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May 19, 2011

Matt Zarley new song- WTF; Seriously Matt, What the Fuck?

by Accidental Bear

I wanted so bad to find out that this was just a joke, a skit, but my research found out that this is for real. My new grown up mind wants so hard not to judge, so I bite my tongue and I ask you to watch for yourself and tell me what you think. This would be way to easy for me to rip it a new ass***e and rain on Matt Zarley’s parade (oh, and it would be a downpour!)

November 20, 2010

PINUPS, You really got me going…..

by Accidental Bear

If I cannot decide whether I’m in the mood to look at porn or a good art book I grab for Pinups Magazine.

November 13, 2010

Accidental Bear

by Accidental Bear

Accident or choice? First step of any good hurdles in life is to first admit to something. So, here it goes I am admitting with some reluctance that I MAY be a bear. I’ve always been aware of the bear community but through some ignorance always thought of “them” as fat, out of shape, beer drinking cheeseburger eating, poorly dressed ,skid mark wearing, hair balls!

As I approached my 30’s and let my beard grow in and filled in a bit ( Im not fat Im big boned! ) I kept getting called, ” Baby bear” , ” Cub” , ” Otter” to which I always came back with an, ” NO, I just have a beard thats all!” ( fist slams on desk) I began to notice all my friends had put on some weight and all had beards. Hmmm are we just getting old , or is this the Bear Community I so denied being part of?

I began attending events labeled at as ” Bear” events and dedicated getaways such as the famous , Lazy Bear Weekend at the Russian River. So, as I scan through my 500 or so closest and dearest Facebook profile. I had notice there was a beard explosion on my screen. Ahhh , you are what you eat… no… no I mean you are who you hang out with, right?

So, a turning point in my Bearhood was last spring , April to be exact. I was asked to walk in a runway show for for his Fall 2010 collection. So, I threw man arms in the air. Hot damn, if the characteristics of being a bear ( requirements were: at least 6′  / 200 lbs/ beard) were going to get me to walk in the international, Belgian fashion designers show, I’m a bear. Sign me up!

So is being a ” Bear” a choice or are you born into a body with genes that will make you a bear no matter how hard you try not to be. Anyhow now I see the Bear community as a loving group of big and small hairy men and I’ve some across come skid marks, but thats life I guess. Thanks for listening!


Walter Van Beirendonck in San Francisco and Berkely!

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