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February 21, 2011

Lambert Ready to be Gay Role Model ( to a few)

by Accidental Bear

Adams advice is to close your eyes and be yourself. Thats a great start, but the real challenge is when you open your eyes and  find that, that is when the real work begins. Finding your place in  this world, a safe place to be you. Closing your eyes and getting your footing is awesome, but  your interactions with the world around you will be the path to happiness and self acceptance.

Having Adam as a role model is” off the hook” for some but I think it may also cause some peer pressure and insecurities of its own. It tells young gays ( and the straights) that being gay means you are VERY DIFFERENT, don’t fit into a cookie cutter and that you HAVE to wear outrageous shameful outfits in public that no one but Elton John and Prince should. But what if you are dealing with coming out issues and like to be  preppie or dress from Banana Republic? Are you not as gay as Adam? Is there added pressure to BE WILD, WACKO and CRAY CRAY because thats what “gay is” ? Does this create a split personality to coming out?


Lambert Ready to be Gay Role Model

By Editors


Adam Lambert says his stardom is “an amazing opportunity to be able to help people,” during an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Asked for his advice to people struggling with their identity, the pop stars says, “close your eyes and focus on who you are and what you want.” Later in the interview Lambert says, “You have to love yourself in order to love someone else” and reveals that he is currently dating someone.

Watch an excerpt of the interview below.

February 19, 2011

1 In 5 Don’t Know (care that) Bareback Sex Can Transmit HIV.

by Accidental Bear

I’m sorry but I’m going to call bullshit. There is a great need for continuing education on the spread of HIV, but I think there is a lot more going on. People think  ” its not going to happen to me” ,or ” Im a top, i’ll never get it” or ” I’m immune. I have had so much unsafe sex and still negative.” I have heard that last one numerous times. Guys are just participating in risky behavior for what ever reason, ( I believe) and they don’t think the risk out ways the pleasure of bare backing. Sad but true. Most guys need a good ass whooping and strong does of therapy, not an ass plowing. You’re welcome.


1 In 5 Don’t Know Bareback Sex Can Transmit HIV

Only three in ten adults know all the ways HIV can be transmitted, while twenty percent of them have no idea condom-less sex between a man and a woman or a man and a man is a high risk activity, according to a survey of Brits conducted by the National AIDS Trust, the non-profit dedicated to HIV/AIDS education and prevention. Those statistics of stupidity, however, make more sense when you hear that of the same pool of respondents, one in ten believe kissing/spitting can transmit HIV, while only 45 percent understood sharing needles actually will. PICK UP A PAMPHLET, YOU FUCKING MORONS. Until you know the facts, you don’t deserve to have sex. I’m not even kidding. One in five people don’t know bareback sex puts you at risk for HIV? That figure should be zero in six billion.

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February 14, 2011

You May be a Porn Star and Don’t Even Know it!

by Accidental Bear

I already have a problem with the trolling guys in the mens lockers room who blow dry their hair in mirror for an hour while they stare in the shower room. What creeps me out are the guys who come to the gym just to shower. REALLY? After this article I now think maybe they’re “stopping in ” the mens locker room at gym to change their video tapes on their HIDDEN CAMERAS.


VIA Queerty

When Getting Naked In The Locker Room Means Winding Up On The Internet On Full Display

Plenty of porn sites offering purported “spy cams” of men changing in locker rooms are simply paid actors undressing and showering with full knowledge they’re being taped. And then there’s footage allegedly produced by men like these two suspects, who were arrested on charges of illegally filming men disrobing at the FX Leisure Centre in Gateshead, England, and then posting the footage online.

A hidden video camera is believed to have recorded up to 28 men in various states of undress. The filming came to light when an alleged victim was tipped off about images of his naked body appearing on a gay website. The businessman was horrified to log on and find footage showing himself getting changed at FX Leisure in Team Valley, Gateshead. He tipped off the club who then contacted police. Two men have since been arrested. One club regular said: “The man who uncovered this was a businessman who is a FX member. He was approached by two gay men who had seen him naked on a website.

“He thought it was a joke at first but then realised he had been filmed in the changing room. He went straight to the club management to complain. Some of the members are not too happy about their manhood making an unwanted guest appearance on a gay website.”

As if you weren’t self-conscious enough changing in front of other people. [Mirror]

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January 27, 2011

“Corrective Rape” used in countries like South Africa to rid lesbian women of their homosexuality

by Accidental Bear

Im stunned , no comment!

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Millicent Gaika, nearly raped to death.

Human Rights Groups around the world have drawn attention to the practice of so-called “Corrective Rape” used in countries like South Africa to rid lesbian women of their homosexuality. Up until recently, this issue went largely unreported. That has changed irrevocably in the aftermath of the horrific raping of Millicent Gaika.

Gaika, 30, was nearly raped to death by Andile Ngoza. He was released from jail on a bail of 60 Rand – about $10 USD. Gaika’s testimony in court, telling the judge her attacker said, “I know you are a lesbian. You are not a man, you think you are, but I am going to show you, you are a woman.” did nothing to prevent Ngoza’s release. Rapists are frequently released with minimal or no legal repercussions, and are set free to torment their victims once more. Rape based on sexual orientation is not considered a hate crime in South Africa.

The practice must stop immediately. has created a petition to require the South African government to add Corrective Rape to it’s hate crime list, and to persecute offenders vigorously. To date, it’s the organization’s most successful petition yet. The South African government was effectively ground to a halt due to the sheer number of emails flooding the government servers (130,000+). The government was forced to recognize the outrage of citizens across the world.

The assistant of Justice Minster Jeff Radebe, to whom the petition was addressed, admitted, “you have made it virtually impossible for us to access other emails as doing so is like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

Please speak up and help us end this barbaric practice against women, against members of the LGBT community, and against our fellow human beings.

Will you sign the petition?


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January 9, 2011

To Bare or Not Bare All: Nudity

by Accidental Bear
"Clothing Optional" sign from San Fr...

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What is with gays constantly in need to be nude. Gay beaches, gay resorts, clothing optional this, clothing optional that. Theres more to it than the feeling of  freedom that comes from letting your dong flop around in public. Is it the sexual energy that arises from it?  It is an exhibitionists wet dream to go public with full on frontal, ” Hi, may I have a Carmel grande frappacino. How do you like my PUBES haircut? “. I mean, I grew up in a hippy dipppy family and frquented watering holes n the summer with wangers flopping around, breasts swaying from side to side and over grown vagina bushes. It was no big deal. But as an adult I find myself just as comfortable wearing swim trunks while hanging out at beach or boogie borading. If you have ever gotten board rash on your junk you’d understand the need for a fabric barrier between yourself and  the sratchy surface of board.

Is it a political statement or empowerment, like, My body and I’ll do what ever I want with it? I GET IT!  Take off your bra a be free. Say, sitting in a group of 6 gay guys on a blanket in the park clothed is one thing, then gat naked and the energy changes. I have to say I believes the gay community is OVER sexualized ( I know this is not a popular view to most gays, thinking that it’s impossible to over sexualize anything). Coming from just a human stand point, not straight or gay, having an over sexualized atmosphere can distract a person from the big picture of there own life and lead them down a lonely, unfulfilled life (I know thats far fetched , but deal).

I dont know the number of times I’ve been somewhere clothing optional and TOTALLY fine with being non nude, with shorts on but have to fight off friends yacking , ” Don’t be prude! Relax, where all naked!” etc etc. So, I say worry about your own donger hanging out and you wont be seeing mine. Im okay, your okay, but don’t fight to have me naked just to make YOUELF feel comfortable. Visiting Harbin Hot Springs last year, under the PEER pressure of the environment my partner and I walked around free balling, wangers flopping all weekend, meeting a greeting strangers and their in your face and proud peckers, observing  old regretable tattoos on 60 year womens inner thighs. But we were not naked FOR US,   but for the other guests.

I have heard through the media and ant-gay groups about homosexuals being sexual deviants. I am totally NOT agreeing but have you picked up a gay news paper lately. From cover to cover, half naked , sexually provocative ads, photo spreads, hooker, escort ads, porn web site sponsors, underwear night at all our local bars, wet jock strap contests, naked yoga classes, skin skin skni etc.

To bare or not to Bare.

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