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August 4, 2011

SF CA: Police still searching for gay man’s Killer a Year Later

by Accidental Bear

This story has hit a heart string for me seeing that the murder occurred a block from my house. When the who, what and why’s are left unanswered my mind fills in the unknown with the worst case scenario. Let’s find this killer!

via B.A.R.

Last weekend marked the first anniversary of the murder of San Francisco resident Philip DiMartino. The gay 36-year-old was found dead in his apartment, located at 138 Hermann Street, on August 2, 2010.

The person responsible for DiMartino’s death hasn’t been caught, and police, family, and friends are hoping someone will come forward with information.

“This weekend was rough,” Lisa DiMartino, 39, DiMartino’s sister, said in an interview Monday, August 1. “My family and I think about Phil every day, of course, but hitting the one-year mark was tough.”

In its report on DiMartino’s death, the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s office said injuries included 48 stab wounds, most of them in his back. The cause of death was listed as “sharp force injuries with blunt force injuries.”

DiMartino’s body was found after a co-worker who had gone to check on him looked through a window and saw “a pair of what appeared to be bloody legs on the floor,” the report said. The co-worker did not enter the apartment, according to the report.

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May 30, 2011

PSA: Don’t Text and Drive You Asshole (there is no nice way to say that)

by Accidental Bear

PSA of the Day: YouTuber Sean Symons says he spotted a teenager who was texting while driving and reported him to the police. He then whipped out his camera and pursued his car for a while as the teen continued to text unmindful of his surroundings, with lamentably predictable results.

Don’t text and drive. (Also: Don’t film and drive.)

May 29, 2011

Muni News: Husband Of Man Killed By Candy-Bar Unwrapping Muni Driver Sues Transit Agency

by Accidental Bear

Well break me off a piece of that! How tragic.~AB


As we reported as the tragic events unfolded, 49-year-old Scott Whitsett was died after being hit by a 14-Mission bus on the morning of April 21 of last year. And now, SFPD’s investigation into the death concluded, the man’s husband has taken matters into his own hands and filed a wrongful-death suit.

Whitsett was reportedly struck on Mission St. between Beale and Main, first getting pinned between the 14-Mission and 14-Mission Limited and then run over just outside the LexisNexis office where he’d worked since 1998. He was hit at around 11am and sadly pronounced dead at 11:46am at SF General. Both drivers of the buses were placed on non-driving status and drug/alcohol tested.

As the Ex reports, Whitsett’s husband, Theodore Glaza filed the suit against the SFMTA in SF’s Superior Court, accusing Muni of carelessness and negligence. Glaza’s civil complaint cites one of the bus drivers, Kimberley Faye Johnson as being distracted by, of all things, a candy bar.

Johnson was driving the 14-Mission at the time and was reportedly unwrapping a candy bar while doing so. The Ex reports that when she saw Whitsett crossing, she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, pinning Whitsett to her bus and the 14-Mission Limited and killing him.

The wrongful death suit was filed Monday.

February 7, 2011

SF Kaiser half-marathon runner dies near finish

by Accidental Bear

Dr. Honey Bear

A few years back an article caught my attention about HOW BAD training for a marathon is, let alone the race itself. The strain , wear and tear on the body is comparable to a heart attack or mild stroke. Apparently running marathons isn’t such a good idea.





A runner collapsed near the finish line of the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon in Golden Gate Park on Sunday and died despite efforts of bystanders and race participants to revive him, witnesses said.

A Fire Department dispatcher confirmed the death of an adult male at the race, but additional information about the man was not immediately available.

Witnesses described a slow and confused response by race officials when the man first collapsed on an unseasonably warm day that hit 80 degrees. Two witnesses said it took about 20 minutes from that point before paramedics arrived.

The San Francisco medical examiner could not be reached, and calls and e-mails on Sunday to Kaiser Permanente and RhodyCo Productions, the company that produced the race, were not immediately returned.

“In an event that size with that staff, it’s ridiculous to take that long to have paramedics arrive,” said Neil Fraser, head coach and co-owner of a triathlon and sports training company who was at the finish line waiting for some of his athletes when the man collapsed.

Sunday’s race marked the 28th running of the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon and 5K Fun Run, and the event was sold out with 10,000 participants, the race website said.

When the runner collapsed, someone pointed it out to the announcer at the finish line, who called over the loudspeaker for medical staff, witnesses said. But it took repeated calls before any staff arrived, and ultimately runners and spectators began performing CPR, witnesses said.

“Finally a woman came up and started yelling at (the announcer), ‘You need to start pleading for anyone to help. We need a doctor,’ ” said Kwesi Graves, 29, of Noe Valley, who had been at the finish line waiting for his wife. “You would think with a half marathon and a sunny day, they would have some medical staff there, but there just was no one around.”

Just moments after the man collapsed at the finish line near the western edge of the park, Graves said, the announcer also called for medical help for two other runners farther up the course, which ran through Golden Gate Park and along the Great Highway.

Fraser, 41, said it was baffling that it was “a medically supported sporting event, and they didn’t even have a doctor on staff” at the finish.

“I’ve been doing this for 10 years, but even at the small events there’s an ambulance at the finish line,” Fraser said. “I don’t know where they were (today).”

Race producer RhodyCo says on its website that is has produced more than 390 major events with 1.4 million participants in its first 27 years.

Once paramedics were called, Fraser said, the crew drove by, then returned later. A fire dispatcher said they were alternately given three different locations for the incident.

“You want to give someone a fair chance to live,” Graves said. “Who knows? If there was medical staff right there at the finish line …”

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Apparently running marathons isn’t such a good idea <READ ARTICLE>

February 2, 2011

Public Service Announcement from Accidental B

by Accidental Bear

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