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May 21, 2011

Advocate’s Artist Spotlight: Steve MacIsaac’s Subtle Exploration of Masculinity

by Accidental Bear

Advocate magazine spotlights artist Steve MacIsaac this week and does a wonderful job going into interview with a sharp angle. Well done men.

Artist Spotlight: Steve MacIsaac By Editors
Bears? Yes, of course. But look closer and you will see a subtle exploration of masculinity and its meanings to gay men in MacIsaac’s graphics.

A Canadian expat living in Los Angeles after several years in Japan, Steve MacIsaac creates comics that explore contemporary gay culture, identity, and sexuality. He is perhaps best known for Sticky, his erotic collaboration with writer Dale Lazarov, published by Bruno Gmuender in 2006. Since the completion of Sticky, MacIsaac has been writing, drawing, and publishing the series Shirtlifter, the fourth issue of which has just been released. The current issue continues MacIsaac’s serialization of “Unpacking”, which concerns the relationship between a graphic designer and a straight, married businessman. His work has appeared in a number of in anthologies, including Best American Comics 2010 (Houghton Mifflin), Big Love and Stripped (Bruno Gmuender), I Like It Like That (Arsenal Pulp), and several volumes of Boy Trouble.

More information online at

April 29, 2011

“Chris Dorosz Pushes Paint in Unexpected Directions”

by Accidental Bear

*Contributed by Monkeypuzzle

Talented Hunk Alert!

“Chris Dorosz pushes paint in unexpected directions with remarkable results. He has a few distinct techniques, including filling canvases with grids of industrial staples that hold pools of color, and dripping globs of paint onto clear rods or monofilament strands to create fragmented, 3-D objects and figures. His process is equally regimented and relaxed, much like his enviable lifestyle in South Beach: making art, teaching, hitting the gym, and walking the dog. We paid him a visit to grill him about his studio secrets, and discovered a mutual love for a certain female singer. Let’s just say you might see the three of us at Trannyshack‘s Kate Bush Tribute Night.”

by By EKG Via

“I consider what I do painting. I like the historic implications of painting as a document. It’s a trace of somebody who was living and actually stood there in front of the object at arm’s length working on it. It’s a metaphor for the human presence. It’s just like pushing mud around. I have this vision that when all the electricity goes out and we’re potentially starting over again, we’ll always have mud to push around on a cave wall.” – Chris Dorosz from Interview with EKG at KGED

Chris Dorosz’s recently released textbook, Designing With Color: Concepts and Applications, is available through Fairchild Books.

March 14, 2011

Scooter Laforge Hijacks Accidental Bear 3/14- 3/20

by Accidental Bear


I think comparing artist is for the birds but I can’t help think of the late, great Keith Haring when I gawk at Scooter Laforges art work. I reckon that he may be the Keith Harring of the modern world. Scooter  is an undeniable force and his popularity is growing exponentially.

Provokes emotion and stirs up your comfortable little world

He has conquered both coasts and now seeps into the middle of america as well. How would Kentucky handle Mr La Forge? My first thought would be that they would shit themselves then go running for the hills. If they stop kissing their cousin for a minute they might find themselves unexpectedly turned on by, Popey with a hard on. BLASPEMY! Scooters work is for the aquired taste and an advanced palate. Those that have the ability to digest unconventional art will feast on his paintings and drench themselves in his clothing. To me, Scooters art slaps me in the face and takes me out of my comfort zone. It makes me ask myself what is art ( an on going debate in my head for decades). It is clear, Scooter doesn’t do art but is ART.





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