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May 14, 2011

Tickle your Fancy at the World Beard and Mustache Championships

by Accidental Bear

Just imagine the upkeep and maintenance on these beards. I want to give them a two-snaps-in-circle, via In living Color days for the commitment. How many pretzels or peanut M&M’s have they lost in these beards, only for them to drop out at the most awkward of times.The back stage area must be busier that a toddler beauty pageant. I am all about a fuzzy man with a beard, but my next question I want to ask one of these “mountain man” is, “During sex, do you tie it back or like a drag queen tucking the naughty bits, do you tuck it somewhere? ” ~AB

It’s like a big hairy love-in.
–Michael Attree, editor of The Chap

(CNN) — While many people think of bold facial hair as the traditional preserve of cowboys and comedians, the World Beard and Moustache Championships proves that good whiskers can tickle your fancy whoever you are. One hundred and fifty contestants from 15 countries will descend on the Prinsen Hotell in Trondheim, Norway this weekend to get down to the hairy business of who exactly has the world’s best facial furniture. The World Beard and Mustache Championships is a biennial contest pitting competitors against one another in 17 different official categories ranging from Dali and Fu Manchu mustaches to Garibaldi and Imperial style beards — not to mention the much-coveted prize for the world’s best facial hair. READ MORE

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