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June 8, 2011

Catholic Charities Asserts Right to Discriminate

by Accidental Bear

Would it be childish to say, “Go to hell Catholic Charities?”

By Andrew Harmon


As one Catholic Charities official sees it, it’s simply a matter of protecting child welfare.

In what may be an unprecedented lawsuit, three Illinois Catholic Charities agencies are demanding that they be exempted under state law from licensing unmarried couples. And same-sex couples who may have recently entered into civil unions are, by all accounts, their greatest sticking point. MORE

April 26, 2011

Male Student in High Heels Booted from Class

by Accidental Bear

Lets not jump to conclusions. Maybe they were ugly heels?

By Editors

A male student at a Florida high school was removed from class when the response to his wearing high heels sparked “safety” concerns from the principal.

Fox Tampa Bay reports on the incident involving an unidentified student at Riverview High School. A friend said the young man, who wears the heels to feel more confident, felt “shame” for being called out of class.

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