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July 24, 2011

To Close Out the Weekend, I Bring You Color

by Accidental Bear


May 2, 2011

Beard Dying Tips via

by Accidental Bear

Whether you are a Radical Fairy type and trying to attract a new mate by dying your beard and pubes the same shade of purple or turning salt and pepper via age and stress you might have considered coloring your facial hair. It is a better open for your mid-life crisis than putting a red sports car in your drive way that you cannot afford. While visiting I found this helpful article. Take a gander of my findings.


Kevin’s beard coloring experience

I started coloring my beard at the age of thirty-two. I was getting stressed over having a graying beard.

While shopping in the shaving aisle, I came across a beard-coloring product called Just for Men. I was amazed at the selection of colors and the promise of covering my graying beard. I knew I had to try it.

The hardest part of coloring my beard, was finding the right shade. Just for Men comes in everything from blonde to black. Having dark brown hair, I chose the dark brown shade. After I completed the coloring and my beard dried, I was shocked at how dark the color was.

My first reaction was that my beard looked fake. Most beards are not a solid color. Mine has blonde, red, brown, and even some black. After the coloring, my beard was all dark brown. My sister even commented on how stupid it looked. After three weeks, the color was almost all washed out and the gray was back. READ FULL ARTICLE AT BEARDS.ORG

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