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August 1, 2011

Feeding the Gays: The Bearded Lovely dancer, Adam Boehmer

by Accidental Bear

Cue the music, “You are always on my mind,” by Elvis Presley

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June 24, 2011

All Eyes on Adam Boehmer: Major Crush of the Right Now (Beard Alert)

by Accidental Bear


An avid jazz dancer for over a decade, Adam invokes the spirit within.  He is often sought after as an entertaining instructor and performer, or sometimes just to show up; his positive energy is relentless.

As a teacher, he presents an honest and fresh perspective on dance and boils down advanced concepts into graspable, concrete information. He believes that a good instructor is one-part dancer, one-part comedian and one-part poetAs a competitor and performer, he brings a jovial and effervescent feel to the floor. Confident in Jazz Dance as a path to one’s overall individualism, Adam stresses the break-down of preconceived notions concerning style, culture, and gender roles in dance.

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