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May 2, 2011

Another Gay Murdered in N.Y., We’ve Seen it Before

by Accidental Bear

To common of a story. The detail have not emerged but my guess is that, this is a case of younger straight thug (dabbling with sexual identity) is down on his luck and using older gay man to meet some financial needs. Older gay man is overly helpful and goes against better judgment in hopes to get some straight guy sex. Things don’t go as planned for him, straight guy flips out and kills him. Drugs and booze are usually involved. That is my guess.

N.Y. Gay Bar Owner Murdered

By Editors

Clinton “Billy” Lewis, a gay rights activist and owner of the club Chill in Elmira, N.Y., was shot dead in his home early Sunday morning. Police have arrested an acquaintance.

The Star Gazette reports that Lewis, 53, was shot dead around 3 a.m. in his home on Main Street in the city. Police responded to a report about a gunshot victim and Lewis was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

According to WETM, police have arrested Louis Duffy, 20, of Horseheads and charged him with murder. Police said the men were acquaintances.

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