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June 21, 2011

Left Field Spring/Summer Button Downs

by Accidental Bear

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe I chose blue and brown, classic, retro and brings out sexy blue eyes. Perfect for HOT summer days.

left field 01 selectism Left Field Spring/Summer Button Downs

Crafted in the USA, Left Field’s Summer shirting include real Trocas Shell buttons, a button down collar with third button on the center back, locker loop at the shoulder seam and notched short-sleeve cuff with button detail. Two are made from rom a barely-there light Japanese madras, while the third is made from baby-butt soft organic cotton gingham. All three look cool and will help beat the heat. (via Selectism)


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April 8, 2011

The Short Sleeved Shirt is Still a Polarizing Piece

by Accidental Bear

I have trouble with shirts with collars in general. I have a serious complex about looking like a preppy, some sort of mid-life crisis of sorts. Anytime I  have a button on and  look in the mirror, I see preppy, even if my shirt were to have skull and cross bone buttons. Sounds like a personal problem , huh? But I find my way around this if the shirt is fitted well or too small. I’ll go for a tad to small over baggy any day. Most shirts I find while thrifting are tiny, so I usually don’t have a choice. I am tragically hip.


Opening Ceremony Striped Short Sleeve Shirt

selectism - Opening Ceremony Striped Short Sleeve Shirt

The short sleeved shirt is still a polarizing piece. Some hate it, some love it. Us? We’re in between. Like all things menswear, it’s the way you do it that defines whether it’ll look good or not. It’s fair to say that as long as you steer clear of an awkward and puffy sleeve, you should be fine. (Opening Ceremony)

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