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July 28, 2011

September 12th, Anderson Cooper Kicks off Anderson, His Daytime Talk Show

by Accidental Bear

Anderson, I love-hate you. Lets see if your daytime talk show sways opinion to one side or the other.


If Anderson Cooper isn’t already one of the busiest journalists working in television today, he’s certainly about to be: on September 12, Cooper kicks off Anderson, his daytime talk show.

While sitting in the Beverly Hilton for the summer edition of the Television Critics Association press tour, however, Cooper repeatedly assured the assembled TV critics that he’s up to the task of maintaining a day job while still doing his duties at CNN in the evening and occasionally contributing to CBS’s 60 Minutes.

“You know, I manage my time really well,” said Cooper. “The schedule of this show, we’re taping it and shooting it in the same building where I work at CNN, in New York. I think it’s all very do-able. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I like working hard. I’ve been working hard for a long time now.”

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February 8, 2011

GAGA GOO GOO, Shhhhhh Don’t Talk , Just Be

by Accidental Bear

GAGA GOO GOO is like a walking art installation. I don’t  care what she has to say or if she ever sings again. But like a train wreck for the good or bad , when I hear her name I do a double. Whether she has a penis or not, covered in red meat or wearing nothing , she tickles my artistic button ( would that be my male G-spot). I think GAGA would look cute hung in a frame in my bathroom. Outfit of MY choice of course.


Gaga Visits Old Apartment With Anderson

Lady Gaga visited her old New York City apartment with Anderson Cooper for a 60 Minutes segment.

By Editors

LadyGagaNYCAptx390 (Screengrab) |

Lady Gaga visited her old New York City apartment with Anderson Cooper for a60 Minutes segment to air this Sunday before the Grammy Awards.

Gaga will perform her new song “Born This Way,” to be released on Friday, live at the awards show. The song has been described as a new“gay anthem.”

However, in the 60 Minutesclip, even the power of celebrity cannot open every door on the Lower East Side.

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