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April 17, 2011

Fond Memories of that Hot Top/Bottom Two-page Spread for American Apparel

by Accidental Bear

March 10, 2011


by Accidental Bear

Interview by Michael Ladner
Photography by Bella Lieberberg

Last Sunday at around 7:30 p.m. CET at the Hebbel am Ufer theatre in Berlin-Kreuzberg, a massive iron curtain thundered upwards, marking the premiere ofBruce LaBruce’s first-ever staging of Arnold Schönberg’s melodrama Pierrot Lunaire. Leave it to Bruce LaBruce to transform Schönberg’s opera of sorts into a one-hour-long gender-bending tale of impossible love, guilt, and confusion — complete with a neo-expressionist stage design including a dick-guillotine and dildos aplenty. A day before the premiere Bruce and his art director Cyril Duval aka item idem took time out from tending to the production’s final kinks to answer some of BUTT’s pondering questions. READ INTERVIEW at BUTT

December 23, 2010


by Accidental Bear

Welcome to CLUB BUTT, the digital community for international homosexuals. CLUB BUTT is a fabulous extension of BUTT’s popular website section called BUTTHEADS, and provides an enormous platform of sexy guys’ profiles. Feel free to message your favourite new friends, to have exhilarating conversations, arrange dates, sexual liaisons, picnics, pool parties, and more!


Dear BUTT friend,
Before xmas and before the new year kicks in, we’d like to share some exciting news with you…

CLUB BUTT, the successful ‘social network’ of the BUTT website, has some new fabulous features:

1. You’ll be able to upload more than one profile picture (max 3, in fact)
2. You are kindly invited to describe yourself in 15 words in order to make your profile even more inviting
3. There’ll be a handy new BUTT BUDDY function that keeps you connected and in tune with favorite CLUB BUTT friends
4. There’ll be an information stream available for those who are logged into CLUB BUTT and want to know what’s happening on the site real time.

Our friends at AMERICAN APPAREL celebrate the holiday season with the generous offer to buy two BUTT T-shirts for the price of one. Indeed, that’s one for you and one for your BUTT BUDDY. (It works like this: put two shirts into the shopping cart at American Apparel and enter ‘BUTTHEAD10’ at the checkout, and one of the two shirts will be free. In actual real American Apparel stores, just take two BUTT T’s to the counter and you’ll only pay one. Easy does it.)

Thanks everybody for the picture submissions for the BUTT CALENDAR 2011. The first page will be available very soon online. (Indeed, the calendar goes up per week – who plans further ahead these days anyway?)

Hairy christmas & merry 2011, kisses!
BUTT; Adam, Felix, Gert, Jop, Michael

November 16, 2010

New BUTT magazine is awesome, of course

by Accidental Bear

So, magazines for me fall into several categories.  Some I flip through to see all the “pretty” people in fancy clothes , some I flip through to look at all the frickin’ amazing furniture that I can never afford, such as Dwell, which made me fall in love with Pre-homes and now I want, want WANT one! Ok, where was I …. some magazine I flip through to keep up on technology or science. But BUTT has it all for me. A light read cover to cover, interesting folks and their mundane , yet oddly intriguing stories , accompanied by naked men in some what natural poses and penis . I love penis 😉 Throughout magazine is an effortless “coolness”.

So Butt, thank you for great coffee table material and ALWAYS a conversation starter. Butt, you tingle my mind, in a good way.