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July 22, 2011

It’s for Real, ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ The Musical

by Accidental Bear

In my earlier days, with my “fuck you” attitude and bad punk hair to go along with it, the idea of Stanley Kubrick‘s Clockwork Orange as a musical would have made my stomach turn. But now in my ripe old age, I am intrigued. AB


Songs written by author Anthony Burgess for a musical version of his novel A Clockwork Orange are to be performed in the UK for the first time. Burgess adapted A Clockwork Orange for a stage musical in the 1980s after his book was turned into a controversial film by director Stanley Kubrick. The music will be performed next year in Manchester during a series of events to mark the novel’s 50th anniversary. The story follows a violent teenage gang leader in a lawless society. The film caused an international outcry when it was released in 1971, leading Kubrick to withdraw it from cinemas. 

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