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June 30, 2011

Handpicked News: Stephen Colbert, Giuliani Backtracks, Singing Penis Insect

by Accidental Bear

Giuliani Backtracks on Promise to Officiate Gay Wedding

Southwest Pilot Sorry for Antigay, Misogynistic Rant

Stephen Colbert Wins Super PAC At FEC (VIDEO)WASHINGTON —

A triumphant Stephen Colbert announced to a cheering crowd of fans ouside the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday that the commission had approved the formation of his Super PAC, named “Colbert Super PAC.”“I am here to represent your voice so you can all hear what you have to say through my mouth,” Colbert said to laughs before announcing to cheers, “I’m sorry to say, we won!”

LGBT Journalists Group Honors The Advocate

Report: Atlanta PD Mishandled Eagle Bar Raid

NASCAR Crewman Fired Over Antigay Tweet

Officials to Begin Including LGBTs in Health Data

Size Does Matter: The Singing Penis Insect Is The Loudest Animal On Earth Courtship never sounded so sweet — at least in the insect kingdom. It appears that a tiny bug known as the singing penis (also, water boatman, or Micronecta scholtzi) — is the loudest creature on Earth, relative to its body size and the way in which it uses its penis. BBC Nature News reports that French and Scottish scientists have determined that the male variety of the 2mm freshwater insect “sings” so loud — at almost 100 decibels — it’s like sitting in the front row of a concert hall while a loud orchestra plays.

February 19, 2011

News Headlines that Grabbed me by the Boo boo

by Accidental Bear

I like running through the internet grabbing things that grab me by the balls, spark my interest or tingle me in one way or another. You’re Welcome!


Learning To Embrace Mess And Chaos Through Yoga

Man’s First Best Friend Might Have Been A Fox

China’s ‘Go-To’ Typical American Guy

Weekend Preview: SF Weekend Preview: SF Bay Area’s Rainy Days

Court Allows Budapest Gay Pride March

Rufus Has a Baby

Navy Wrongly Accused Hazing Sailor

Mexico Markets First Gay Beer?

Ditto Honors Madonna in Video

Why Is Mean Obama Taking Away Doctors’ Right To Use Jesus In Avoiding Treatment Of Fags?

Cows For Equality: The Moo Moos Revolt Against Chick-fil-A

January 14, 2011

Ex-Gay, Fake Straight

by Accidental Bear

Who are you fooling and why? I’m convinced that people who claim to be ex-gay ( uh hum bullshit cough hmm) are the saddest, weakest gays of all. They must have failed miserably at being gay, being happy and getting laid and desperate for acceptance. Being a a sad gay is ALWAYS better than a FAKE straight. It’s os confusing because they say they are GOD people. Then don’t they know GOD knows the truth. Beats me I never met the guy/gal (GOD)

Meet the Ex-Gay, Ex-Drag Queen Pastor

By Editors

Pastor Ja'Von Crockett X390 (GRAB) | ADVOCATE.COM

Pastor Ja’Von Crockettappeared this week on the religious talk showAtlanta Live to discuss his life before he came to Christ — as a gay man who dressed as a drag queen named Mother Cavalli.

Crockett appears on the show with Pastor Willis Graham, a man he credits with helping his true self to blossom. He refers to Graham as the minister of “redemption and the restoration of life.”

He says Graham didn’t judge when he first attended his ministry: “He allowed me to be me. I told him, ‘the minute you put me in a box — I’m gone.’”

Graham says he never viewed Crockett’s sexuality and “lifestyle” as an obstacle — he says his desire was to “be used of God to bring out the man that he is now.”

He says their relationship is one of “brotherly love” and that Crockett has taught him what it really is to love.



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