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January 18, 2011

All Eyes on: Justin Hall ( Cartoonist)

by Accidental Bear

You might think that Justin is a super hero himself, super tall, super good looks and I think he can fly ( I think). He has been a Cartoonist since 2001, and obsessed with them since he learned to read ( so his bio says). His cartoons are action packed, indecent brilliance and Glamazonia P-P-P-Power Packed. They are what I wish my dreams could be, but fall short of. He has finaly reach title …( drum roll please)…


Take a peak at his work.

And for the Bear, Bear-Lover in us or on us

“I finally have my latest work up on my site for sale, so check it out!  Everything is available in the “store” section, with descriptions of each item and sample pages…”

Justin Hall 


Group Effort:

Bent Comix’ first group release!
BENT Comix sampler #1!
40 page manga-size comic.
Color covers! 7 entries in full color! 3 in glorious B&W!

2 front covers! 2 front halves!
(book flips in the middle)
10 Creators!
Dave Davenport!
Brad Rader!
Sam Saturday!
JC Etheredge!
Ed Luce!
Gravity Faggots!
Justin Hall!
Steve MacIsaac!

To order, send $7 for U.S. orders (includes shipping)
or $9 for foreign (not U.S.) orders (includes shipping) to:
Dave Davenport
4228 Melrose av
Los Angeles, Ca 90029


January 11, 2011

Human Rights Watch Scorches Iran Over Anti-Gay Violence

by Accidental Bear

Someone needs to sit down with Iran and explain the meaning of “consensual”.


The Islamic Republic of Iran’s vicious campaign to eradicate homosexuality and render its homosexuals invisible has received a major blow with a new report from the world’s most prestigious human rights organization, Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The 104-page report, entitled “‘We Are a Buried Generation’: Discrimination and Violence against Sexual Minorities in Iran,” was issued December 15 by HRW, which has its headquarters in New York and operates on an annual budget of some $45 million with a staff of 275 working in 40 countries.

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