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March 16, 2011

Is the scent of bacon manly?

by Accidental Bear

We need to rethink our thought of manliness. Bacon smell = macho? Gays can be confused about what is macho like the rest of world. An example of things gay guy THINK make them macho or butch them up are baseball caps. Its like butch drag. If under that hat you are sporting tweezed eyebrows, that’s not butch. Thanks and you’re welcome.


Teenage Boy Makes Bacon-Scented Candles


Watch out, Yankee Candle. Thirteen-year-old Hart Main is hot on your trail. The teenage entrepreneur has created a line of candles scented with “masculine” aromas like buttered popcorn, grass, garage, sawdust, and bacon. Each hand-poured Mancans candle is packaged in an empty soup can (Hart reuses them after donating food to a soup kitchen) and shipped from his central Ohio home. And if that weren’t enough, the budding wax mogul makes his own commercials to show how his product can magically transform Justin Bieber into one of the manliest men in music history:

March 11, 2011

California Man Swept Away by Tsunami

by Accidental Bear

Horrible tragedy but you can’t say you weren’t warned. Mother nature is all powerful and not to be underestimated.



The Japanese earthquake is having truly global effects. Rescue workers are searching for a California man who was washed into the sea by a tsunami when he was trying to take pictures of the incoming wave in northern California. Four others were swept off an Oregon beach earlier today, but managed to make it back to shore. The lesson for people living in beachfront communities on the West Coast? Stay inside and watch it on TV.

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[Photo of a wave near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco today via AP]

March 8, 2011

Ex-Gays My Ass

by Accidental Bear

Some subjects that make my skin crawl: “ex-gays” , on the “down low” and Donald trump. There again is the one word solution, THERAPY people, THERAPY.


Live Chat Tonight About “Ex-Gays”

By Editors


Following Tuesday night’s episode of Our America With Lisa Ling regarding the “ex-gay” movement, there will be a live chat on the subject with Ling and Gayle King.

Airing on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey NetworkOur America With Lisa Ling is a newsmagazine that covers topical subjects — Tuesday night’s episode is called “Pray the Gay Away?” and looks at so-called “conversion therapy.” Following “Pray the Gay Away?” (airing from 10-11 p.m. Eastern), Ling and King, host of OWN’s The Gayle King Show, will take phone calls, Skype questions, tweets, and Facebook messages from the public. Viewers can submit their questions by calling (888) 442-9535,  using the hashtag #OurAmerica on Twitter, or via Facebook at

March 8, 2011

LFW Ashish AW/11, London = NO

by Accidental Bear

LFW Ashish AW/11, London

March 7, 2011

George Michael Owns being a HOT MESS

by Accidental Bear

Ok, I have been around the block a few times a know that it takes more than a joint to  black out while you’re driving and end up slumped over steering wheel crashed into a store front. Either that was some wack shit George smoked or he was on something much stronger and “they” are calling it cannabis.


George Michael says he was the ‘poster boy for cannabis’ and deserved to be jailed

George Michael was jailed for two months

Gay pop star George Michael has told the BBC that he deserved to be jailed for crashing his Range Rover through the door of a shop while under the influence of cannabis.

Michael was jailed for eight weeks and fined after the incident at Snappy Snaps in North London.

Michael told the Chris Evans show in an interview to be broadcast tomorrow that he is “ashamed” of the incident and is having treatment to stop his use of drugs which he says has earned him the status of “the poster boy for cannabis”.



March 5, 2011

News to me! Donald Trump Hates Gay People

by Accidental Bear

No and if buts about it. You are either with us or against us. We are not discussing a so-so film we are talking about peoples lives. So, Donald and your fickin’ hilarious comb-over can SUCK IT. When someone FAILS so badly at his own personal relationships, they should be given a muzzle and by law not a loud to give their 2 cents.


If there’s one thing Donald Trump can do, it is out-do Donald Trump. And he’s done it again with regard for his disdain for homosexuals, with the serial divorcée following up his opposition to same-sex marriage with a declaration in Iowa that gay couples don’t even deserve medical civil benefits: “no and no.”

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March 4, 2011

Drunk Priest Offer a BJ to Cops to be let Free (watch video)

by Accidental Bear

Can’t hurt to ask, right?

Drunk Priest Offers Oral Sex to Cops

By Editors


An Ohio priest who was arrested for driving under the influence pleaded not guilty in court Friday to DUI charges after he was caught on tape offering the arresting offers oral sex if they’d let him go.

It’s the third OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated)/DUI arrest for Father Ignatius Kury since 2004. In the video (posted below), he’s caught threatening the officers, offering them blow jobs, and asking if they want him to be some sort of “sexual slave.” READ MORE

March 4, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Sleep Over May Get Petty Officer Booted

by Accidental Bear

I guess this is the new six pack. It’s been joked that the difference between a gay guy and a straight is merely a six pack of beer. I think we have new “game” men to get straight men to jump sides, a DVD set The Vampire Diaries.


Navy to Boot Sailor for Vampire Diaries Sleepover?

By Editors


Navy officials have launched discharge proceedings against a petty officer who claimed he and another sailor had fallen asleep watching The Vampire Diaries when the two were caught in bed together.

Stephen C. Jones insists nothing was happening and the two merely nodded off, but investigators say the sleepover crossed “professional lines.”


March 4, 2011

Mow Down these Hate Mongers; Hate at Home in the OC

by Accidental Bear
Official seal of City of Yorba Linda

Image via Wikipedia

Just a thought. This is not an endorsement for violence in the least bit, BUT… why don’t we have any crazy “good people” on our side that go blazing through one of these events mowing all these hate mongrels down? I guess thats what makes them good people, the conscience of knowing better.

This video makes my SKIN BOIL. This type of behavior in the presence of these children, is wrong and inhumane!


Meanwhile, In Orange County: Hate Is at Home


by Lindsay William-Ross / LAist

A video posted yesterday to YouTube shows footage from a February, 13th protest in Yorba Linda, held outside a fundraising event held by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), with a goal of aiding women’s shelters, and fighting homelessness and hunger in the US. The protesters were there to speak out against “what they called the group’s agenda to impose Sharia (Islamic law) on American society,” explains the Jewish Journal. “They were particularly upset with the event’s keynote speakers, New York cleric Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Amir Abdel Malik Ali, whom they said hold anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views.”


March 3, 2011

Bruce Cohen Pulled out the “gay kiss”

by Accidental Bear

This seems a little fishy to me. A shot of his wife clapping and tearing up is more exciting than watching Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem dancing and their kissing? I don’t think so. Cohen may be in charge but Im sure there is a team up big wigs making every decision on who turns which way, who get more air time or anytime at all. I say don’t attack Cohen , attack the network.


Bruce Cohen Attacked on Wikipedia

By Editors


Academy Awards producer Bruce Cohen has been attacked on his Wikipedia page, due to his perceived role in ABC cutting away from a kiss between actors Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin during the telecast last Sunday, reportsMovieline.

Cohen, who is gay, was called a “liar who claims he does not partake in the homophobia of the ABC network when clearly he does,” according to the update by an anonymous user. Cohen, who produced the Oscar-winning biopic Milktold The Advocate any claims the cutaway was intentional are not true.

“There was nothing intentional about our cut away from Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem dancing and their kiss. We had planned to cut to a reaction shot of Javier’s wife, Academy Award-winner Penelope Cruz, in the audience when they were introduced and that’s what we did.”


March 3, 2011

Yes I Can’t; Tell Kids the truth.

by Accidental Bear

Telling a child that he/she can do anything they set they’re mind to is a flat out lie and setting children up for life long frustration and sense of not living up to your expectations or their abilities. Have we forgotten about genetics? This is a simple factor that plays into what you can and cannot do. I for instance know my short comings and do have the capacity to be the President of the USA. Be glad for that. Although growing up, I was told that if I wanted to , I could be president. Sweet grown up, but liars. Do you think kids know you are lying as they are telling you this BS? I think so.

You can be the best you can by giving “it” your all, sure. My father raised me and my siblings with the tone of a used car saleman. He coached us with pep talks. Layered on the BS to build our self-esteem, but only set us up to feel like failures every time we didn’t come in first place, or get a job and meet the right “girl”. I swam  and dove on local swim  team while growing up and always came in second and third but never first. I would wonder why I sucked so bad , because , I was told I could come in first at what ever I tried. And I tried my darndest and 2nd and 3rd was my best.

Do you think a child dealing with the fact that they may be gay believes that if they try hard enough they can be straight?

This must carry on into adult hood. Be anything you want, as long as you set your mind to it ; FALSE. I want to have an awesome swimmers build with 6% body fat and win karaoke comepetions , but I sound like a squeaky care tire needing more air and genetics have made me hairy from head to toe and at whatever weight I am, have a little tire around the middle ( thanks dad, be all I can be).

So, we are set up for mental failure and low self esteem by the good intention of our parents. Actually I believe its the laziness of our parents not being creative enough to give us the truth and make the truth of not BEING #1 at anything you want it normal and OK. If we don’t change this glamorized way of thinking our  your kids will be set up never being able to reach their expectations of themselves, because they will be reaching to high. I say reach for the lowest star. He you achieve it awesome, if not you wont be beating yourself over the head.

March 1, 2011

Critical Mass Participants BEWARE. Driver Runs Over Cyclists Protesting In Brazil (VIDEO)

by Accidental Bear
San Francisco Critical Mass, April 29, 2005.

Image via Wikipedia

This is awful example of human behavior, BUT be thankful I don’t have a car. I have watched these bicyclist in San Francisco cause chaos  in the street during Critical Mass blocking drivers from getting home from long days of work, family members on their way to visit family in the hospital, or maybe even people that have to take the piss of their lives, I too have these visions putting the medal to the pedal. I am about to be unpopular with half my friends, but I am ANTI- CRITICAL MASS. There are different ways to be heard than to party in the streets ( thats what it boils down to). Two wrongs don’t make a right.



In southern Brazil last week, around 100 cycling activists were mowed down by an angry driver.Associated Press reports: “Cyclists in the Critical Mass ride tell the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper that the man argued with some riders, who had taken over all lanes of the street on Friday.”

No bike riders died during the incident.

According to Deadspin, the suspect is motorist Richard Neis, who “tailed the Critical Mass bikers for some distance in his black VW Golf before gunning the engine and plowing into them. Neis later ditched his car but decided to give himself up to authorities.”

The video, which you can view below, shows a peaceful protest in progress interrupted by a car accelerating through the riders, “leaving the injured on the street screaming as fellow cyclists administered first aid.” It’s pretty brutal. Watch it if you must.

Fortunately, bike-heavy San Francisco has yet to see a similarly venomous display from a terse driver during our end-of-month Critical Mass ride. However, back in June, a motorist went on a hit-and-run rampage targeting cyclists in the Mission and Potrero Hill.

February 28, 2011

Is the Mission the New Bay View? More Murders, More Stabbings SF CA

by Accidental Bear

Man Clings To Life After Mission Shooting Sunday Night


A San Francisco man was shot in the Mission district Sunday night and rushed to a hospital with life-threatening injuries, a police sergeant said.

The 27-year old man was sitting in a car in the 1500 block of Alabama Street at Cesar Chavez at around 10:20 p.m. when suspects approached, shot the victim multiple times, and then drove away, Sgt. Mike Andraychak said.

Police had no suspect or vehicle description as of 2 a.m. this morning but believe it could be gang related and are asking witnesses to come forward.

They are urging anyone with information to call the department’s gang task force at (415) 553-1401 or the anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444.

Weekend killings raise San Francisco homicide toll to 15 so far this year

The frigid weekend concluded with two fatal shootings and a stabbing that left a man struggling to stay alive, propelling The City’s homicide count to at least 15 this year.

San Francisco Police Department

The most recent killing happened around 7:40 p.m. Saturday. Police found Aldo Hernandez, 25, dead with gunshot wounds in the driver’s seat of what was thought to be his own car near the Potrero Hill Recreation Center.

Hernandez was found near Dakota and 23rd streets, Sgt. Mike Andraychak said. He appeared to be the “intended target,” he said.

That discovery came two hours after a shooting at 25th and Connecticut streets, which is believed to be unrelated. The victim, a man in his 50s, is expected to survive.
Read more at the San Francisco Examiner

Mission / Shooting: Earlier on Saturday/Friday night, another Aldo, 24-year-old Aldo Troncoso (a.k.a. Trigger) was murdered, gang-style, near 17th and Mission. A makeshift memorial has sprung up at the scene. [Examiner]

February 28, 2011

Workplace Discrimination Video About Gays

by Accidental Bear

This makes me want to follow the “suit” into the bathroom and slice his achilles heel with a sharp blunt object. (kidding, kind of)







Training videos on workplace harassment and discrimination are usually so sterile and unrealistic, they’re hysterical. But at least Therese Allen, who creates these videos for a living, threw up some special sauce to illustrate a situation where gay workers get harped on by colleagues and bosses. WHO DOES THAT TOM THINK HE IS?! (But hey, it is great that gays are being included in this sort of training.)

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February 28, 2011

Art ‘Is Gay,’ According To Banksy Successor Stall

by Accidental Bear

First off I have a school teacher for my better half and he has broken me down to agree with him that we ( everybody, gays included) need to STOP saying things are “gay”. No matter what way you look at it, when it’s used to describe something with the intention of saying it’S LAME, DUMB, or BAD its negative for all gay people on a whole.

As far as Stall’s “art ” work, I say LAZY! I understand the humor behind what he’s doing, but lets not pay him any attention. Lets give him his 15 minutes of fame and then go back to worshipping Banksy!




Art ‘Is Gay,’ According To Banksy Successor Stalls

Move over Banksy, because Stalls has come to town. In the new Spike Video Game Awards-nominated film Enter Through the Stall Door we meet Stalls, who’s made quite the name for himself by just tagging “is gay” on other artists’ work. “I mean there’s a lot of stuff out there that should be called gay,” he says. If you don’t understand why this is brilliant, then you don’t understand art, and that makes you look stupid.

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