and cell phone pocket.
All Jews must enclose a notorized certificate of religious conversion. via

May 19, 2011

Matt Zarley new song- WTF; Seriously Matt, What the Fuck?

by Accidental Bear

I wanted so bad to find out that this was just a joke, a skit, but my research found out that this is for real. My new grown up mind wants so hard not to judge, so I bite my tongue and I ask you to watch for yourself and tell me what you think. This would be way to easy for me to rip it a new ass***e and rain on Matt Zarley’s parade (oh, and it would be a downpour!)

May 11, 2011

Florida Finally Got Around to Banning Bestiality & Sex Altogether

by Accidental Bear
Erotic detal from the base of Lakshana Tempel ...

Image via Wikipedia

Words and wording does matter. For instance when participating in some good old fashion S&M you are giving a “safe word” to call out when enough is enough. For example when your titties are being twisted too hard, you yell out, “PEACH BLOSSOM” and then your mate will/should stop. Florida has finally made it official, no more bestiality! The problems creeps in when there are loose definition of words like “animal.” The wording in the bill passed banning bestiality last week bans sex with animals. The problem is “we” are also animals (no, not like a pig in the bedroom).

Act summary:

An act relating to sexual activities involving animals; creating s. 828.126, F.S.; providing definitions; prohibiting knowing sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal; prohibiting specified related activities; providing penalties; providing that the act does not apply to certain husbandry, conformation judging, and veterinary practices; providing an effective date. says, ” The whole act is pretty hot. Here’s another sample from the “definitions” section, just for kicks.”

“Sexual contact” means any contact, however slight, between the mouth, sex organ, or anus of a person and the sex organ or anus of an animal, or any penetration, however slight, of any part of the body of the person into the sex organ or anus of an animal, or any penetration of the sex organ or anus of the person into the mouth of the animal, for the purpose of sexual gratification or sexual arousal of the person.

April 10, 2011

Ralph Lauren Denim Safari Jacket = NO

by Accidental Bear

On so many levels this is NOT cute. The name alone should make that clear, Denim Safari Jacket. On a side not, Ralph, I’m sorry. I’m not even going to touch the subject of those sandals the model is wearing.

via Selectism

Ralph Lauren has always had an eye for true American inspired clothing. They’ve recently released their new “Rugged” Collection with a couple outerwear pieces and accessories. The “Denim Safari Jacket” was designed to have a really distressed aesthetic which gives it a somewhat 60’s styled look. The jacket features a pointed collar and button placket with RL 1967 buttons, bellow pockets at the chest,

April 6, 2011

Westboro Spoofs No H8 Campaign; Dumb Asses

by Accidental Bear

At first glance, I thought this was a joke. Come to find out it’s for real, but what a joke. This is some of the most radical improv art ever. Pushing the envelope, current, controversial and dominating conversation. Not to be taken serious, but made out of someones mad hallucinations and put on canvass. In this case, duck tape. Westboro’s comedy act has been on the road for a very long time. They should think about doing stand up or booking galleries. Are they for real, for real? Crazy is, as crazy does.


Westboro Spoofs No H8 Campaign

By Editors


In a 25-minute video laced with profanities and antigay slurs, the Westboro Baptist Church offers its spoof on the No H8 Campaign.

“We gonna tell u who God H8S,” the familiar black and red paint spells out at the beginning of the video.

Subsequent images show members of the church with tape over their mouths and phrases such as “God H8S Fags” and “God H8S Adulterers” painted on their cheeks.

March 31, 2011

Women in Pants(trousers)= an Abomination

by Accidental Bear



March 22, 2011

A Christian publisher says she had to cancel the launch of a book which claims Jesus can cure homosexuality

by Accidental Bear

How am I going to get fixed now? I have barely stepped foot in a Church except for that one wedding and on acid in high school for a photo shoot. That’s all that it took for me to know that the church is nothing more than ornate stained glass and beautiful wooden benches. Oh, and quiet, wonderful peace and quiet. When it come to bible pushers I want to raise some hell though. The writer of this book talks of  a “dramatic” religious experience had by one half of a gay couple. Religious experience? No, sorry sweetie that called a nervous breakdown for not being accepted by those in which you have faith. Can I get an AMEN!



Christian publisher forced to cancel launch of ‘gay cure’ book

Christian publisher says she had to cancel the launch of a book which claims Jesus can cure homosexuality because of a planned protest by gay rights activists.

Eileen Mohr, who owns Crossbridge Books, said that a hotel in Worcester refused to host the launch after learning of the demonstration.

Where is your brother?’, by Canadian author Marion Heath, is being published in the UK and tells the story of a gay couple who split up when one has a “dramatic” religious experience.


March 20, 2011

Fashion NOPE! Luar Zepol ‘Back Strap’ Pants

by Accidental Bear

Designed by Raul Lopez, we’ve christened these the “Back Strap” trousers, which are of course a steal-from-the boys situation as the line is targeted to men. Since shorts shorts are so common, this is so much more of  unique look. Formally of Hood by Air, Lopez created these for his new labelLuarz Zepol. More images on the next page via Vashtie.



March 18, 2011

Man Exchanges Tattoo for Sex With 15-Year-Old: Cops

by Accidental Bear

I mean, If i were to pay for a new tattoo with sex that would be fine. I am so not above it. But WTF, hasn’t he ever seen To catch A Predator? No sympathy for the bastard. He should be forced to have sex with an 80 yr old women as punishment. This may be the sentence for chester molesters of minors!


Bristol Township Police arrested a 34-year-old Falls Township man after he allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old girl many times, promising the young teen a tattoo in exchange.

Walter Meyerle, of the 900 block of E Penn Valley Road in Morrisville, Pa., was arrested on charges of felony involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, aggravated indecent assault, statutory sexual assault, corruption of minors and other charges.

But Meyerle strongly maintains his innocence.

“There are a lot of serious charges and it’s pretty serious but there’s nothing to back it up,” Meyerle told NBC Philadelphia after his arraignment. “We’ll see who’s guilty.”


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