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April 21, 2011

Pump Your Breaks, New AbFab Confirmed

by Accidental Bear

These drunken, sloppy dames are going to be thrilling audiences for another round. I resisted at first the peer pressure to love AbFab. But falling in love with the cruel ways in which they treat each other made me a believer. ( Hands raised in the air, AMEN!)


New Episodes of AbFab Confirmed

By Editors


Filming of new episodes of the British cult hitAbsolutely Fabulous has been confirmed by one of the stars, Joanna Lumley, according toThe Guardian.

Lumley will again play Patsy Stone opposite Jennifer Saunders as Edina Monsoon in the enduring comedy series, with three new episodes scheduled to being shooting this summer. Lumley ignited speculation about a new season last year, when she told a reporter that Saunders had written her about relaunching the series.

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