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May 30, 2011

Esquire’s “Eat Like a Man” Book Out Now

by Accidental Bear

What does it actually mean to eat like man. Chew loud and aggressively? Eat like a pig? Eat a pig? We could tear this title apart and psycho-analyze it like no other, but I’m not in the mood. I like to take things for face value at times, like food with smart and creative recipes. Esquire’s food writers usually do a fine job keeping thing simple, for the simple man to follow. With 6 billion cooking shows on TV these days, it has become okay for men to get “frilly” in the kitchen and use words that are more than one syllable without feeling emasculated. Thank god (Satan, Buddha, Allah or whom ever).

Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need [Hardcover]

April 18, 2011

Food Art; Bompas and Parr Make Jelly Cathedral

by Accidental Bear
Bompas & Parr

Image by Nick Atkins Photography via Flickr

Video | Bompas and Parr: Return of the Jelly Knights

Check out awesome video of these two handsome lads making Jelly art. CLICK
March 10, 2011

TODAYS FLUFF: Bay Area’s Best Mac & Cheese

by Accidental Bear
A closeup of the side dish of macaroni and che...

Image via Wikipedia

Does this story titilate the stoner in you? I haven’t touch “herb” in over 15 yrs but I’m constantly convicted of eating like a stoner at times. For example sliced apples with tuna fish on them or frozen burritos with mustard, honey and cottage cheese on top. But my favorite most stoner like food is a duo I pick up from the Whole Foods hot bar. A tower of a scoop of Mac and Cheese and them topped with a massive scoop of pulled BBQ chicken. Need I say more, I’m hungry and headed to one of these joints listed for some comfort!



It’s old school, familiar and comforting. Macaroni and cheese has been an American staple for generations. And this classic is making a gourmet comeback. Here’s the best of the Bay’s cheesiest spots and newest twists on this all time favorite.


One of  “our” neighborhood restaurants made this elite list.

2100 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 503-0333


Home Restaurant was created under the guiding principle that simple, classic comfort food can be prepared in a way that dazzles your taste buds, evokes home-cooked emotions and goes easy on your wallet. What better place, then, to order up mac and cheese? Made with three cheeses and topped with crispy breadcrumbs, this classic is one of many on the fabulous menu. Swing by for the early bird special and dig into a taste of home. Literally.



February 12, 2011

Lets Talk; Biodegradable Straws & “Green” Cups

by Accidental Bear

I woke up this morning with two felines staring down at me from the the shelf below. I quickly remember that we’re out of cat food. I acted quickly because I thinking they were sizing up my eyeballs as the next-best-thing for breakfast. Cat food √ , next I found myself at Ritual Coffee on Valencia for our morning coffee (jesus juice) for me and my better half who was still in bed. I rolled up on my sleeves of my flannel to expose my tattoos in hopes of receiving better/ faster (it’s that kind of place) I have a love-hate relationship with Ritual. I hate it when I wait in line for 10 minutes for an ice coffee and pay $2.50 for a scone half the normal size, but I love them when they make “purdy” designs on the top of my boyfriends mocha.

OK OK, what was my point here? Ahhh, I remember now. I approached the milk station there in a stylish red container were straws and on the outside marked ” Biodegradable Straws”. I’ve seen them before but they haven’t stroke me like they did today. 1st thought, COOL, 2nd thought , WHY? and 3rd thought . . .Damn , this is a “deelish” ice coffee ( FYIRituals ice coffee tastes like chocolate to me) . This is what I found out about these FANCY-MODERN STRAWS


Greenware® annually renewable cold drink cups, lids and portion containers are made entirely from plants — not petroleum. It’s a difference that really resonates with consumers and something they look for in the restaurants they frequent. Greenware® sends a message that’s crystal clear: You care. 

Made in the U.S.A. from Ingeo™ biopolymer, the Greenware® product line is 100% compostable in actively managed municipal or industrial facilities, where available. With Greenware® products you don’t have to sacrifice performance and clarity for an eco-friendly product—Greenware® satisfies all of these needs.

Fabri-Kal is committed to producing packaging in the most safe and environmentally responsible manner possible. From our use of new and innovative materials to our ability to reduce unnecessary packaging through design and manufacturing capabilities, Fabri-Kal has many options available for producing sustainable packaging solutions.Material options currently available include the use of post-consumer recycled PET and PLA resins. PET is a crystal clear, lightweight material suitable for many foodservice and CPG applications.PLA is a resin derived entirely from plants. Created by NatureWorks® LLC, this material is 100% compostable and may break down within 50 days in managed facilities. PLA possesses the functional properties of PET including excellent clarity, stiffness and oxygen barrier of PET while being completely sustainable through annually renewable plant resources.Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the action pillars of responsible packaging. Fabri-Kal can help eliminate unnecessary packaging while maintaining product protection through the use of software testing before any tooling is created. And, through the use of pre and post-consumer recycled materials, your packaging can be a model of environmentally conscious packaging.Fabri-Kal is constantly testing new materials and manufacturing techniques to provide the latest opportunities for more environmentally responsible packaging.


February 10, 2011

Flannels Are Not A Trend. They’ve Been Around Way Before You Were a Sperm

by Accidental Bear

Flathead Winter Flannel

10 February 2011, 04.30

Flathead Winter Flannel

The Flathead company was started in 1996 by Kobayashi Masayoshi and has produced amazing products for the Japanese market. Today, we have the ease and access to most of the products they offer in Japan thanks to Self Edge. The “Winter Flannel” comes in three different colorways: mustard, blue and red. The shirt is “made of a heavy cotton flannel with a combed super soft interior. Due to the heavy gauge thread and vintage loomed fabric, the shirt is an amazing piece for the winter months. This is the second rendition of the shirt and it might even better than the last.

flathead winter flanel 2 150x150 Flathead Winter Flannel
flathead winter flannel 1 150x150 Flathead Winter Flannel
flathead winter flannel 3 150x150 Flathead Winter Flannel
flathead winter flannel 5 150x150 Flathead Winter Flannel
flathead winter flannel 6 150x150 Flathead Winter Flannel
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