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May 24, 2011

Matt Alber Will Perform to Benefit Larkin Street Youth Services; SF CA 6/3 (INTERVIEW)

by Accidental Bear

Story and Interview by Mike Enders

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Matt Alber will be performing on June 3rd at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco with proceeds benefiting Larkin Street. “Seattle-based singer/songwriter Matt Alber has been writing about that same sliver of hope since he quit his day job and started making records at home. Alber’s first full-length album, Hide Nothing, does just that. He sings openly about a boyhood crush on a Field-trip Buddy. In Beotia, he sings both parts of a duet (one in coloratura soprano) between male lovers in an ancient army. He even plays a 1960’s crooner in the music video for End Of The World finding love in a barbershop with a gentleman getting his shoes shined. Sonically he culls everything from chopped-up beats to children’s choirs– and did I hear a real bassoon? But Alber’s songs, while keeping the pronouns honest, seep deeply into the heart of any listener who’s ever wondered if things were going to work out.”

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May 20, 2011

Star on the Rise Andrea Cammarosano; Artist, Desinger and Breath of Fresh Air- Q & A

by Accidental Bear

Photo: Eric De Mildt

Artist, designer and man on the town, Andrea Cammarosano, has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. He has changed the way I see inanimate object. I see a large piece of plastic in the closet and my mind is triggered into, “How can I sculpt that into an outfit?” Andrea doesn’t just think outside of the box, but lives out side of the box. This is what gives his work its unique flare that will leave you in a puddle of amazement. I worked with Andrea and Walter Van Beirendonck last year and it is clear that he is Walter’s wing man and they will be teaming up in Paris next menswear season. I think some ones should make a cartoon strip of these two where the sky is the limit. Andrea will be residing in San Francisco over the summer. Be warned, if you bump into this talented fur ball this summer, let’s say at The Lone Star bar in south of Market, you will get a contact buzz of pure joy and a refreshing youthful love of life called Andrea Cammarosano. Cue, Cyndi Lauper’s ” Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

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May 6, 2011

The Man Behind Talks with Accidental Bear & Things get Steamy

by Accidental Bear

In the adult entertainment industry the term “straight” on the gay side of the road is a hot commodity. There is much skepticism because these so-called straight actors are filmed getting gang-banged on site after site showing up on Sean Cody and other such sites with “first time”, “straight seduced”, “broke str8 guy” tags. I understand this is an illusion, but as with The Wizard of Oz, there is always a man behind the curtain. Do I have a story for you. Jeff, the hunk from (drum roll please) is actually STRAIGHT. He’s more like the guy next door that you’d bring home to meet mom and he fulfills all your straight guy voyeur fantasies. Towards the end of our talk Jeff gives me an idea of one of his sexual fantasies. He delivers a story of what it might look like on the inside of a horny straight guys brain. They say a picture is worth a thousands words, then Jeff’s words are worth a million dollars! Hot Hot Hot

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May 3, 2011

Accidental Bear Interrogates Bruce LaBruce; “Hollywood is Dead.” (Q & A)

by Accidental Bear

photo by Maxime Ballesteros

It is rare that you get to chat with someone you consider a legend and has influenced your life. Well slap my ass and call me Judy, I just did. Bruce LaBruce is brilliantly off key and sharp. Bruce’s film No Skin Off my Ass  skated me through a blurry time in my life by inspiring  me with  images of homocore-queer-skinheads and exposing me to a side of gay culture I could honestly relate to other than Jack Tripper from Threes Company. There is nothing cookie cutter about Bruce and he has kept true to the integrity of his art. I imagine Bruce like myself would find beauty in a mud puddle in a dirty parking lot. That takes an untrained eye and nothing thousands of dollars of art school can teach you. My interview with Bruce is direct and to the point, no fluff. I suggest you draw yourself and bath, get a little tipsy, do some poppers and slip into the water and enjoy our chat. What happens below the water is your own business.

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April 29, 2011

Q & A with Nick Burns Co-author of The Bearded Gentleman: The Style Guide to Shaving

by Accidental Bear

I have never had such an informative, enjoyable and dare I say smart conversation about facial hair. My usual conversations goes something like this, ” Uhh, you got something in your beard.”… ” Thanks!” Nick Burns co-author of The Bearded Gentlemen: The Style Guide to Shaving is loaded with helpful information to care for and tame that overgrown bush on your face or perhaps just your upper lip. His extensive back round as a journalist,  has covered skin care, fashion, and health for leading magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, Details, Elle Accessories, Out, and Zink, and he pens the popular men’s style blog,, makes him over qualified for me to ask him about how to best trim my unruly nose hairs (But I ask anyhow). Nick’s writing is witty and sharp as well as his answers to my questions I brainstormed for him.

Q & A:

Interview by Mike Enders

Accidental Bear:  How is it that you and Allan Peterkin came together to produce this much needed book together?

Nick Burns: Allan wrote a book called 1000 Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair and I interviewed him for a piece I wrote for the New York Times about the return of the mustache–a bunch of hipsters in Williamsburg started sprouting whiskers above their lips in 2008. We worked together on a few other articles after that and when his publisher asked him to write the follow up to 1000 Beards, he asked me to help out.

A B:  I would love to call you King of whiskers. What has been the fire under you that make you want to write about the topic?

Nick: I think “King of Whiskers” is too lofty of a title for little old me. Maybe Prince of Whiskers? Well, when your name contains “Nick” and “Burns”, writing about shaving is kind of like your birthright… sort of like being born into the royal family.

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April 26, 2011

Rugby Star Ben Cohen Opens up to Accidental; Beer with Ben

by Accidental Bear

It has been confirmed, rugby player (Hunk!) Ben Cohen is just as appealing on the inside as he is on the outside. Ben sparks my interest on so many levels (focus, focus) but I am most fascinated with his tender heart and his work with the gay community and his anti-bullying campaing Beer with Ben. “The Ben Cohen Acceptance Tour will be visiting Atlanta, New York, Washington and Seattle in May this year and will be raising awareness and funds, standing up against homophobia and bullying and standing up for equality, tolerance and mutual respect (Ben).” It is clear that Ben’s priorities are with his twin girls and wife. I tip my hat to him for making the world a better place in his spare time and personally flattered that he is taking on the challenge of my gay brothers and sisters with brute force. Talking with Ben you erase the line between gay and straight and think of everyone as the one. If I had an an award to give, I would be proud to pin it on Ben (preferably shirtless). He opened up and gave me straight from the heart answers.

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April 23, 2011

Accidental Has a Chat with Jake Brower of Robot Bomb Shelter

by Accidental Bear
Jake Brower of Robot Bomb Shelter  has it going on. An impressive musical resume with decades of smashing work dating back to 4th grade when he was already getting familiar with a variety of instruments. Unless you’ve lived your life under a rock or stuck at home for agoraphobia you’ve most likely danced your ass off to some of Jake’s music, whether you knew it or not. I got Jake to catch me up on what’s happening in his world professionally and personally. Personally I think Jake’s quite the looker, professionally Jake is quite the master. Check out what he has to say!

San Francisco Electro/Techno musician/producer/controllerist (not a DJ) Robot Bomb Shelter (aka Jake Brower) has been producing his brand of electronic dance music for 2 decades.

April 13, 2011

My Chat with Cazwell is a Hot Potato; Interview

by Accidental Bear

My interview with Cazwell is like a hot potato- I cannot hold it any longer. This shit is too good. We touched base on his upcoming album, collaboration with Peaches, Amanda Lepore and his dad’s love of air instruments. You will be proud of me , I held back from any skin flute jokes. The interview was via the telephone. As we exchanged words, I could hear, in the background, New York City breathing; car alarms and the hustle and bustle of the side walks. Our conversation had a relaxed vibe of 2 friends on a walk through the city, gossiping and talking about life, the good , the bad and the ugly. I did my usual, talked Cazwell’s ear off until his phone battery went dead. Here is how things went down.

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April 8, 2011

Accidental’s Chat with Fashion Bears Costello Tagliapietra

by Accidental Bear


A stitch at a time, Costello Tagliapietra are cementing themselves into fashion royalty. In some circles they are known as the ” fashion bears”, and let me add, of the world. With gay teens being bullied left and right, what’s  missing are gay, real men, role models. Growing up ,my gay “role models” actually made me cringe, and were examples of men I hoped to NEVER grow up to be like. If  fashion bears Costello Tagliapietra were in my sight while I was going through my growing pains, I would have seen it was possible to be all I can be.

Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra being wrapped in lumber jack, Brawny man looks themselves,  would surprise you as they send the finest, most delicate, feminine, body enhancing, gorgeous clothes down the cat walk. I give theses guys a ” Meow” for the ladies and a ” Woof” for the bears. Their clothes do not follow trends, for trends have short shelf lives, but follow “classic design”, and it is ever clear their heart and soul. Eyeballing their dresses in their Spring 2011 Collection (pictured below), my eyes get lost searching for a seam, and I go on a journey twisting and turning in the delicate fabrics and bask in the colors that which reflect rich colors of earth. Enough admiration for now ( really, I could go on and butter them up like a Thanksgiving turkey), let’s hear what the guys have to say.

Keep and eye open for the these two on April 21st, where they will launch their Uniqlo collaboration! FOR INFO CLICK

What goes on in the heads of Costello Tagliapietra:

Accidental Bear: How did such hunky, burly men start making such delicate clothing?

COSTELLO TAGLIAPIETRA: We began soon after meeting in 1994. Jeffrey had already been working on some amazing projects, and I(Robert) still in art school joined in right away. The first project we worked on together was the Madonna “Bedtime Story” video. It is a long story but after years of working on projects together including Nine Inch Nails to Bruce Springsteen we decided to create a capsule collection of hand crafted jersey dresses, an article in Vogue followed and the rest is history.

A B: I read that you were both taught by your grandmothers. While sewing did she give you some snappy, wise advice that stands with you today?

C T: “Don’t touch that” I think we are both tinkerers to a fault and it is sometimes better to leave your work alone and not to overwork things.


AB: I have this vision of your furry knuckles working on such fine fabrics. How hands on are you guys in the making of the garments? Are they made in the US?

C T: All of our samples are made in-house actually!

We are very process driven, having begun our careers in costume where it was sometimes easier to just get things done yourself due to time restrictions. This began to inform how we work/design. All clothes that make it to the stores however, are made at factories.

AB: I bet the models just eat you guys up. Do you temp them with doughnuts or do you put out trays of Tic-tacs for lunch?


C T: We love feeding the pretty little ladies!  We had cupcakes for them all a few seasons ago! During fittings, there are always a bunch of treats available to them… and don’t kid yourself, they do eat!

A B: Trends come and go like the wind. What is the shelf life for new trends?

C T: Trends are such a different thing thanks to the internet and fast fashion. For these reasons we stay away from trends because they put an unnecessary shelf life on your designs….we would rather think of what we do as heirloom or heritage; something to cherish and buy because of an emotional connection rather than a dictation from an editorial.

A B: Have you ever thought of making men’s clothing? (For me)

C T: Of course, it has to be great though! We have been looking for the right partner, so that we can do it properly and at the right price point.

A B: The Gays, what do you think about gay fashion these days? Beard trend? Whats next baby face smooth?

C T: Fashion in general is more democratized than ever…  it is impossible to spot gay from straight. The gay community especially, is embracing much more diversity than ever before. In the nineties there were really only a couple of “acceptable” ways to look, but today there are far less rules. In terms of facial hair, we are always fans of the beard as long as it is not one of those highly stylized chin strap varieties.

A B: While camping, would you rough it in a tent of get a log cabin? Frankly I see you in a log cabin, swinging an ax, but it might just be the flannels.

C T: Sure, red flannel union suits and a fire-warmed log cabin.

A B: What comes to mind when I say dingle berrys ?


C T: Strangest question ever asked.

A B: Ha ha , my speciality is randomness.

AB: Husky jeans for boys? Discuss.

C T: All of our Sybil Isabel Dorsett-like personalities run and hide at the sound of those words and the torture associated with having that label on our grammar school behinds.

A B: Are you guys “gay married”? What are your thoughts about the term civil union? Same as marriage?

C T: After seventeen plus years of living together we are waiting for it to be wholly legal before getting properly married.  There is no reason we in the LGBT community have to accept anything less than any heterosexual citizen in the USA are offered.

A B: If you had a baby, which one of you would change its poopy diaper?

C T: Robert

A B: Your dresses are so feminine yet, I imagine what they would feel like on. Do you ever use plus size models on the runway? (me) 🙂

C T: We don’t believe in gimmicks like that.  It can send the wrong message and make it a spectacle.  We do however try to showcase different body types and races and ages in the casting each season.


A B: That makes so much sense. A few shows I have witnessed lately, were circus side shows. I expected someone to walk by yelling, ” Cotton candy, Cotton candy!”

A B: What is your stance on fur used for fashion? Can there be an ethical way to use it?

C T: Fur is beautiful and a reality in luxury goods. There are though, gorgeous fake furs out there now.  Technological advances offer microfibers that are very close to the real thing! Baby alpaca is another humane alternative; the fur is only farmed from the babies who do not live through there first year. No alpaca is killed for it’s fur.

A B: It seems like most gay couples in a LTR are in an open relationship? Is that the key to a happy long-lasting LTR? Do believe in monogamy or think that it is just a heterosexual tradition?

C T: We can only speak for ourselves, we have been in a monogamous seventeen year relationship.  We have friends, straight and gay, in many types of arrangements, and they are equally as happy.

A B: That is amazing. Congrats to you for every one of those 17 years.

A B: A gallon of neapolitan ice cream slips into your grocery cart. What would be the first flavor gone?

C T: Vanilla

A B: What comes to mind when I say tranny bear?

C T: John Travolta?

A B: (Ding Ding Ding, balloons drop from ceiling) hilarious answer.

A B: Have any of your models had any epic falls on the runway?

C T: Thankfully no!


A B: Are there any unconventional or unusual fabrics you like to work with?

C T: We began our career being known for our use of jersey. Recently, we have been using the company AirDye to dye our fabrics with their technology which saves upwards of 60 gallons of water per dress made!

A B: Do have any other creative outlets? Knitting? Naked yoga? Macrame? Braiding each others chest hair?

C T: Competitive eating

A B: Awesome, when we meet, we’ll have a pie eating contest! I warn you, I can shovel food down. We’re on!

A B: What does the future hold for your line? Have any surprises up your sleeves?

C T: Surprises are better when you don’t know ahead of time  😉

A B: Finally and most importantly, when I finally meet you guys in person can we have a three-way kiss?

C T: We are great huggers

A B: Awesome, I’ll take two!

I will keep an eager eye on you two from now on. I know there is an audience of yours, that gets goose bumps at the mention of your name. Until next time, Robert and Jeffrey, you make this unmanageable modern world, a much more pleasant one to look at. Much love to you and thanks for playing!



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April 4, 2011

Accidental’s Q & A with Tim Kruger (Adult Film Star); Revealing and Honest

by Accidental Bear

*** Warning: Graphic (enjoyable) Language***

Years before finding out about Tim Kruger’s cinematic talents, I stumbled upon this photograph above. In order to keep this a classy joint, I covered the goods. Tim informed me that his English was not the best and was apologetic ahead of time for his grammar. Tim, I must say, your English is leaps and bounds better than most Americans. Tim had no idea of the grab bag of questions I was about to unleash on him.  I have  special powers that  gets people to over share. With Tim, in my book, there is no such thing as over sharing.

Take some time and feast your hungry eyes on Tim’s Site (Adult). You may just find yourself bookmarking it for, um, private time. You’re welcome, and thank you!

About is a little family enterprise.
We are Tim Kruger (right) and me, Grobes Geraet (left), a real life couple since quite a few years and we love sex.

It was Tim who had the idea for this site. We both like to watch porn clips, especially those which are realistic and amateur style. We also realised that there were many people who liked to check out our very first little video clips that we had uploaded on dating websites. So we decided to make something out of it. In the meantime Tim has become quite a well known porn actor, so our division of work is clear. Tim stays in contact with the porn scene and generally does most of the networking. And of course he is our star in many of the films on this site. Me, i´m the “producer”, I shoot and edit the films and photos…and in some of them i´m in front of the camera too.  So, there´s really only the two of us, no big production company in the background.
But nevertheless we guarantee to bring you about 8 to 10 updates per month.

Q & A, Ready, Set and Go!

Accidental Bear: I’m a big fan of ( you). Because this is your site, does this mean you only work for yourself now?

Tim: For now, I only do videos for but that doesn´t mean I will
never do movies for other companies anymore. I plan to do videos for
other studios in the future again from time to time.

AB: Any fun projects you are working on now or in the future?

Tim: I really wanna have my own Tim Kruger Dildo someday :o)
I´m currently talking with some companies who do that and hopefully
my wish will come true later this or next year.

AB: I see singers move on to become producers and actors to directors.
Do you plan on “hanging up” your cock (laughs) some day and being behind
the scenes only? Cross over into Hollywood films?

Tim: Hollywood is no option for me because I think I’m a very worse (bad) actor.
That´s why i enjoy doing so much because everything is real,
and it’s just me and how I am.

As long as the people wanna see me fucking some sexy butts I will do that.
If they’re getting sick of it I will start working just behind the camera.

AB: You have most likely lived out most of your sexual fantasies in front
of the camera by now. Is there anything that you secretly desire
doing? Whether it be a location, an act or a certain role play?

Tim: I’ve tried most of my fantasies, but there are still some left. One
thing I often think about is, I really wanna see my boyfriend getting fucked by many
hung tops. And by many, I mean at least 10. 🙂

AB: Oh Tim, believe you me, you are not alone with this one. I say go big or go home, right?

AB: Fluffers? So when I think of fluffers I giggle a little. Sounds
like an “interesting” job. Could you help me understand what a fluffer’s duties are?

Tim: There are no Fluffers on a porn set anymore. Long time ago when porn
started there were Guys or Girls on the set who helped the actors getting hard and sucked their cocks before a scene or during a break.Today the actors help each other to get hard and there is no need for an extra Fluffer.

AB: Kind of like “help a brother move a new couch” or set up his internet. Ha ha

AB: Germany vs States? Are Americans uptight? What are some pros and
cons about living your life in Germany? I have friends who love to
travel to Germany and I hear some crazy stories about bath houses and sex clubs.

Tim: Germany, and especially Berlin, is very  open minded when it comes to sex.
You can fuck in almost every gay bar;  even in the biggest and most popular mixed clubs here in berlin, and it has several, people (gay or straight) can have sex. In the States everything happens more in the closet.

AB: When I say the words Dirty Sanchez, what is the first thing that
comes to your mind? And what about bareback porn?

Tim: To be honest i never heard of Dirty Sanchez, so I don’t know what or who it is.

AB: I don’t know why but I find this somewhat of a hint of innocence, which adds dollar signs to your overall appeal. I will let you google Dirty Sanchez on your own.

AB: Here I added a link: Dirty Sanchez, because learning is good.

Tim: And about bareback porn, I can say, it’s totally ok for me if two adults who trust each other, and know about the risks of fucking bareback decide to do it without a condom. Everyone should have the right to make that decision for himself without getting judged by others.

I’m not a big fan of the twink bareback movies where I think the young
boys just see the money and don’t know much about the risk of doing
it. Even if the companies testing their models, there is always a risk left.

AB: What are your, if any, limitations about what you will do on film??

Tim: Almost everything the people want to see and I feel comfortable with
I would show in my videos. But it has to be 100% Legal  of course.

AB: Here in the US we have an alarming problem in our school of gay
kids being bullied? Does the media in Germany have any stories that relate to this? Or is the US in general, ignorant.

Tim: Here in Germany it’s the same thing at the moment. Violence against gays
is on the rise and it mostly comes from guys who have a low educational background or from guys who have an immigrant background. The politicians don’t wanna talk about that problem but I think its very important to talk about that and don’t ignore the fact.

AB: San Francisco’s streets are lined with porn stars. I have noticed some, after peaking in the adult film career, enter into a down hill with battle with drugs. What would you say if someone said that doing porn is a slippery slope to drug use?

Tim: I’m doing porn for quiet a while now and never saw anyone doing drugs.I think in every branch you will have guys who are strong enough to do his job without taking drugs and some guys who are doing drugs because they can’t handle the stress, success or they can’t stand it when the fame isn’t anymore.

AB: Tim you are a smart man (shameless flirting)

AB: On a lighter note. You and your boyfriend Grobes Geraet are freaking adorable and appear extremely joyous in your photographs? Do you have a cute story of how you met?

Tim and his boyfriend Grobes Geraet

Tim: There is no big and romantic love story I can tell you :o) I saw Grobes online on a dating site and so wanted to meet that hot tattooed  muscle guy but I was 22 years old at that time and he always said I was too young for him. But I never gave up and after some weeks of chatting, we met each other accidentally on the street and talked for a while, he liked me and arranged a date for next day. The intention of the date was to have dinner and watch a DVD, but it ended with a hot and sweaty sex session :o) After that we met more often and it is still hot and heavy today.


AB: Are you two married?

Tim: No we’re not married and we both live in Germany.

AB: What are the laws in Germany like about gay marriage?

Tim: Gays in Germany are allowed to marry but do not have exactly the same
rights than straight couples yet.

AB: Red heads, blondes or brunettes?

Tim: I don’t care about hair or skin colour, as long as the guy is sexy.

AB: What’s the future hold for you and Tim Tales?

Tim: Next step with is to release DVD’s and my dildo, of course :o)

AB: Dude if your dildo were a book, it would for sure end up on the best sellers list or Oprah’s book club!

AB: Have you spent time in San Francisco before?

Tim: Oh Yes an I loved it. I was there often to shoot videos for Hot House or Raging Stallion Studios ,and sometimes for pleasure. We’re planning to go there next month again.

AB: I hope I “accidentally” bump into you.

AB: Speaking of, you must have some crazy stalker fans. Any funny fan stories? Or
even scary ones?

Tim: There is a bit of everything but usually all my fans are very nice and friendly and I like talking to them.

AB: What kind of teenager were you? The girls must have all been hot and
bothered by you. They lose, we win!

Tim: I was a very quiet and shy teenager and I still am bit shy, even though, most
of the people don’t believe that because i do porn. Almost all of my friends were girls, and the guys in school often were jealous because of that. I had some very pretty girlfriends. But we never did more than kissing.

AB: Ok, so there are Gay for pay actors. Would you do straight for pay films?

Tim: No, I would never do any straight movies and fuck a girl. I could probably do it when I think of a hot guy, but I wanna have fun and be 100% in it, so a woman will  never be an option for me.

AB: A man that knows what he likes, I totally get it.

AB: Are you a spiritual person? Buddha or god… do either of them do anything for you?

Tim: I’m not very spiritual. I believe in something, but it’s definitely not God.

AB: And finally, what made you do your very first porn? Curiosity?
Money? You life dream? Is your career exactly where you would like it
do be?
Tim: I worked in a Gay Video store and saw all these hot guys on videos,
poster, books everyday and I got curious and wanted to know what it would be like to be a porn star and what  it’s like to do a  porn film. I applied on a website and a few weeks later i was on a flight to San Francisco to shoot a video with Raging Stallion.

And from there, we know what happened, Tim is HUGE. No not like that, well, yes like that, but I’m talking about his name being known in any respectful gay household from San Francisco to Timbuktu. We look forward to seeing your life size monument soon. If you guys are good, you should be as lucky to have Tim’s money maker stuffed in your stocking next Christmas.

Thank you for the chat Tim. You are super charming, and your broken English and accent  at times, added a touch of worldliness to my mundane questions. Much love to you!


March 28, 2011

Q & A with SF’s own Legend Heklina: Nothing Off Limits

by Accidental Bear

A day after the alien spaceship landed in San Francisco named Britney Spears, Heklina was sweet enough to sit down and answer some of my Barbara Walters style, off the cuff questions. I was there when Trannyshack started, the hairs on my chest hadn’t grown from nipple to nipple yet and now I’m covered from head to toe. My, how time changes things. It got me thinking, now that the world famous Trannyshack shut its doors to its Tuesday night staple at the Stud, what was Heklina doing with all of her time? Is she channeling that creative energy into something magical? I truly believe with everyone cashing in on their 15 minutes of fame these days, less people will be remembered in years to come. Heklina on the other hand has  made a heavy footprint in history and will be remembered for eternity. I cannot wait to see what she does next. I’m a fan!

For Heklina’s day with Britney Spears, read what she had to say CLICK

photo by Austin Young

Q&A with no Limitations:

Accidental Bear: Can I call you Heckles? Pretty please with organic cherries on top.

Heklina: Only my friends are allowed to do that. Are we friends?

AB: What  have you been up to since Trannyshack Tuesday nights has ended? Knitting? Bird watching? Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

Helkina: Well, when I ended the weekly club I did TRY to relax, but am really no good at that. I love to work. I feel like I am just super crazy busy all the time now. For one thing I am doing huge monthly events at the DNA Lounge, that regularly draw between 700 and 1000 people. It’s Trannyshack on steroids; bigger stage, bigger lights, bigger sound, bigger venue, and most importantly, bigger backstage! Check for a list of all the stuff I am doing

AB: Were you a creative child? Barbies or G.I. Joe?

Heklina: I was never into dolls, but I read a lot of books, and had a very vivid imagination. At a very early age I already suffered from delusions of grandeur.

AB: As baby Heklina lay in her bed wearing her training bra, what did she  have taped to her wall that was ripped out of Bop Magazine?

Heklina: Oh dear, this is gonna show how old I am! David Cassidy when I was very young, then Leif Garrett, then Andy Gibb. After I discovered Rock and Roll I was hot for Robert Plant, David Lee Roth, and Eddie Van Halen.

AB: Ok, sex in drag? How? Who? Details? Polariods? Do Drag queens kiss and tell? 2 drag queens getting it on, lesbians?

Heklina: OMG, I discovered how many straight men out there like to get their dicks sucked by drag queens and ever since then I have spent waaaay too much time on line trolling for cock. I can honestly say I have never once been on any of the gay sites (Manhunt, etc.), but was hot for Craigslist for a long time, although that’s tapering off. I got some really hot cock though.

AB: When I say the word moist, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Heklina: Brownies. Honest, I swear!

AB: For Heklina the feature film, who would play you? You seem to have a flare for theatrics (coughs) and do them quite well. Have you ever had any formal training in theater?

Heklina: Amy Sedaris or Kathy Bates. No, thank Christ I never had any formal training. Having no rules to follow was the best thing for me.

AB: Drag competitions? Are you rooting for anyone on Ru’s Drag Race or is it tired? Do you even watch the filth? 🙂

Heklina: I’ve never watched it, actually I don’t watch television and have never seen one of these “reality shows” (but I’ve been on a few of them). I hate the idea of a panel of judges telling anyone what they should wear, how they should sing, etc. I especially hate the idea of telling drag queens how they should look or develop themselves, and am disappointed in RuPaul for doing this show, but hey it’s a paycheck. I did a gig with Raja (she’s on the current season of the Drag Races) last night, and she was so sweet and it was so crazy to see these kids go crazy over her when 6 months ago they could have cared less. Ah, the power of television.

AB: People have said punk is dead for decades. How would you respond if someone said, “drag is dead.”

Heklina: Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. It’s debatable for sure. Makes for a good conversation.

AB: Could you put a price on your wig collection? What was the most unconventional thing you ever made a wig out of?

Heklina: Gosh, my wigs? I don’t know, I’m gonna have to say ……priceless! My wigs are pretty standard, nothing too unconventional, but they do have to be BIG to minimize my (cough) less than feminine features.

AB: Local politics? Do have any beef with our local politicians that you would like to air out? Are you a Bevan Dufty fan?

Heklina: No real beefs with any politicians, but as a nightlife promoter I do despise the ABC and other departments who are threatening clubs and bars. People way too often side with residents or condo owners over nightclubs, and I think SF nightlife is so vital to our identity and economy. It seems to me the most ridiculous thing in the world to move across the street from a nightclub and then complain about noise. It’s contributing to the gentrification of our City, if we don’t watch out we could become just as lame as New York City. New York City makes me weep when I think of what it was and what it’s become.

Oh, and I love Bevan Dufty!

AB: You have quite the dedicated following. Heklina for Mayor? You have my vote. But you have to promise one thing: SF must close everything down on Sundays. A total off the grid day for entire city. Ok?

Heklina: Ugh, I could never be in politics. But my policies would definitely be geared towards nightlife, the arts, parks and recreation, things that make a city unique. I would not be popular with yuppies (do people still use that term?).

AB: Anytime I turn on the TV, there is a priest being busted for molesting numerous children, usually boys. I believe there is something mentally wrong that makes men who want to become priests also become a pedophile. I know that sounds drastic. Thoughts?

Heklina: They’re denying a part of themselves, deep down I think they believe that if they give themselves to God they won’t be tempted by sins of the flesh. Then, they have to work with those delicious altar boys, and it becomes too much of a temptation. It’s a huge tragedy, for the priests themselves but of course especially for the poor molested children. I can’t even joke about this one, it’s too much. Lots of layers here.

AB: A lighter subject. Peanut butter: chunky or smooth? Men: chunky or slim ? Hairy or smooth?

Heklina: Chunky Peanut Butter, slim men (but not skinny), and smooth (but not shaved).

AB: True or False. Darker the berry the sweeter the juice?

Heklina: True. And, once you go black you never go back.

AB: Has there ever been a Trannyshack theme you wanted to put on but thought, for better or for worse, you just shouldn’t? Come on tell me. Like Retardation, a Celebration or something as offensive as that 🙂

Heklina: No, we did everything, and paid for it dearly. Protests, hate mail, cover stories in the B.A.R., people spray painting the outside of the STUD. I was much younger then, and loved outrage and scandal-not so much anymore.

AB: Who do you predict may be on future episodes of Celebrity Rehab?

Heklina: Well, again, I never watch these things, but if you are asking me what celebs are going to be fucked up in the future I will say……..Willow Smith and Miley Cyrus.

AB: Anyone special in your life right now? Or are you a mistress of the night?

Heklina: I’m a whore, yes.

AB: I personally feel like the leather community is as much drag as your shows are. Have you ever been flogged or are you more of the flogger? Meow

Heklina: Everything is drag really. No, not into the leather thing or flogging. The funny thing about the leather community is the machismo they project, when really they are much nellier than your average drag queen. But! I do love the leather community, I think they are a vital scene, and very in your face. It’s them and the drag queens that the religious right love to use to scare people about gays, and I love that. Stay freaky! Who wants to assimilate?

AB: And finally, any regrets? Things that maybe went too far in the public eye on stage that maybe, just maybe, you wish you had pulled back (or out) a little? 🙂

Heklina: Yeah, sure I have regrets. Looking back at Trannyshack, there are people I wish I had not booked, themes I wish I had not done, stuff like that. I wish I had been less of a controlling bitch, but ultimately I did a great job with it, even if I say so myself. Every current “irreverent, wacky”  drag show in San Francisco is, in some way, doing their own version of Trannyshack, whether they admit it or not (and they’re being disingenuous if they say they are not).  So, it’s had a lasting effect. Even if I stopped right now I can say I have had some effect on SF nightlife, so that’s a great legacy. But, I’m not gonna stop.

I couldn’t have asked for any more, honest and thoughtful answers from anyone. Much love to you Heklina. You are a force to be reckoned with and a “real” lady!


March 23, 2011

Accidental Bear chats with Michael from MEN; Q & A

by Accidental Bear

Michael you are a doll for playing along with my wacky doodle questions. I have a better idea of the driving force behind the passion in the music MEN projects off stage. MEN is tapping in to uncharted waters ,tackling gender issues while making you dance your ass off at the same. I was lucky enough to get a chance to dig into the surface of MEN and had the privelege of throwing some questions at Michael. What he threw back I was more then pleased with. What a babe! MEN will be playing a show Friday March 25t at Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, California, US – 7:00 PM

Q & A with Michael from MEN:

Accidental Bear: How did you all get together to become this power trio?

Michael: We all kind of know each other through mutual friends in NYC.  We’re all part of one big gay family.

AB: I live in San Francisco where we are very gender bender friendly.Does your music cater to a certain scene?

Michael: I guess our music appeals mostly to the queer scene, because we’re talking about queer issues in most of our songs – and because we identify as queer ourselves.  But we like to think that people of all kinds can get down to our music, if they like shredding guitars and sick dance beats!

AB: Shredding guitars and sick dance beats… YES PLEASE!

AB: Would you consider MEN an underground band? Music is so hard to identify these days with everything being mashed up?

Michael: Hmm.  What is underground anymore?  I think it used to mean something out of the mainstream that was unknown to the masses and hard to find.  So yea – I guess that’s us…just try googling MEN!  it’s not that easy to find us really.  but also I think even within the gay scene we could be considered “underground”.  We once got cancelled from playing DC PRIDE because they thought their audience was too mainstream to appreciate us.

AB: I love the “look” of your photos for promos and videos? Are they well thought out in a long drawn out process or accidentally brilliant?

Michael: They’re pretty well thought out, by JD mostly.  In fact, I’m not a very visual person.  I rely more on my other senses.

AB: Sports Bar  or strip club?

Michael: Sports Bar.  I like beer and pretzels.  .. besides, I’d rather watch a team of hot basketball players than any strippers.

AB: MEN seems to have some amazing politics oozing from their songs? Are there any main issues that you all focus on?

Michael: It all comes back to our own struggle as queer people in the world. We talk a lot about gender, our bodies, money, war, the politics of relationships even.  There’s a lot to swallow.  But that’s why we do it with dance music.  Makes it easier to contemplate the depressing world we live in.

AB: Who would you love to share the stage with?

Michael: I would love to share the stage with my heroes: Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain…but they’re dead.  it’s weird to realize your heroes were drug addicts, but aren’t we all?   Ok, but if I had to choose someone living I’d say Mary J Blige.  I just love her passion so much, I get chills!

AB: Who would you most like to have a sassy 70’s sunset walk on the beach with holding pinkys? ( you Michael and guess on the rest lol)

Michael: My friend A.L. Steiner and I recently got obsessed with a vintage porn called “Juice” … it’s the first thing that came to mind when i read this question, So yeah – probably one of those guys in that film.  70s porn is way hotter than it is now, don’t you think?

You want me to guess who my band mates would take a sassy 70s walk with?!

Hmm JD with Nancy Wilson (guitarist from Heart) and Tami with Stevie Nicks

AB: The worlds being demolished be natural disasters lately but I see more news about Lindsay Lohan? Can you explain, Im confused.

Michael: I think the Lindsay Lohan’s of the world do more damage actually. Natural disaster is the Earth’s way of putting itself back together.

AB: There is so much debate over the use of word Fag. Use it, don’t use it? I   claim it and use it because I’m always goofing around and feel like it’s powerful . What do think of the usage of words like “fag”  or even “gay”. Like, ” Thats so gay!”

Michael: I definitely think people can reclaim derogative words and flip them. I think that’s what it’s all about, and I think it’s a positive and powerful thing.  At the same time, personally, I don’t really use the word Fag too much.  i just don’t like the way it sounds.

AB: Your thought on gay for pay actors?

Michael: I see it a few ways.  1.  Do whatever you want.  2.  Do whatever you like to make money.  3.  Don’t believe it when your porno says “Straight guys caught on tape” they’re probably as gay as you are!

AB: Are the songs on new album a collaboration effort or written by one of you? My FAVORITE song is ” Credit Card Babies” , especially the version on youtube of you all sitting in the van in parking lot. I was running this morning blurting out loud ” …..borrow someones cock…….. I’m gonna fuck my friends , I’m gonna fuck my…”. Is there a song you could claim to be your favorite? Or favorite to perform?

Michael: The songs are a collective effort.  There were a lot of people involved in the writing of this record besides myself – JD Samson, Ginger Brooks Takahashi and Emily Roysdon.   The songs were made in different ways.   Credit Card Babies started with an idea from JD – she wanted to write a song about the struggles gay people face in having children.  She and I had already been working on a dance track, so we merged the idea with the song and we all brainstormed the lyrics.

AB: I get a vegan vibe from MEN? Is my crystal ball right or wrong?

Michael: Your crystal ball is as accurate as the fortune teller in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – as in completely wrong!  We’re all major carnivores.

AB: Ha Ha you are a good sport. Are you flirting with me? 🙂

AB: If you had to erase any state in the US for whatever reason what would it be?

Michael: Oh that’s tough.  I really love the US, and it’s so great to be able to travel around the country so many times.  And I appreciate all of the states regardless of their reputation.  But if I had to choose one I’d say Alaska – in hopes that Sarah Palin gets erased with it and the government starts to explore options beyond tapping for oil.

AB: So, you are playing at the Rickshaw Stop on Friday. What would happen if you had a pair of undies thrown at you from an adoring fan? (me)

Michael: I’d hang them from my mic stand and do a little Steven Tyler impersonation.

AB: Sweeeeet! I’ll be sure to wear my leopard print thong.

AB: What does the future hold for MEN?

Michael: JD and I are renting a house in the country this summer to write a new record!  we are very excited to work on new material.  We’ll also be playing Coachella in April and Lovebox festival in London, along with more touring! We love playing live, we just can’t stop…ever.

AB:  If you could pick one color that represented MEN what would it be?

Michael: Lavender. And if I had to pick a scent it would probably be lavender too.  We’re all lesbian hippies at heart – myself included.

AB: How did I know this was going to be the answer. I’m actually a lesbian hippy at heart, but many people don’t know that.

AB: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say hershey Squirt? 🙂

Michael: Poooooooooooooooooooo

AB: And a question for my Bear readers. When someone refers to a gay Bear ( as in human) what comes to mind? Facial Hair or smooth? Hot or not? Chubby chasers?

Michael: I think of hairy and chubby guys.  Um, have you seen our video for “Off Our Backs” ?? HOT!

AB: Love that video. Sweat, hairy forearms and backs = utopia and love (lust)

AB: Any musical guilty pleasures? I’ll tell you mine first to make you feel better, Kelly Clarkson. Now you. 🙂

Michael: Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” is a band favorite.  JD and I are also celebrating our coming out this year – as Phish fans!

AB: In the gay community lately there is a much larger trans presence. Do you feel as if the world is becoming more accepting of transgendered folks? What steps need to be made? I see trans phobia within the gay community itself and that’s really sad.

Michael: I think the gender movement is the next frontier.  We need to stop seeing each other as Male or Female and instead just see people for themselves.  I really don’t think people fit so easily into either category – and yes, i think the world is catching on.  My perspective is obviously skewed – i live in a queer bubble, but i think queer people set the trends for lots of things – style, music, art, what neighborhoods to live in, etc… and the rest of the world usually follows.  it just takes time.  There’s in-fighting within any movement too, but it’s that conflict that pushes us to work harder at understanding the issues.  Personally, I belong to a very accepting queer community where there is no transphobia.

Michael you are a total sweet heart for taking the time out of your insane tour schedule to please the masses with your thoughtful answer and insight. Give the other 2 big bear hugs from me. See you Friday at the Rickshaw.

Much Love!

March 21, 2011

Accidental Bear Talks with Brett Gleason; Q & A

by Accidental Bear

photo by Walt Cessna

Accidental B. : I myself try to mediate to calm myself. When you shut your eyes where do you go? Do you see music?

Brett Gleason: I usually see morphing colors that correspond to sound, sort of like an experimental multimedia presentation. I used to meditate but too many issues come up, I’d rather run (I’m very fast).

Accidental B. : I read you know how to play many instruments? Do you use a variety when you play live shows of do you keep it simple and stripped down on stage?
Brett: I play all the instruments in my music but the piano is my main writing tool so that’s what I play on stage. I used to play with a band but am putting together a solo act where I play along with beats and samples so I can get around more easily.

Accidental B. : When I say the word rainbow what’s your first thought?

Brett: Lame. Some colors suck.

Accidental B. : Would you classify your music as gay music?

Brett: Not at all, I don’t even know what that means. As far as I’m concerned, animals have sexuality, inanimate objects do not. My parents are straight, they made me and I’m gay: therefore, the creator does not project their sexuality upon their creations, they exist as separate entities.

Accidental B. : Love love LOVE this answer. I have always considered my writing and blog gay and beyond. Claiming to be just one orientation has it’s limits.

Accidental B. : What if you were referred to as a sex symbol ( by me), would you object to be to being objectified, like a piece of meat? :)

Brett: I’m cool with that, anything but being ignored. I’d like to think that eventually people would be curious as to what this piece of meat does and venture into my music.

Accidental B. : What’s the underground music scene vibe like in NYC these days?

Brett: I’m not really the one to ask, even for an ‘underground’ musician I’m pretty isolated though I would say that New York is becoming such an expensive and commercially driven city that I can’t quite imagine it’s thriving. Making music is expensive but it’s nothing compared to the rent. There used to be a glamor to being a struggling artist but I’m coming across more condescension, as if something isn’t worthwhile unless it’s immediately profitable.

Accidental B. : If you were forced to do a do a duet who would be your first choice?

Brett: Tori Amos. I would give her a big hug, smell her hair and then sing, ‘Father Lucifer’ together (her playing the piano, me splayed out across it).

Accidental B. : Cut or uncut?
What am I from a third world country? Cut ;)

Accidental B. : YES! I feel like an investigative reporter when I get this good stuff out of stars. Next goal, make people cry like Barbara Walters!

Accidental B. : A tiger in bed or a little pussy cat?

Brett: Whatever the latest Mac OSX is – maybe a snow leopard? Grrr.

Accidental B. : I guess this is also in the eyes I of the beholder. I see you as a jack Rabbit! Wait ?!?! What are we talking about …

Accidental B. : Prefer a smooth face or facial hair?

Brett: Facial hair please, I can’t afford a properly exfoliating face wash and hairless people remind me of dolphins.

Accidental B. : Good man! You are charming my audience.

Accidental B. : Do have any tour dates in SF coming up?

Brett: Travel? What’s that? I haven’t left the tri-state area in almost 4 years. I’m truly bankrolling this all myself so for now, it’s NYC or bust.

Accidental B. : When I say taint whats the first thing that comes to your mind?

Brett: Yum

Accidental B. : Ha ha , now you are charming me.

Accidental B. : Gay marriage , your thoughts?

Brett: Yes, please.

Accidental B. : This ones for all the men out there hoping to meet you (get in your pants). Are you single?

Brett: I’ve been single for a while and am seriously fearing my ability to connect. I’ve been so focused on music that relating to people on any other level is becoming a challenge. Will you save me from myself?

Accidental B. : Dude, I like this level you speak of. I promise you there’s a special person out there soaring in space wondering when/ where are they going to meet you, yet don’t know that its you they’re looking for. Much love to you my friend! See you on the radio.