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June 21, 2011

Streets of San Francisco: Homeless Using the Term “Bear” for Spare Change, Nuts & Honey

by Accidental Bear


May 26, 2011

We Still Have Work to Do; 30 Years of the AIDS Epidemic

by Accidental Bear

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation, with the help of about 100 volunteers, installed a giant red ribbon on the hillside of Twin Peaks Sunday, May 22 to commemorate 30 years of the AIDS epidemic. The foundation worked with organizers of the pink triangle installation in conceiving of the idea and the ribbon will remain on display until June 19. SFAF pointed out that every day in San Francisco, two more people are newly infected with HIV, and more than 56,000 are infected nationwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the first cases of the virus that causes AIDS on June 5, 1981. Next week’s Bay Area Reporter will mark that somber anniversary.

May 25, 2011

PSA: Speeding Kills Bears; SF, CA Castro District

by Accidental Bear

New sign spotted in San Francisco CA, Castro district. I have a feeling there is a message to read between the lines here about the use of the drug speed that runs rampant in our community; no scene left untouch, even Bears

May 23, 2011

San Francisco Has some Fancy Dancing Crossing Guards! Castro SF CA

by Accidental Bear

I am throwing you a curve ball. In order to watch you must turn you computer on it’s side. Sorry for those of you on a desk top. Today’s lovely San Francisco moment. This is what I like to call, ” Meanwhile back in San Francisco…..”

May 21, 2011

Grand Opening of the Harvey Milk Call Center in San Francisco 5/22 Sunday

by Accidental Bear

The Trevor Project is excited to open our Harvey Milk Call Center in San Francisco this weekend! Please join us for a ribbon untying and guided tour of the new call center facility at the historic site of Harvey Milk’s Castro Camera Store (575 Castro Street, between 18th and 19th Streets).

The event will take place at 11am on Sunday May 22, Harvey Milk Day, and will feature special guests Cleve Jones, Anne Kronenberg, Danny Nicoletta, Frank Robinson, Dustin Lance Black, Armistead Maupin, Christopher Turner and Stuart Milk of The Harvey Milk Foundation.

We hope you can help us celebrate this wonderful addition to the Castro community!

-The San Francisco Ambassadors of The Trevor Project

May 19, 2011

‘Encampment’ brings attention to homeless LGBT youth/ Castro SF CA

by Accidental Bear

This tickles my heart string for personal reasons. One day we’ll sit down with a box of tissue, take out Chinese food and chocolate in 10 different forms. We all get bombarded with homeless people daily and most likely we walk over top of them as we would any other stray object on the sidewalk. SF is famous destination spot for homeless gay runaways all hoping to land in a glamorous new life or in the hands of a sugar daddy. Unfortunately it most likely doesn’t end up as “glamorous” as it all sounds. Homeless youth gather in a sort of Take Back the Night type of rally. ~AB

Castro nightclub patrons were startled last Saturday night when several dozen homeless youth and their allies established a temporary encampment around the stairs at Harvey Milk Plaza, part of a day of actions meant to bring attention to budget cuts for groups that provide housing to at-risk LGBT youth.

The May 14 encampment was part of a nationwide demonstration to raise awareness of homelessness among a demographic known as transition-age youth. Homeless and foster youth between 16 and 24 years old can face unique housing challenges, particularly as they age out of the foster care system and learn to navigate services for adults.

“We’re here to engage the community on homelessness, and specifically queer homeless youth issues,” said organizer Beck, who uses only one name. “We’re in kind of a state of emergency, saying, ‘hey community, wake up.'”

Saturday’s action started at Civic Center with games, an unveiling of protest banners, and hot meals served by Food Not Bombs. A march proceeded to Harvey Milk Plaza, where speakers read poetry and called for improved access to services to get off the street.

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March 20, 2011

Castro Farmers Market is Back

by Accidental Bear

You know how, in anticipation of a really good dinner you kind of starve yourself a bit because you know you are going to chow down to the point of nausea. Thats what I did last year during the Castros Farmers Market season, sort of. Each week I longed for pumpkin filled flat breads and softball size peaches. I purposefully ate less all week with my eye on the prize, Wed 4 pm – 8 pm, Market St And Noe St. I imagine myself a whale in the open sea mouth wide open, stabbing through the market collecting as much as possible, then diving back down deep , in my case the Mission. Hope to see all your smiling faces at the Market. You’ll will get bonus points for having food on your face.



March 9, 2011

Accidental Bear Welcomes Mollie Stone’s to Castro

by Accidental Bear

There was buzz around town for the faster than expected opening of Mollie Stone’s in the Castro, SF CA.  I wanted to stop in opening day to see everything fresh and new ( so did everyone else in town). The store was crowded and a bustle in the air. I saw familiar faces from  the neighborhood with excitment in their faces or maybe it as hunger. The staff was busy stocking shelves and answering questions from eager customers. I know the satff had to fight for these jobs because I saw the long lines that snaked from the store the day they had “open call”

San Francisco – Castro

4201 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
T: 415.255.8959
Open Daily: 7am-11pm

Opening March 9th

Weekly Specials

February 25, 2011

Britney and her flashing Vagina will Perform Castro Theater SF CA

by Accidental Bear

Why do I feel like this is a rumor? If not this will be a spectacle at best. Would it be inappropriate to show up with a basket of rotten vegetable to toss at Ms Spears? How long can ones COME BACK last for before before they chalk it up to, people just dont give a damn anymore?




by Bradley Stern
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Screen shot 2011 02 24 at 9.34.39 PM Daily B: Britney Confirms Good Morning America Performance on March 29

It’s official–Britney is performing again.


The Holy Spearit will be gracing us with her flawlessness on March 29 at the Castro Theatre in San Fransisco for Good Morning America.


February 17, 2011


by Accidental Bear

The Historic Raising of the Bear Flag


What the organizers say:
“Come join Bears of San Francisco Friday morning for the historic raising of the Bear Flag We will meet at Harvey Milk Plaza above the Castro Muni Station What makes it historic? Until now only the Gay Pride and the Leather Pride flags have been allow to fly…”

“Come join Bears of San Francisco Friday morning for the historic raising of the Bear Flag

We will meet at Harvey Milk Plaza above the Castro Muni Station

What makes it historic? Until now only the Gay Pride and the Leather Pride flags have been allow to fly over the Castro, Today we will make history and raise the Bear Flag starting at 9 a.m. followed by a Champagne Toast at Under One Roof at 10 a.m. All part of the Bears Invade the Castro. If champagne is to strong for you at 10 a.m. All weekend long for IBR Tag Holder Starbucks aka Bear-bucks or Star-bears will have specials for you.

Yes the image is of BOSF marching the flag in the Gay Pride Parade the same flag that will fly above Castro.”

December 23, 2010

Sui GENERIS SF CA: Turn it Up a Notch this NYE

by Accidental Bear

In Miguel , I trust!!

I stopped in to Sui GENERIS on Upper Market Street today and played dress up with Miguel Lopez( owner). Within 5 minutes Miguel had me in a dashing blazer  that fit well and was perfect for my hair and skin coloring. Being a ginger I tend to always be a tad pink. Miguel knew just how to deal with it. He transferred me from street rat to dapper in o time. In Miguel, I trust.

Miguels tips for looking sharp on New Years Eve :

Here Now: Dinner Jackets

Traditionally the dinner jacket has been the mainstay of black tie attire, setting the tone for an almost always formal event. Almost inseparably matched with tuxedo trousers, a formal white shirt, black cummerbund and bow tie, the dinner jacket’s role in men’s formal wear has newly evolved and grown to encompass a less rigidly defined set of circumstances for wear.

Wearing a dinner jacket to an event that doesn’t necessarily require one provides the wearer some fashion freedom, lifting them from the rules and regulations that normally accompany such a garment. Since the dinner jacket establishes a certain level of poise the wearer is now able dress in matching or complimentary colors. It’s important to note that a dinner jacket doesn’t always have to be black. Vary the color and material to match the current season and climate. Here are some of our favorites in store now.

Expand your notion of the dinner jacket. A staple that will always anchor black tie attire has now expanded its repertoire. Next time you’re searching for what to wear to an upcoming cocktail or dinner party, turn to a Sui GENERIS dinner jacket.

Read More :

2265 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 437-2265


December 20, 2010

Walk with Me : Castro SF CA 12.20.2010

by Accidental Bear

Eclectic, buzzing ( not just from meth heads), Christmas hustle. Castro I love you!

photos by Mike Enders

December 2, 2010

Nudists find opposition in an unlikely place: The Castro

by Accidental Bear

I see these guys all over Castro and after living in SF for so long, I don’t blink an eye. Shriveled up old man penis and overly tan skinned ( no lines of course) is a common site in the Castro district. One health concern though. I see “them” sitting bare-ass on pubic chairs and seats. Is that hygienic?  I mean get a mental picture and think about it next time you set your cell phone on a public chair or seat. This also applies to assless chaps ; bare-ass in full contact of seats.


November 18, 2010

All Eyes on : SUI GENERIS Consignment Boutique

by Accidental Bear

My gift to you this holiday season is giving you a map leading you to SUI GENERIS on Market Street in San Francisco, CA. Classic styles done with ease! The store has amazing decor ( Its what you may try to do at your own apartment but fail , but these two nail it. Bravo!). My eyes dart from the walls to the racks to the animal skin rugs , all my senses being pleased.

I had a conversation with Miguel (owner) the other day and he said “… that yes, we carry L, XL, and sometimes XXL and they always can ask for assistance.. we love to do that ” . He mentioned that since I would be representing and marketing to the Accidental bears, that SUI GENERIS has your backs ( and covers them too.)

Owners Miguel and Gabriel have spent their entire life around clothes, and they have hands-on entrepreneurial experience in retail sales and merchandising going back to 1994.

Miguel and Gabriel a graduated Industrial Engineer and a Photographer respectively, they share a passion for fashion and style and after few months of knowing each other they started buying and selling garments  in Mexico in 1994. They opened their first store in 1995, and they opened a second location in 1997, running a very successful line of clothes and a Boutique for 4 years called IRALA MODA located in Guadalajara, Mexico where they created a style of their own. Their Boutique was frequently visited for local and national friends and celebrities like Mexican top Designers Julia and Renata Franco as well as rock band members from MANA and Azul Violeta and singers likeAlejandra Guzman and Eli Guerra …they were some of the many clientele they had.

Sui GENERIS has a strong relationships with other high-end designer, fashion salesmen, clients, and consigners in downtown San Francisco’s fashionable Union Square shopping district and through these relationships they are able to continually acquire new and second-hand designer fashion and accessories that are in excellent condition.  We would like to welcome you to our Boutique!

Vintage, New & Designer Consignment Boutique

2265 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94114



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