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August 1, 2011

Dolly Apologizes to Lesbian Couple and Does some damage control for Dollywood

by Accidental Bear

I can just hear her squeaky, wonderful voice bouncing off her delicious breast, “Golly Gosh darn, really? I’m sorry.” Dolly does some damage control. AB

Dolly Parton has issued an apology to the lesbian couple who felt discriminated against at Dollywood last month, saying she’s sorry for “the hurt or embarrassment,” reports ABC News.

As The Advocate reported July 20, Olivier Odom and Jennifer Tipton and the children of a friend were stopped at the entrance to Parton’s popular Tennessee theme park when a gatekeeper noticed Odom wearing a T-shirt that read “Marriage Is So Gay.” Odom was instructed her to turn the shirt inside out before her party could enter Dollywood. Parton’s statement reads: “I am truly sorry for the hurt or embarrassment regarding the gay and lesbian t-shirt incident at Dollywood’s Splash Country recently. Everyone knows of my personal support of the gay and lesbian community. Dollywood is a family park and all families are welcome.”


(via Advocate mag)

July 26, 2011

Handpicked Headlines: Report: 1 in 3 Gay Employees Closeted at Work, Man Stuck In Drain, Dollywood, 148-Acre Marijuana Plantation

by Accidental Bear

Report: 1 in 3 Gay Employees Closeted at Work   An alarming percentage of gay individuals face employment harassment and often decide not toTRANSGENDER EMPLOYMENT X390 (GETTY IMAGES) | ADVOCATE.COM
disclose their sexual orientation in the workplace, according to a summary of recent social science data by the Williams Institute. In a review of studies including the 2008General Social Survey, a national probability survey, the Williams Institute reported Monday that 38% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual employees who are out at work reported being harassed because of their sexual orientation. More than one-third of respondents said they were not out to any colleagues at work.

~78 Dead As Morocco Military Plane Crash

~U.S. Surfer Goes Missing In Waters Off Indonesia

~Mexican Army Finds 148-Acre Marijuana Plantation

~Jon Stewart Compares Debt Ceiling Fight To A Bad Breakup

Dollywood park worker calls out guest over ‘marriage is so gay’ T-shirt A Knoxville same-sex couple are calling on DollywoodJennifer Tipton, left, and Olivier Odom sit together at the Golden Roast coffee house on Monday, July 25, 2011. The couple claimed they were confronted by an employee at Dollywood's Splash County because of Odom shirt that reads, "Marriage is so gay." Odom was asked to turn the shirt inside out because the shirt may offend other patrons at Splash Country. Odom complied, but wrote a letter to Dollywood to express that the couple felt discriminated against.      (Saul Young/News Sentiel)
Splash Country to come up with more inclusive policies regarding guests after a park gatekeeper made one of them reverse a T-shirt whose message he found objectionable. 
On July 9, Olivier Odom and Jennifer Tipton went to the Sevier County water park, which is beside Dollywood, with friends and the friends’ 8- and 5-year-old daughters. Odom wore a T-shirt that said “Marriage is so gay” — intended to be a statement supporting same-sex marriage. “We were walking into the gate area and the man taking the tickets told me he would need me to turn my shirt inside-out before entering the park,” said Odom. “I questioned why and he told me because it was a family park.”

Man Stuck In Drain Said Gang Members Attacked Him In Ceres, Calif. (VIDEO)

A man trapped headfirst in a California storm drain has come out of the dank darkness and is tearing at police for snapping photos of his legs protruding from the sewer instead of giving him proper medical treatment.

LA traffic officer fired for being in porn film LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles traffic officer was fired for appearing in a pornographic film while on duty more than three years ago. John Dancler was dismissed Monday for misconduct on the job and engaging in indecent acts that reflected poorly on the city workforce, according to his notice of discharge obtained Thursday by The Associated Press. The inappropriate acts include “groping the bare breasts, spanking the bare buttocks, and being straddled by an adult video actress in public,” the notice said.

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