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April 17, 2011

Renaming the Easter Egg for Politically Correct Reasons

by Accidental Bear
Easter Eggs by Mystaric on Flickr

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Next they’re going to to tell me that, there is no Santa Clause or poppers are bad for you. Are there not any subjects that religious freaks can’t just leave alone. Are they that insecure with loosing power in their life that that have to try and ruin things like Easter Eggs? Come one people, get a hobby.


Anatomy Of An Outrage of the Day: The “Spring Sphere” Scare

via The Daily What

Anatomy Of An Outrage of the Day: Long story short, MyNorthwest.composted a story regurgitating an exchange between an alleged “local private high school sophomore” named Jessica (no last name given) and KIRO Radio’s right-leaning talk show host Dori Monson, in which the 16-year-old claimed that a third-grade teacher at a public school (which she declined to identify) where she was volunteering told her to call Easter eggs “Spring Spheres.”

It’s a week later and not a single person or place involved in this story has been identified, and no one else has come forward to make a similar claim. In fact, Seattle Public Schools spokeswoman Teresa Wippel said that, despite the story going viral and the slew of angry e-mails and calls, “we haven’t heard if or when it happened.” The district reiterated its “Religion and Religious Accommodation” policy, adding that “There are no new District policies on religion or holiday observance guidelines.”

But that didn’t stop the media from picking up “Spheregate” as accepted fact and blowing it beyond all proportion. “Political correctness takes away ‘Easter’ eggs,” laments The Washington Examiner; “US school renames Easter eggs ‘spring spheres’,” declares the Toronto Star; “War on Easter?” inquires UPI. Yet not a single second source among them.

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