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February 5, 2011

Do you Really Wanna Hurt Me Boy G? Re-Unite Now, or , or…

by Accidental Bear


I have a confession to make. Back in the early 90’s when I was a wee young thing sporting orange spit curls and platform sneakers I PEED AT A URINAL NEXT TO BOY GEORGE AT SOME RANDO NIGHT CLUB! Touch me if you want, or I’ll sign your panties, true story. I did not gawk over and down to see if in fact he did have a pecker. But unlike those doubters out there, I BELIEVE THAT YOU DO HAVE MALE EQUIPMENT. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Ex-Romance Won’t Block Culture Club Reunion

By Editors

His former romance with bandmate Jon Moss will not stand in the way of the upcoming Culture Club reunion, Boy George declared.
By Editors

Boy George said that his former romance with Culture Club bandmate Jon Moss will not stand in the way of the group’s highly anticipated reunion in 2012.

According to Digital Spy, “The singer, who secretly dated drummer Jon Moss during the band’s peak, said the pair now have a ‘healthier’ relationship, after Moss married a woman and went on to have children.”

The Karma Chameleon singer told The Sun, “Oh no. We’re really good mates. Jon has got kids now — beautiful kids and we’re definitely over each other.”

Culture Club plans to reunite for a U.K. tour to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary next year, with a comeback album produced by Mark Ronson.

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