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June 14, 2011

Disabled Gay People Can’t Swim in Kentucky Public Pools

by Accidental Bear

Kentucky: Disabled Gay Couple Ejected From Pool

By Michelle Garcia


A gay couple in Hazard, Ky., was ejected from a public recreation facility, sparking outrage from local LGBT organizations and allies.

The two men, who are reported to be developmentally and intellectually disabled, went to the pool at the Pavilion in Hazard, a city-owned facility. They were turned away by a maintenance technician, who told them, “We own this place and can tell you to leave if we want to.”  

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May 31, 2011

HIV Ads Pulled from Brisbane Bus Shelters, “Rip and Roll”

by Accidental Bear

(Beats chest), Brisbane says HIV prevention ADs bad. HIV campaigners are outraged a safe sex promotion featuring a fully clothed, hugging gay couple has been pulled from Queensland bus shelter. Anyway, it’s not sex if you have your clothes on, it’s dry humping. AB


No actual ad

The Queensland Association for Healthy Communities launched its “Rip and Roll” advertisements a week ago and today learned they were being scrapped after about 30 complaints.

The adverts feature a black and white image of a gay couple embracing, holding an unopened red condom packet.

It includes the website address and hotline for Healthy Communities, which has been receiving state government funding for sexual health promotion since 1988. READ MORE

May 18, 2011

Shirtless, Androgynous Male Model Banned (gasp)

by Accidental Bear

Come on Borders what are you afraid of? Would the cover be better for you if it had a clear plastic wrapper around it and a sticker that said “not normal” or “obscene” as a disclaimer? Have you not looked at the covers of the magazine on our own shelves lately? It’s okay to be gay now. Really I promise. Let’s make a bet. I bet you could actual make money off the gays by leaving covers like this on the shelf. You like money don’t you? ~ AB

By Editors

Borders is refusing to display the latest issue of fashion magazine Dossier Journal because androgynous male model Andrej Pejic appears shirtless on the cover looking “too much like a woman.”

According to Elle Magazine, the bookstore chain has requested that all copies of the magazine be censored and placed in plastic bags. Elle also reported that Dossier will have to cover the cost of bagging the magazines

According to Dossier Co-Founder and Creative Director Skye Parrott, only American bookstores are complaining.

“It’s a naked man on the cover of a magazine, which is done all of the time without being covered up, so I definitely don’t think it merits this, but I understand what it is,” Parrott told The Huffington Post. “It’s not a coincidence that it’s only the giant U.S. chain stores that are asking us to do this…It’s only the American copies that are being censored.” READ MORE

February 8, 2011

Gay Blood Ban Unfairly Outing Cops?

by Accidental Bear

So, let me get this straight . You don’t want our rich with love blood for saving lives but you allow it to be beat out of us by fag bashings world wide. The minds ruling the world seriously need a reality check.


Via Queerty

Is Britain’s Gay Blood Ban Unfairly Outing Cops?

Britain’s Gay Police Association, which boasts membership in all 52 of the United Kingdom’s police units, has found a novel way to attack the National Blood Service‘s prohibition on gays donating blood: the ban unfairly outs gay cops.

Like the United States and Canada, the U.K.’s national blood agency bars gay men from donating blood, with the assumption that their “lifestyles” (read: having the butt sex) puts them at greater risk of being poz, and donating tainted blood. Also like the United States and Canada, the U.K.’s National Blood Service screens all blood donations for unwanted pathogens before ever passing it off for use on patients.

In Britain, any man who’s ever had sex with another man, condom or not, is banned from donating for life. NBS maintains lifting the ban would mean a 5X increase of HIV-positive blood entering the system.

In a new push to strike down the ban, the Gay Police Association — which landed in trouble back in 2006 for claiming Christians were behind a spike in anti-gay hate crimes — mounts the argument that the ban is “homophobic in its archaic position on the life ban for gay men as donors.” By soliciting donations from those working in public service, the NBS by default calls attention to gay police officers who refuse to participate — because they simply can’t. First you tell us you don’t want our disgusting blood, and now you out us?

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