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April 17, 2011

Brazilian Volleyball Fans Show Outpouring of Support for Gay Player

by Accidental Bear

Brazilians are not just know for their skimpy man thongs, but starting to get a reputation for tolerance. In the sports arena machismo runs rampant. World, I am addressing you as a whole, lets look over Brazils shoulder and learn a thing or two about compassion.



Last week we mentioned the story of a Brazilian volleyball player (volleyball is huge in Brazil) namedMichael who came out and was heaped with abuse by opposing fans when his team, Volei Futuro, played a match against Sada Cruzeiro. Much of the abuse included having fans yell “Bicha! Bicha!” which translates to “faggot.”

Afterward, Michael discussed being stunned by the chants and fearing it would happen again. Well, it turns out he need not have feared that as both his teammates and other fans are showing him tremendous support. First his teammates wore special pink jerseys during the warm up for a later match and then the team’s “libero” (pictured above with Michael) wore a special rainbow jersey during the match. The crowd also unfurled a huge banner reading “Vôlei Futuro Against Prejudice” and then waved pink “thundersticks” turning the entire stadium pink.


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