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July 29, 2011

PSA: Dad’s Slutty New Shorts are Really a Bear Magnet”

by Accidental Bear

June 29, 2011

Two Jasperjohns Release Episode 4: White Pants | The (bear) feces hits the fan. Also, bajas!

by Accidental Bear

Well slap ass my and call me Judy, Episode Four by The Two Jasperjohns is out. √ favorite √ like



June 11, 2011

Ever Thought How Odd Your Online Life Is? Rib-tickling Funny Video

by Accidental Bear

Making fun of ourselves is fun, especially when it’s clever.

This Is Funny, You Should Watch It of the Day: To promote Nico Muhly’sTwo Boys — “a new opera that lifts the lid on the dangers of living our lives online” — the English National Opera sent out an actor to perform familiar Facebook and Twitter actions IRL.

Unfriendilarity ensues.

Bonus: Why he went into John Snow holding a sign saying he was “interested in men.”



June 7, 2011

VIDEO: Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph Describe the Journey of a Fart

by Accidental Bear

I finally cleaned myself up from my death that occurred from laughing so much at the film Bridesmaids, and now, my laughter has gone amuck again.

This clip from the French Bridesmaids junket was uploaded to YouTube over a week ago, but only now is its splendor started to light up newsfeeds and Facebook scrolls across our great nation. Here’s all you need to know: Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph are quizzed about scatological humor, and they both (along with the giddy interviewer) devolve into hysterics. It may be the first and last time you ever see movie stars really laugh. via

June 7, 2011

Best Twitter Question to Accidental Bear EVER

by Accidental Bear

June 7, 2011

X-Men Born This Way (Acoustic Parody)

by Accidental Bear

Doesn’t matter if you love men or X-M-E-N!

We saw X-men First Class over the weekend and it inspired us to write this song in parody of Born This Way by Lady Gaga. It’s rough at the moment but if it gets a good response we’ll try to make a full version of the song

June 1, 2011

Friday Night Furlosophy; 2 Bears, 2 Beers Discuss Current Affairs from Down Under

by Accidental Bear

I have just the thing to get you all past hump-day. Have you ever sat around with a good buddy, shooting the shit, gossiping about men, gym locker room, politics, pop culture, solving world peace and figuring out the smell of your farts and what you ate for lunch, and thought to yourself, “We should record ourselves because we are funny as all hell!” Most likely you smoked to much weed and you fall way short of being entertaining outside of the fart joke. It has recently been brought to my attention that these two beefy men from down under have done just that and quite successfully at that.

They cruise through current affairs with a humorous flare and constant ad-lib slap stick humor. In their most current vod-cast they amuse us with a bumper episode, the guys discuss the recent Equal Love rally in Brisbane, Singing Kylie to the Christians and the stupid new internet meme, Planking. After watching several of their videos via YOUTUBE you will feel like you can call these two your pals, buds or good friends.
Friday Night Furlosophy onYOUTUBE
Friday Night Furlosophy on FACEBOOK

March 8, 2011

Visualize Bear Dingle Berries

by Accidental Bear

Cute, no. Point taken, yes. Dingle berries, no thank you.




February 26, 2011

SF Snow was just a hoax, I’ll bet on it

by Accidental Bear
Put away your snow shoes and those perfectly laid out snow outfits you have laying across your bed. You bought that ridiculously expensive winter jacket 5 years and still have had a good chance to try it out in the snow? First off you’re lame because if you are a true San Franciscan , you know its all about the layers. You’ve also had fantasies of finding a winter boy friend and being cuddled up to the fire place listening to Frank Sinatra songs ( in your case probably listening to Stevie Wonders , Greatest Slow Songs Album). I will put  money down , that in my lifetime ( and I plan on living forever thanks to medical technology)  it will never snow in San Francisco. Shake on it!


San Francisco Gets Way Too Excited About Snow

Adrian Chen — Forecasts call for snow this weekend in San Francisco. This has transformed the burrito-and-coffee-bloated populace into squealing schoolkids, breathlessly shooting their excitement around the Internet via Facebook-enabled shoes, or whatever’s hot in Silicon Valley these days:

The very possibility that San Francisco could see snowfall has led to a flurry of activity by online wiseacres. The Web site was set up to answer whether it was snowing in the city, and mock terror bounced around the Twittersphere…

Several Web sites also got into the fun, including the Bay Citizen, which labeled the mere idea of snow as “SnO.M.G.,” an apparent homage to both Valley girls and the East Coast‘s recent spate of blizzards, which were called Snowmageddon.

What are you smoking besides tons of medical marijuana, San Francisco? There’s reason we called it “Snowmageddon” here on the East Coast. Because snow is nothing to trifle with. It’s not a dainty icing atop your precious cupcake of a city. Snow is a crushing blanket of doom that will treacherously slick your streets and down your power lines right on top of an old lady carrying a baby. It is white death.

Any New Yorker will tell you the proper response to a snowstorm is complaining, followed by panic, followed by more complaining. [New York Times]

February 25, 2011

CHA CHA CHA Charo: ‘Lady Gaga Is Madonna With Diarrhea’

by Accidental Bear

I am imaging Madonna rolling around in a wedding dress covered in shit, you? I pick , you pick, we all pick on Gaga. I just get off on their three names all in the same sentence. Now that must be an unusual equation.




Latino variety star Charo has blasted Lady Gaga for “copying” Madonna, insisting she takes her entire act from the Material Girl‘s Blonde Ambition years.

The Poker Face hit-maker released her hotly-anticipated new single Born This Wayearlier this month and immediately faced criticism it was a re-write of Madonna’sExpress Yourself.

Now singer/actress Charo has joined the growing group of Gaga detractors – accusing her of “adopting” the Queen of Pop’s style.

She tells Sirius XM, “I can tell you, to me, Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea… I don’t like it when somebody copies somebody and just adopts it – like their own idea.”

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February 25, 2011

Revolutionary New Homophobia Immersion Therapy Involves Lowering Patient Into Tank Of Gays

by Accidental Bear

Sign me up. This sounds like fun! The description of room of gay men is HI-LARIOUS. I’m often fed strawberries by shirtless men.



BOSTON—During a widely publicized press conference at the Boston University School of Medicine Friday, researchers announced a breakthrough new technique that cures homophobia by immersing patients in a large glass tank overflowing with gays. “Rather than avoid one’s fear of homosexual men, we believe it’s crucial to face it head on,” behavioral psychologist Dr. Dolph Kleineman told reporters, explaining how homophobic subjects are hooked up to a harness and lowered into a room containing bare-chested men dancing suggestively to the latest club hits, kissing, and feeding one another strawberries. “So far the treatment has been successful, with early test subjects being able to go out into the real world and see a gay couple hold hands without making a bigoted remark.” When asked if there was a risk of subjects getting stuck in the tank of writhing men, Kleineman said the gays would be so oiled up that patients would have no trouble slipping in and out.

… men dancing suggestively to the latest club hits, kissing, and feeding one another strawberries…

February 23, 2011

Bears VS Android

by Accidental Bear


Smart phones aren´t for everyone…..specially if you got huge fingers

February 23, 2011

Say What? Pic of Day

by Accidental Bear

February 22, 2011

5 year old needs a job before getting married. So Funny! (video)

by Accidental Bear

You tell it like it is little Ms

I think she should run for office. I would totally vote for her for president over Palin.

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