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March 22, 2011

RIP Chad Noel, Porn Co-Star of an Underage Brent Corrigan

by Accidental Bear
Whatever the back round story of who did what or who didn’t, 25 yrs old is to young to go. Don’t forget that he was someone son or brother and had way more going for him than anyone might know , except those who knew him in “real life” away from shadow of the “porn world”.

Chad Noel, Porn Co-Star of an Underage Brent Corrigan, Dies at 25

Chad Noel, gay porn performer and Laramie, Wyoming, native, died this month following an illness related to HIV complications. He was 25.

Performing, sometimes bareback, under the names Donny Price, Kyle Young, and Craven Cox, Noel became a well-known industry figure for having co-starred in 2004’s (the since-recalled) Every Poolboy’s Dream, from Cobra Video, where he had sex with a then-underage Brent Corrigan, who testified in the murder trial of Cobra’s Bryan Kocis, whose killing stemmed from a studio power play involving Corrigan.

It was Noel’s Poolboy that had Michael Lucas raging against Corrigan and the gay porn industry.

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