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June 28, 2011

Bob Mould Reads from His “See a Little Light : The Trail of Rage and Melody” |SF CA June 28

by Accidental Bear

The perfect reason to call in sick today. I will write you a doctor’s note.

Bob Mould is perhaps best known as the founder of Hüsker Dü, one of the most influential and enduring bands to emerge from the punk scene of the 1980s. Hüsker Dü was part of a movement that included such seminal bands as label mates Black Flag and the Meat Puppets, and influenced and inspired up-and-comers such as Nirvana, Soul Asylum, the Pixies and countless other musicians. 

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June 20, 2011

Twilight of the Punk: Bob Mould’s New Memoir, “See a Little Light” Reviewed by New York Magazine

by Accidental Bear

 (via NYMAG)

Bob Mould needed punk rock. For a big, angry, closeted math-whiz teenager in the outer reaches of upstate New York—where the record store was an hour away, in the metropolis of Plattsburgh—listening to the Ramones, studying the sleeve the record came in, showed what might be possible for him. He could do what they do, he thought. And in fact he did: After moving to Minnesota for college, he and two friends started the pioneering hard-core band Hüsker Dü (named after a board game where the kids could beat the adults). Noisy, speedy—and at least as far as the musicians themselves, high on speed—the band, with Mould as its lumpy front man, combined post-teen provocation and melodic confessionalism in a way that perfectly captured the seesawing, self- protective anxieties of being young. Mould screamed a lot, but underneath was a yearning desire to be understood.Take a song like “Everything Falls Apart”: “I got nothing to do / You got nothing to say / Everything is so fucked up / I guess we like it that way.” It’s a catchy tune that combines those early Hüsker themes. Mould calls it “despair meets resignation.”

Hüsker Dü ended in 1987, and Mould has been experimenting his way out of that balefulness ever since. Punk, as a way of organizing yourself aesthetically, can be a scorched-Earth truth, but Mould is 50 now, and that ethos hasn’t been age- appropriate for some time. So he’s doing his best to find contentment.

That’s one reason he wrote his new memoir, See a Little Light, with Michael Azerrad (Little, Brown & Co., $24.99). It shares a title with one of his not-so-hopeless solo songs. In addition to being a detailed document of punk’s rise to the middle of the culture (including Mould’s successful, though ultimately less influential, early-nineties band Sugar), the book is an unsparing accounting of things he has done wrong, as well as things done to him. It doesn’t often sound like he’s having all that much fun, but he certainly comes off as determined. “With Bob, everything has to have a reason,” says his old friend Steve Fallon, who ran the rigorously booked Hoboken rock club Maxwell’s during the punk-to-indie golden era of 1979 to 1995. “There wasn’t a lot of freewheeling Bob Mould. It was very thought-out and processed. Even his music sounds chaotic, but it really isn’t.”

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April 22, 2011

BLOWOFF SF: Bob Mould & Rich Morel Will be on Fire 4/23

by Accidental Bear

Rock and electronic musicians Richard Morel and Bob Mould host and DJ BLOWOFF, featuring their signature mix of indie rock, electro and house. Join the Blowoff group on Facebook!

Tickets and venue info:–hosted-and-DJ-d-by-Bob-Mould-and-Rich-Morel

BLOWOFF group page:
BLOWOFF home page:

February 8, 2011

Secret Show: Foo Fighters @ The Roxy LA w/ Bob Mould

by Accidental Bear

Ok this calls for a little cussing out loud, HOLY FUCK! Back in the 1990’s I actually saw a surprise Foo Fighters show at the Filmore in SF. Elated , shock-n- awe is what I described that night. Slammed against the slamming crowd against the stage, taking in every last elbow to the ribs as a gift. Last night it went down again at the Roxy in LA but “OUR” very own and dear friend of mine Bob Mould was thrown into the mix.  I cannot even imagine the response from the crowd. Girls screaming pulling out their hair, straight boys switching team as this monstrosity of ROCK GODS tore it up on stage.




Jena Ardell
Foo Fighters at the Roxy

WHAT: Foo Fighters’ Secret Show
WHERE: The Roxy
WHEN: 2/7/2011

“It was supposed to be a secret!” Dave Grohl announced at the start of a not-so-secret Foo Fighters show held at the Roxy last night where opening acts included Scream and Bob Mould.

Thanks to some tips published by an “anonymous” source (ahem) and deductive reasoning, fans arrived as early as 11 a.m. to secure a spot in line outside the Roxy Theatre.
By 5:30 p.m., minutes after The Foo Fighters posted their second scavenger hunt clue, the line of eager fans wrapped past The Whisky and had already exceeded venue capacity. Only 150 lucky fans were allowed inside. Noteable celeb attendees included Nick Hexum and Pnut of 311 and Kat Von D.

This marked the third secret show where The Foo Fighters played their new album in its entirety from start to finish. At this rate, Southern California fans can expect to learn the lyrics before the album drops.

Jena Ardell
Foo Fighters at the Roxy

Fans have bassist Nate Mendel to thank–since performing the entire album at this recent string of club venues was his idea.

During a break in between songs, Grohl asked the audience what they are doing tomorrow. “Another secret show!” a fan yelled. To which, Grohl responded, “Maybe”.
Grohl was talkative in between hits and paused to dedicate “Big Me” to fans and thank them for their 16 years of support. He also flubbed the lyrics to “I’ll Stick Around”, then called the mishap his “Christina Aguilera moment”.

Fans and insiders are busy spreading word of another secret show scheduled for tonight. The Foo Fighters have yet to confirm said show, but the probability of seeing a white limo parked outside another well-known L.A. venue is high–so plan on calling in sick or leaving work early… again.

Jena Ardell
Dave gets wet

Jena Ardell
Foo Fighters at the Roxy
November 16, 2010

H-E- Double Hockey Sticks YES!

by Accidental Bear

Bob Mould at Swedish American Music Hall.

How close have you ever been to a legend? Now turn it up a notch , how close have you ever been to a rock legend? People I Am talking Bob Mould. He will be performing (Solo Acoustic)  this Friday, Nov 19, 2010 8:00 PM PST (7:00 PM Doors) at Cafe du Nord Swedish American Hall, San Francisco, CA.

Excuse my french , but this is a chance of a life time , get the fuck on board! ( ok , im excited and caffeinated)

Swedish American Hall 

2174 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
November 16, 2010

BLOWOFF: Bob Mould Titillates the East Coast!

by Accidental Bear

Rock and electronic music powerhouses Richard Morel and Bob Mould host and DJ BLOWOFF, a musical smackdown featuring their meaty signature mix of indie rock, electro and house.

How does one take a gay dance party and make it fresh? You would have to ask Bob and Richard that because they have succeeded! They have taken this “furry” scene by the balls and thrown them on dance floor for an fist pumping , arms in the air, BEARD RUBBING, sweaty par-tay! Congratulations men , you are taking over the world!!



After helping define the sound of alternative-rock with Hüsker Dü in the ’80s, fronting the power-pop band Sugar in the ‘90s and fusing hard-rock and heavy electronica in his last solo release, Body of Song, in 2005, Bob Mould is now redefining pop music with Blowoff, his collaboration with producer/remixer extraordinaire Richard Morel. Blowoff, named after the deciding fight in a pro wrestling match, fuses together Mould’s angry, angular power-pop tendencies with Morel’s hazy, house-fueled electronica. The result is nothing less than a superb first album that offers the listener a level of musical adventurousness and stunning songcraft that has few peers in the pop and dance music worlds today.

Since Sugar, Mould has delved heavily into electronica, remixing and producing under the name LoudBomb and working with bands such as Interpol and VHS or Beta. Just before he moved from Manhattan to Washington, DC several years ago, a clerk at Mould’s favorite record store turned him on to the progressive house mixes of Richard Morel. In short order, these two singer-songwriters—each legendary in their own right–began collaborating together, under the “Blowoff” moniker.

Blowoff marks the first project in which both Mould and Morel have taken equal turns in writing, playing the guitar and keyboards, creating rhythm tracks and breathing into the mike. And as listeners will hear from the album’s very first track, “Hormone Love”, Blowoff is an impressive merger between two highly independent musicians whose individual virtuosity is unparalleled and whose musical roots span rock, punk, funk, pop, electronica and deep house.

Morel is perhaps best known for his superb remixes for The Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, New Order, The Killers, The Pretenders and Seal and many others, along with his enduring collaborations with Deep Dish, the celebrated D.C.-based producers. He’s had five tracks hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Club Dance Play charts and had many others (including “True”, “Cabaret” and “Funny Car” off of 2002’s Queen of the Highway) reach the Top 20 while igniting dance floors from New York to Ibiza to Tokyo. Morel has also co-written, co-produced, recorded and sung on two of Deep Dish’s studio albums and has helped produce many of the duo’s mix compilations released on their Yoshitoshi label. He has also worked on several of Deep Dish’s most famous mixes, including the Grammy-winning remix of Dido’s “Thank You.”

With Blowoff, Mould and Morel produce music that isn’t like anything you’d expect. Although Blowoff features hard-charging rock tunes (“Here And Now”) as well as blazing dance tracks (“Tag It”), the album’s chief distinction is a poignant, compelling pop intensity that blends powerful songwriting and gorgeous melodies with great hooks and superb beats. Without a doubt, Blowoff will strongly appeal to fans of both rock and dance music, as well as pop aficionados.

The Blowoff album is slated for release in September 2006, and coinciding with this release Mould and Morel will be taking their famed Blowoff party, held once a month at DC’s famed 9:30 Club, on the road. Featuring both men Djing, as well as performing a live set of Blowoff songs, the Blowoff parties attract a wide cross-section of people from all walks of life, providing a rare meeting ground for everyone from music-loving hipsters to beer-drinking men’s men to dance music enthusiasts to leather daddies to the muscle men featured in Blowoff’s signature artwork.

What I see happening is globalization. BLOWOFF is reaching  all corners of our planet, connecting queers from around the globe : Unity!

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