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March 13, 2011

Prolixus Luminis; “wide-eyed”

by Accidental Bear

Aspiring photographer Andrew Oldershaw takes a break from his day job to have some fun with the camera and share his favorite photo of the week with


By Andrew Oldershaw

I love portrait work. I love the idea of capturing something in the blink of an eye that might only exist for that one suspended moment in time. A look. A gesture. In this case, my very brave friend allowed me to splatter him in paint for a little series I did with him. The rest of the series is a little more serious than this one. The little purple flower was a random last-minute addition that somehow switched the tone of the image entirely, to something rather comedic and cartoonish. His expressive eyes certainly helped here. This was shot in natural light, which really helped enhance the colors of the paint.

– will be featuring a new photo from Andrew Oldershaw every Friday. Check back next week.


March 3, 2011

Bruce Cohen Pulled out the “gay kiss”

by Accidental Bear

This seems a little fishy to me. A shot of his wife clapping and tearing up is more exciting than watching Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem dancing and their kissing? I don’t think so. Cohen may be in charge but Im sure there is a team up big wigs making every decision on who turns which way, who get more air time or anytime at all. I say don’t attack Cohen , attack the network.


Bruce Cohen Attacked on Wikipedia

By Editors


Academy Awards producer Bruce Cohen has been attacked on his Wikipedia page, due to his perceived role in ABC cutting away from a kiss between actors Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin during the telecast last Sunday, reportsMovieline.

Cohen, who is gay, was called a “liar who claims he does not partake in the homophobia of the ABC network when clearly he does,” according to the update by an anonymous user. Cohen, who produced the Oscar-winning biopic Milktold The Advocate any claims the cutaway was intentional are not true.

“There was nothing intentional about our cut away from Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem dancing and their kiss. We had planned to cut to a reaction shot of Javier’s wife, Academy Award-winner Penelope Cruz, in the audience when they were introduced and that’s what we did.”


February 22, 2011

Coach Louganis, That has a good ring to it

by Accidental Bear

Greg was an inspiration to we when I was in high school. I dove for our little swim team and even made it to State Finals one year. I was never #1 but always #2 or #3 and was totally ok with that. As for the awkward pics of me stuffed into a teenie tiny speedo, sporting bleached blonde mohawk, braces and a pre-mature fuzzy chest will never be seen. Greg, nice to have you back!


Greg Louganis’ Return to Diving

By Editors

Diving legend Greg Louganis has decided to come back to the sport that propelled him into Olympic fame, but this time as a coach.

Louganis, who is openly gay and has HIV, became the only man to win back-to-back Olympic gold medals in the platform and springboard diving events. Now 51, Louganis spoke to the New York Times on Sunday about being hired in November to coach the members of SoCal Divers. His coaching follows a mechanical style, ensuring that divers master a move before moving on to the next, which is in contrast with other coaches who stress acrobatics.

At first, he admitted he was hesitant to return to the sport, but said after he thought about his skill set, and where he felt comfortable, the return was the right thing to do.

“I kind of speak their language,” he said of the divers he trains. “I know what it is to be afraid of a dive. I know what it’s like to put a new dive in a competition. I know what it’s like to feel a little insecure about a dive.”

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