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August 16, 2011

Leaf Carving Artists In China Branching Out Into Pop Culture (VIDEO)

by Accidental Bear

Talk about having a steady hand and a load of patience. Most folks have trouble making a scrap book full of pressed leaves without the pressure of hand crafting a masterpiece. I am going to steal of phrase from ‘the kids’ these days , Amazeballs!  Mike Enders

(Huffington Post)

A new art form emerging out of China. Creating these leaf carvings is no easy process, taking the delicate precision from a skilled artisan. With a knife, the leaf is slowly scraped of its outer layers, eventually revealing a near transparent surface. Special care is given to keep the veins intact to preserve the stability of the leaf.

Artists prefer using the leaves of the Chinar tree, native to India, Pakistan, and China. Resembling maple leaves, the distribution of veins in the Chinar leaves are the best suited for sculpting–and they are considered ‘lucky’ in Chinese tradition.

The process of producing a single leaf carving is said to take months of careful work. When the artwork is finished, the leaves are then preserved and framed–ensuring that they will last for decades. The music is Osmosis by Liquid Tension Experiment.

March 21, 2011

Gay Erotica Writers Arrested in China

by Accidental Bear

Every time I take a peek over that great China Wall I do not like what I see. The site that these women were writing for had 600,000 registered users. Thats a great sign that there is an enormous amount of interest in what they a writing. Good lord, should  all 600,000 registered users be  living in fear now? I wish China could hit a reset button and start all over. You have to many “bugs” in our system to be worked out. I fear you from way over here.


China: Gay Erotica Writers Arrested

By Editors


Thirty-two Chinese women are being detained for writing fictional gay sex stories for a pornography website based in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province.

The writers as well as the site’s owner were detained Monday on charges of spreading obscene materials, according to Shanghai Daily. Police said the site had published 80,000 fictional stories, and 1,500 were deemed illegally obscene. The site, which was not identified in the report, has 600,000 registered users.

The 28-year-old owner, only identified by her last name, Wang, said the stories were written mostly by women in their 20s, who were paid about $15 per published piece.


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