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March 10, 2011

See, Gay Couples are just like Straight Ones

by Accidental Bear

So, sad the commonalities we share with straight couples. We are not all fabulous and colorfully happy (gay). Some only  see red and kill our partners too. Now we have 3 fathers cats in the world, so sad.


Massachusetts Man Slays Husband At Home

Michael Losee, a 41-year-old Boston-area man, stands accused of killing his husband Brian Bergeron, 55, in a “tragic incident of domestic violence.” Losee, who had been with Bergeron (a former Barbie clothing designer) for more than 20 years, phoned a friend in Florida and confessed to the crime; the friend then contacted authorities, and Losee turned himself in. It’s unclear who will care for their three Siamese cats, Suki, Soki, and Sushi.

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