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May 24, 2011

2 Gay Men Attacked Sunday Night Near Hawthorne Bridge; Portland Oregon

by Accidental Bear

These events happen far to often. We are encouraging LGBT to come out of the closet, but this would scare anyone back into the safety of the closet over getting your ass beat. Wounds will heal, but these two young are scarred for life. So, sad.


Brad Forkner, 23, and Christopher Rosevear, 25, were walking across the Hawthorne Bridge hand-in-hand after taking in an evening show at Darcelle’s Sunday, May 22, when they were assaulted by three men, Forkner says.
Bias crimes detective Kevin Warren said officers responded to an assault near the Eastbank Esplanade that night around 8:35 p.m. He could not confirm that the incident was being treated as a bias crime because he had not yet interviewed the victims. According to Forkner, however, officers at the scene said the circumstances suggested a bias crime.
“They deemed it a bias crime seeing how the men followed us for so long, nothing was stolen, and there seemed to be no other provocation than Christopher and I holding hands,” Forkner said. He added that the alleged attackers were yelling at them during the assault, but they couldn’t make out what the men were saying — Rosevear thought they could have been speaking another language, such as Russian. READ MORE

Friends and coworkers from Cascade Aids Project — where Forkner works as Pivot Center Coordinator — are currently supporting Forkner and Rosevear with a Facebook campaign called “Holding Hands, In Solidarity,” encouraging people to upload photos of them holding hands.

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