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August 22, 2011

Michael Jackson’s Sprawling Artist Studio and Art Collection Revealed in an L.A. Airport Hangar

by Accidental Bear

It is amazing that an artists art collection could cause such a raucous. But this in MIchael Jackson after all. I believe people would pull him apart like a turkey wish bone if they could. $900 million has been offered for the collection so far. My twisted mind hopes they find all sorts of dirty secrets like videos of Michael Jackson dressed up in clown make-up having sex with a donkey or something as amusing. Mike Enders



The mysterious contents of Michael Jackson‘s art collection became the subject of purported disputes after his death. Rumors floated about that several individuals, including Cirque du Soleil‘s Guy Laliberté, were interested in purchasing the estimated $900 million collection. But Jackson’s art does not consist of Picassos or Rodins, but rather the pop icon’s own creations, which were meant to be exhibited 18 years ago, only to be hidden from the public eye after pedophilia allegations marred the pop star’s image. MORE

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