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August 9, 2011

Raymond Johnson Denied Federal Aid For Breast Cancer Because He’s A Man

by Accidental Bear

All breasts not created equal.

Raymond Johnson

via Huffington Post

A 26-year-old South Carolina man received a surprising diagnosis of breast cancer after he visited an emergency room for throbbing chest pain last month.

But what came next surprised Raymond Johnson even more: He discovered he is ineligible for the Medicaid program that covers treatments for breast cancer because he is a man, according to news reports.

Johnson is uninsured, and in order to afford the treatments, his patient advocate suggested he look into a federal program that could help. The Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act uses Medicaid funds to cover breast and ovarian cancer treatment costs for people who can’t afford it,The Post and Courier reported. But a stipulation lies with receiving those funds: you must be a woman.

“Cancer doesn’t discriminate, so this program shouldn’t discriminate,” Johnson told The Post and Courier. MORE 

March 2, 2011

News to Me; Half of Men Have HPV

by Accidental Bear

Another concern on the check list or least be aware of.


Half of Men Have HPV

By Editors


Half of all men may be infected with human papillomavirus, or HPV, researchers in Tampa, Fla., said Monday.

Because HPV causes anal, penile, and head and neck cancers in men, in addition to cervical cancer in women, the discovery may bolster the argument that vaccinating boys against the virus is necessary.

Go to HIV Plus for the full story.


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