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February 7, 2011

Gay Jersey Shore Spawn

by Accidental Bear

LGBT hopefuls, is a term used for those auditioning and makes me laugh. Hopeful, really? Hopeful to be given as much free alcohol as possible,  drunk bitch fights, catty domestics fight over dirty dishes, hopefully a good crying scene while on the phone with your boyfriend to tell him you cheated, hopeful to get a hot tub full of queens picked up at dive gay bar. Maybe a new breed of gay slang like original Jersey Shores ; Grenade! GLT!

Dozens Audition for Gay Jersey Shore Spawn

LGBT hopefuls crowded into an open casting call Saturday night for a reality TV series inspired by Jersey Shore.

By Editors


Dozens of LGBT hopefuls crowded the open casting call Saturday night for a new reality TV series inspired by MTV’s Jersey Shore.

The Associated Pressreports on the action at Club In or Out in southern New Jersey, where aspiring stars from as far away as Washington, D.C., competed for the chance to appear in the show. Tentatively calledUnder the Boardwalk, the program will focus on a group of LGBT people living in a beach house in Atlantic City for a summer.

According to the AP, many of the hopefuls focused on modeling themselves after a Jersey Shore cast member, but series creator Kate Siegel insisted that imitation was not the point.

“We’re not looking to create a gay version of the Jersey Shore or to find ‘the gay Snooki,’” said the straight 22-year-old Princeton student. “And in no way will this be anything that has a negative effect on the LGBT community. We’re hoping for anything compelling, because you never know what’s going to walk through the door,” she said.

Other auditions are planned for New York, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City.

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