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July 5, 2011

Feeding the Gays: Stork Tattoo & Shirtless Bearded Fella

by Accidental Bear

June 28, 2011

Feeding the Gays; New Addition to Accidental Bear

by Accidental Bear

I needed to add a section on Accidental Bear that made no sense, was gratuitous and an excuse to post artfully taken sexy pics and inconceivable, unthinkable,unimaginable, unconvincing, far-fetched, dubious, implausible, improbable, unrealistic and  unbelievable stories, videos and pictures. I guess that we could also call this section, Formerly Known as Fluff.

waltcessna Walt gets buzzed by Chad. Photograph by Paul Tomlinson NYC 11


June 9, 2011

Takei For President √, Divine Guidance √

by Accidental Bear

It’s Tony Season in New York, and with George Takei’s own show Allegiance two seasons away, he needs divine guidance on how get on Broadway now!


May 22, 2011

“It Has Recently Been Brought to My Attention” that Men in Brazil are Hot and Model Worthy (video)

by Accidental Bear

View the full preview on at:

May 20, 2011

Accidental Bear Jock Edition: Jay DeMerit

by Accidental Bear

thanks for submission Jim

Jay DeMerit from Vancouver Whitecaps

April 5, 2011

PSA: The Etiquette of Public Urination

by Accidental Bear

According to Gavin Mcinnes, kids today have a lot to learn about urinating in public. Thank you Gavin, I just peed in my pants laughing.

See Gavin stripping and opening those cheeks to grab a one hundred dollar bill while asking “Are women as horny as men”? What do you think the answer is?
April 3, 2011

For the Love of Hairy Chest? Famous Skin

by Accidental Bear

Gratuitous Skin. Which Do You Prefer.

Smooth or Hairy



Smooth or HairyP

Photos from

March 16, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day

by Accidental Bear

Bulls player Nick Scruton in action during the Engage Super League Match between Bradford Bulls and Leeds Rhinos at Millennium Stadium on February 13, 2011 in Cardiff, Wales. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)


Check out that tail!




March 10, 2011

Cute Stuff of the Day

by Accidental Bear

Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion – Parties and people text and photos by Stefania Seoni and Stefano Libertini for hickeymag

March 9, 2011


by Accidental Bear

Gems from the internet. The web is a time capsule ready to be found by those exploring the wild world of web.  A virtual smorgasbord of who’s who among the eighties NYC hipster crowd is found in this capsule. GAY EIGHTIES!


Nelson, Michael Musto, Albert!, Christina in his real voice, John sex, James st james and Lisa ” cuddy from house” e, Liz, Rupaul, Larry tee, lahoma…

These are some of the amazing friends of Nelson Sullivan who made Downtown NYC an extraordinary place during the 1980s.

March 6, 2011

Gratuitous Cute Stuff of the Day

by Accidental Bear

photo source : By Brittany Reagan

Stationary Travelers


March 1, 2011

American Idols Bearded Talent

by Accidental Bear
American Idol

Image via Wikipedia

Is it a surprise to you that my 2 favorite male performers of the night on American Idol tonight sported beards. All beards aside Paul McDonald rocked my world the way he slid around stage and belted in a whisper his song. Casey Abrams has a street performer vibe and looking forward to what he’ll be performing next. I think I prefer him with an instrument.

I’ll have my eye on these two as long as they last.


Paul McDonald

Sings Rod Stewarts “Maggie May”  and gets my vote hands down.

Casey Abrams on Stage

February 25, 2011

Princeton Diving and Swimming Team Does Katy Perry

by Accidental Bear

ARKANSAS DUDES. SPEEDOS. MEN SWIM TEAM. ( HAND LOTION). TESTOSTERONE. KATY PERRY. FIREWORK. YOU GET THE PICTURE = GRATUITOUS. Home bored on a friday night, pick up your hair brush , crank up the music and sing your heart out ( its Friday night F worrying about the the noise volume).Pucsdt


February 25, 2011

Revolutionary New Homophobia Immersion Therapy Involves Lowering Patient Into Tank Of Gays

by Accidental Bear

Sign me up. This sounds like fun! The description of room of gay men is HI-LARIOUS. I’m often fed strawberries by shirtless men.



BOSTON—During a widely publicized press conference at the Boston University School of Medicine Friday, researchers announced a breakthrough new technique that cures homophobia by immersing patients in a large glass tank overflowing with gays. “Rather than avoid one’s fear of homosexual men, we believe it’s crucial to face it head on,” behavioral psychologist Dr. Dolph Kleineman told reporters, explaining how homophobic subjects are hooked up to a harness and lowered into a room containing bare-chested men dancing suggestively to the latest club hits, kissing, and feeding one another strawberries. “So far the treatment has been successful, with early test subjects being able to go out into the real world and see a gay couple hold hands without making a bigoted remark.” When asked if there was a risk of subjects getting stuck in the tank of writhing men, Kleineman said the gays would be so oiled up that patients would have no trouble slipping in and out.

… men dancing suggestively to the latest club hits, kissing, and feeding one another strawberries…

February 23, 2011

Bears VS Android

by Accidental Bear


Smart phones aren´t for everyone…..specially if you got huge fingers

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