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March 17, 2011

Raise Your Hand If You’re A Disappointing Gay Best Friend

by Accidental Bear

Its all about your expectations people. Don’t be to harsh on your friends for not calling or texting you back the same day  because most likely you are a lousy friend. No baby don’t squirm , the truth is never easy. This is a great article. I have non gay friends that when ever they run into me the jump into this uber gay persona , to please me? Stop it, it’s ridiculous. Most annoying are girls that get all, ….” Heeeyyy girrrrl ” on me. Stop, it’s excruciating and insulting to watch you try and act like how you think you are suppose to act while talking to a gay person. Thanks and you’re welcome.

Don’t act that way just because I’m gay and you want to show approval


Raise Your Hand If You’re A Disappointing Gay Best Friend

Does your best girl friend have the wrong idea of the role you play in her life? That you’re not there to tell her how fabulous she looks, or what the latest Lady Gaga track means to you, or that you’re totally gonna rock out with some drag queens tonight? Then you’re a disappointing gay best friend.

Gays have so many expectations to live up to in their friendships. Sure, we expect our straight girls to always have foundation to cover a skin blemish or an extra pair of jeggings for a quick trip to grab smokes, but but what do we do for them? Clearly, not enough.

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