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August 7, 2011

Weekend News Round-up: Sedaris Play Draws Crowds, Dolores Park Renovation, Musical about Gay Rugby, Last Gay Survivor of Nazi Concentration Camps,

by Accidental Bear

terry and cillianNew musical about gay rugby team opens in Edinburgh A new musical based on the true story of Northern Ireland’s first gay-friendly rugby team is opening at Edinburgh Festival this week. Scene of the Titans is written by Tim Foley, who based the musical on his experiences as a former player of the Ulster Titans; a gay-friendly rugby team formed in Belfast. 

Last gay survivor of Nazi concentration camps dies aged 98Rudolf Brazda, the last known survivor of thePink trignale gay men interned in Nazi concentration camps, has died aged 98. He died at a hospital for the elderly in Bantzenheim, eastern France on Wednesday. Philippe Couillet, a friend of Brazda, told AFP that he “passed on peacefully in his sleep at dawn”.  Brazda was imprisoned at Buchenwald concentration camp in August 1942 and was held there until the camp was liberated by US forces in 1945. He was the last known survivor of the Pink Triangles- the name given to the 10,000 to 15,000 men detained in Nazi concentration camps for being gay. 


Young gay men who use meth suffer greater risk of HIV infection Young gay men who use the drug methamphetamine are more likely to contract HIV through risky behaviour, a new study claims.

Dolores ParkDolores Park Renovation Plans: SF CA (PHOTOS)Before long, it sounds like Dolores Park is going to be looking like Danville. Kevin Montgomery over at Uptown Almanac recently paid a visit to the Dolores Park Steering Committeeto get an update on the Dolores Park Renovation project and caught a glimpse of the plans. The renovation project may as well be called Total Park Overhaul. According to Montgomery, the planned changes are extensive enough to completely change the function — and spirit — of Dolores Park.          

Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act:  Ballot Initiative Would Tax Pot Like Wine This article comes toRegulate Marijuana Like Wine Act us courtesy of California WatchBy Joshua Emerson Smith Supporters are gathering signatures for an initiative that would decriminalize marijuana in California for those older than 21. The measure, dubbed the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act, would tax and regulate the cultivation, production and sale of cannabis using grape and wine industry standards. “We’re taking something that’s unregulated and we’re replacing it with a known successful program implemented by the California alcohol beverage control board,” said co-author Steve Kubby, who also helped draft and promote Proposition 215, California’s first medical cannabis law. “We know it works great with wine. It’s already in place.”

‘The Book Of Liz’ At Gough Street Playhouse: David And Amy Sedaris Play Draws Crowds (PHOTOS) Lucky for us, one such spectacle has come to San Francisco. “The Book of Liz,” penned by the Sedaris pair and currently showing at the Gough Street Playhouse, has been so popular that organizers have had to extend its run twice. The play chronicles the plight of Sister Elizabeth Dunderstock, known through town for her legendary and delicious cheeseballs. A member of the Squeamish religious order, Dunderstick runs away from her home within the isolated community of Cluster Haven to try her luck in the real world. Her adventures lead her to an array of distinctly Sedaris-esque characters, from a Ukrainian immigrant dressed as a giant peanut to the alcoholic staff of a local diner, as she struggles to figure out where she belongs.




June 24, 2011

Trans March to Kick off SF Gay Gay Gay Pride 2011

by Accidental Bear

My brothers milkman’s sister’s cousin’s grocer is a FTM…. this qualifies me to march and party like it’s 1999 (wait, what!?!) Pride comes in all colors purple, burnt umber, blanched almond and my favorite color, camel. Rock out with our cock out, sorry mom.

Trans March 2011

Dolores Park

San Francisco, CA 941

 [vimeo 25289627 w=400 h=225]
 June 24, 2011, 3:30pm

In Honor of the 45th Anniversary of the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots:
Serving Up Human Rights Since 1966

See & Be Seen @ Dolores Park 3:30 – 6:30
March to UN Plaza @ 6:30

June 22, 2011

Bear Tenderness in Dolores Park, SF CA

by Accidental Bear

photo by Mike Enders

April 25, 2011

You Were Missed @ Hunky Jesus Easter 2011 SF

by Accidental Bear

If there had been a roof the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence would have brought it down for the 32nd time! Sun was magically pulled from a hat after a wet start to the day and another glorious time was had by those attending the festivities by choice or by accident. Sorry to those who wanted a romantic hetero day in the park. Gays dressed as Jesus, Nuns and sexy bunnies ran Dolores Park on Easter and no one had to be beat in to join the gang (hate when that happens).


The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are back with the 32nd annual Hunky Jesus contest. Set your offense level to stun! But as they say, Jesus has a sense of humor, and so should you. It’s all in loving good fun, and a celebration of an organization that has raised millions to support charities that “Christians” have ignored.

April 15, 2011

Easter & Hunky Jesus in Dolores Park is Where it’s at, No Really it’s where it’s at!

by Accidental Bear

There is one event that I attend religiously (In a non religious way) every year and thats Easter in Dolores Park. We pray to mother nature for sun and all else fall into place effortlessly. Straights, gays, trans, bi’s, dogs all spread their picnic blankets out into one mass of color. On stage this year will be a plethora of entertainment, my eyes will be be on the look out for Ejector to hit the stage. Then one by one, a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will call to stage contestants in the Hunky Jesus contest. This is taken seriously, I believe last year someone had a real live donkey as a prop. Not to be missed. * * * On a side note, like any other event of this sort, there is a lot of sloppy drinking going on. On a positive this sloppiness usually produces some random full frontal nudity. Be camera ready. * * *


Easter Sunday, April 24th, 2011 from Noon to 4PM. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. present HARE: Old Habits Die Hard! Celebrate 32 Years of Perpetual Indulgence with Performances by Penetrating the Veil, Planet Booty, The Thrillpeddlers, Ejector and Boylesque.
Children’s Easter Egg Hunt and Games 11am to Noon.
Easter Bonnet Contest 1:30pm, Hunky Jesus Contest 3:30pm.

January 13, 2011

Friday Night’s Dolores Park Shooting: Questions Remain

by Accidental Bear

Walking to work on Saturday morning I saw a sea of police men and women in grid formation searching Dolores Park. I had no clue why, there didn’t seem to be urgency in the air. I overheard cops joking about having to make a report because they had stumbled on to a set of lost keys. Like other events I wintness , I find it hard to track down the statistics on news or the internet. Today I find out there was a


Almost a week later all the pieces of the puzzle have not been found. I HATE the news of violent crimes, and a bit more when they are in my back yard!


by Heather Smith

A reader wrote in today about the shooting this past Friday evening of a young man near Dolores Park:

Hey. I live right at 20th and Dolores. I ran out the door on Friday night when I heard the poor guy moaning to find him, two onlookers (who had called 911), a few police officers, and — here’s the thing — a barefoot Marine kneeling over him, resuscitating the guy.

It was actually one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen — this guy, just a former Marine in the neighborhood who had heard the shots and ran outside. He found the victim no longer breathing, diagnosed the problem (it’s called a “sucking chest wound”) and used a discarded plastic bag that one of the police officers handed him to bring the guy back to life. It was truly amazing.


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