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August 30, 2011

Video: The Men of Friday Night Furlosophy are Back with “Things we JUST HATE!”

by Accidental Bear

The men from Friday Night Furlosophy have released a video spot lighting the things that just make their skin crawl, Things we JUST HATE! Watch I am sure you will be able to relate but your hands will be clean while these two do the dirty work.

“We could pretend to be all cerebral about it (at least Malcolm could) but it’s time for a good whinge (whine? whinge may be an Australian term). Jase and Mal (and several viewers from around the globe) chime in about Things They Just Hate.” FNF 

August 25, 2011

Melbourne, AZ: The Beards & Gay Paris

by Accidental Bear
The Beards and Gay Paris

These two bands go together like a pot and a parma, but more importantly you’re unlikely to spot finer chin topiary anywhere in this city Head down to Northcote Social Club on Friday, to catch Adelaide’s The Beards pulling tunes from their third fuzz-promoting album – which spawned the smash hit ‘You Should Consider Having Sex With a Bearded Man’.

Sydney’s shadowy Gay Paris, meanwhile, sport the sort of beards that should be twirled thoughtfully while contemplating a broken string – and make sartorial elegance seem like something you should put in your pipe and smoke.

Time Out cornered both bands for their favourite gentlemanly haunts in Melbourne. MORE

August 22, 2011

AUSTRALIA: R U OK Day: A National Day of Action that Aims to Prevent Suicide| Sept 15

by Accidental Bear
A wonderful message. The world should take notice of the compassion happening down under. Mike Enders

VicBears is planning to start some life-changing conversations this September 15, hosting a discussion evening on mental wellbeing and how to look after your mates. The evening is being held to coincide with R U OK Day, a national day of awareness that aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to have open and honest conversations and stay connected with people in their lives.


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August 10, 2011

Binational couple: We want equal treatment (CNN Video Interview)

by Accidental Bear reports “This afternoon, CNN hosted Bradford Wells and Anthony John Makk, a binational couple married in Massachusetts in 2004. Makk — who is an Australian — applied for permanent residency, but his application has been denied since the Defense of Marriage Act prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex relationships. Wells had this message for those who support the discriminatory law: “I would like someone to try to uphold the Constitution of the United States. I would like equal treatment. I want my marriage to be recognized just like every other marriage in this country is recognized.” Watch it:

August 10, 2011

Dirty Queer Magazine Issue #3: Out Sept 24th

by Accidental Bear

Queer photography, arts and culture, published in Sydney, Australia. Published in Sydney and distributed internationally, Dirty Queer has an Australian and international queer perspective on photography, arts and culture. Distinct from the gaystream, we offer a sexy and subversive angle on diverse queer experience.

Dirty Queer Magazine







July 12, 2011

Accidental Bear Interviews the Men from FridayNight Furlosophy from Australia: Video

by Accidental Bear

We are very excited to kick off our new series called Interviews on a Budget: no frills, no fancy drink with umbrellas, just jam-packed chit-chat. Jason and Malcolm from FridayNight Furlosophy were the perfect way to “get the party started.” These two adorable Australian Bear homosexual  Homo sapiens are playful and spicy, or maybe that’s the beer talking. As proof that three heads are better than one, check out what we came up with.

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June 1, 2011

Friday Night Furlosophy; 2 Bears, 2 Beers Discuss Current Affairs from Down Under

by Accidental Bear

I have just the thing to get you all past hump-day. Have you ever sat around with a good buddy, shooting the shit, gossiping about men, gym locker room, politics, pop culture, solving world peace and figuring out the smell of your farts and what you ate for lunch, and thought to yourself, “We should record ourselves because we are funny as all hell!” Most likely you smoked to much weed and you fall way short of being entertaining outside of the fart joke. It has recently been brought to my attention that these two beefy men from down under have done just that and quite successfully at that.

They cruise through current affairs with a humorous flare and constant ad-lib slap stick humor. In their most current vod-cast they amuse us with a bumper episode, the guys discuss the recent Equal Love rally in Brisbane, Singing Kylie to the Christians and the stupid new internet meme, Planking. After watching several of their videos via YOUTUBE you will feel like you can call these two your pals, buds or good friends.
Friday Night Furlosophy onYOUTUBE
Friday Night Furlosophy on FACEBOOK

May 3, 2011

Sruli Recht – Reykjavik Fashion Festival

by Accidental Bear

Sruli Recht is an award-winning Designer, (Born 1979 in JerusalemIsrael). He is a citizen of Australia and is currently based in ReykjavikIceland. Recht studied Fashion Design at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia, the city where he spent the majority of his life. His career began primarily in Fashion where he rapidly developed a unique style of experimental couture clothing influenced by Futurism, Cyberpunk, Russian Constructivism, Industrial design and Science-Fiction writing – particularly the work of Philip K. Dick and Bruce Sterling. Recht’s innovative approaches to materials and new technologies, particularly in recent years, have led to products including ~Elt – the first buckle-less water-cut leather belt, and a portable flat pack cardboard Cutting Table. Recht’s work is also considered by many to be controversial due in no small part to products such as theatrical garments made of Seal fur, Arctic Fox, and Minke Whale Skin.

© STYLECLICKER – This article is from

Sruli Recht

March 17, 2011

Armistead called out for being not “real men” ; Say whaaa

by Accidental Bear

This is a moment when it would of been totally fine to play the card , ” Do you know who I am!”



Armistead Banned From Bathroom

By Editors


Tales of the City author Armistead Maupin and his husband, Chris Turner, were denied use of the restroom in a bar in Alice Springs, Australia last week by a staff member who told them the facility was “reserved for real men.”



March 11, 2011

Allegedly Straight men kiss responding to Sydney Christian Democrat candidate Peter Madden

by Accidental Bear

One they were probably drunk, two straight guys are just horny ( as well as queers). We all have wet dreams of making out with the football team ( the whole team, go big or go home), firemen and most all straight guys. But in “real life” there are intentions behind straight men locking lips.

Why Were All These Straight Dudes Making Out At Sydney Mardis Gras?


Why Were All These Straight Dudes Making Out At Sydney Mardis Gras?

These straight boys (and straight girls) were locking lips — “pashing,” as Aussies call it — over the weekend at Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras weren’t just experimenting with their sexuality. They were responding to Sydney Christian Democrats candidate Peter Madden, who released the YouTube videos below where he railed against the disgusting sex-obsessed, drug-fueled behavior he claims to have personally witnessed at Mardi Gras, where the “immoral” gays are recruiting kids. Were it not for Madden, says the Pash Protest organizer (and TV presenter by trade) Danny Clayton, he never would’ve had the chance to show off heteros popping their same-sex kiss cherry. via Queerty

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March 10, 2011


by Accidental Bear

Interview by Michael Ladner
Photography by Bella Lieberberg

Last Sunday at around 7:30 p.m. CET at the Hebbel am Ufer theatre in Berlin-Kreuzberg, a massive iron curtain thundered upwards, marking the premiere ofBruce LaBruce’s first-ever staging of Arnold Schönberg’s melodrama Pierrot Lunaire. Leave it to Bruce LaBruce to transform Schönberg’s opera of sorts into a one-hour-long gender-bending tale of impossible love, guilt, and confusion — complete with a neo-expressionist stage design including a dick-guillotine and dildos aplenty. A day before the premiere Bruce and his art director Cyril Duval aka item idem took time out from tending to the production’s final kinks to answer some of BUTT’s pondering questions. READ INTERVIEW at BUTT

February 19, 2011

AussieBum-Bum Benefits Bears’ Charity; Muffin Tops Welcome

by Accidental Bear

To answer the age old question BOXERS or BRIEFS. I have been accused of wearing what is called old man undies. Let me explain. I am thrifty by nature and turned off by expensive underwear ( Ohhh I think that could be a new Bravo Show). I am a fan of a 5-pack of Fruit of the Loom or Hanes ( How do you keep your hands off me, beats me!) assorted plaid boxers, in big boy sizes. On a side note I’m all about a good cause or what I like to call “D0-Gooders”. So, thank you AussieBum for representing” the Bear” and non-Bear big boys.



Sydney, Australia

Australia’s largest bear club, Sydney’s Harbour City Bears (HCB) have teamed up with the iconic Australian underwear brand aussieBum to raise money for charity.

AussieBum has manufactured a limited edition pair of Bear Essentials underwear which will be sold by HCB to benefit their charity Inspire, during their upcoming Bear Essentials festival – a part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Only 250 pairs of the underwear, which feature the Bear Essentials 2011 branding designed by Melbourne artist Grant Cook, have been produced. They will sell for $39.95 AUD in sizes ranging from small to extra-large, with all profits going to youth mental health charity Inspire.

HCB Vice President, Richard Moore, says: “We’re excited to working with aussieBum to benefit such a great charity as Inspire, who do fantastic work with young people.”

“We encourage the guys in Sydney for Bear Essentials to support the cause and purchase the underwear from our stall at Mardi Gras Fair day during the Bear Essentials Festival launch.”

“Plus they make a great memento of Bear Essentials and great gifts for people back home.”

Photo by Ann-Marie Calilhanna, courtesy of the Sydney Star

January 11, 2011


by Accidental Bear

Swarms of birds world wide mysteriously dying, Australias worst flooding in history, US South East Snow storms and Mysterious, Green Space Blobs. Cue Alfred Hitchcock music.

The News Breakdown

Hubble Telescope Sheds Light On Mysterious, Green Space Blob

A Hubble telescope image of Hanny's Voorwerp.

Back in 2007, as part of a crowd-sourced study program called Galaxy Zoo, a Dutch school teacher discovered a very odd celestial object: It looked like a great, green blob floating in space and at the time it was inexplicable. MORE

Many in Brisbane Told to Evacuate as River Swells

People in the Brisbane, Australia suburb of West End watch rising waters on Tuesday.

New York Times By MERAIAH FOLEY  Published: January 11, 2011

SYDNEY, Australia — Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city, braced for its worst flooding in 35 years early Wednesday, as flash floods from devastating rains that have been sweeping vast areas of the country’s northeast for weeks raced toward it. Officials urged many of Brisbane’s two million residents to flee to higher ground.

At least 20 lives have been lost, including those of five children killed… MORE

South Snarled by Second Snowstorm in Weeks

ATLANTA —As four inches of powdery snow coated the city, aides to Georgia’s new governor debated until the last minute whether to cancel Monday’s black-tie inauguration ball and ask the Motown cover band to pack up their instruments. MORE


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