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January 7, 2011

[BLOG] Make Art and Earn a Badge at 3rd Ward

by Accidental Bear

Now I cannot even pretend that I am objective on how great 3rd Ward’s Membership Community is.

I became an unlimited member about 6 months ago to help round out my web skills and my life has never been the same.

Working for a Tibetan Non-Profit at the time the evening classes, practical subjects offered and the short distance from the L train were the initial draw.

A lot of the skill set I used at the time were things I learned on my own or on the fly between fund raising campaigns and computer work.

scooter laforge being interviewed

All I was expecting was take a class or two and continue the selfless grind that is working for a non-profit. I called to register for a class and it was suggested I take a tour of the space before I made a commitment and see the benefits of becoming a member. I was informed that if I did take a tour I would receive a $50 credit towards my first class.

BLOG Make art.

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