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July 18, 2011

Homocore? No, Homecore | Brand Focus

by Accidental Bear

Selectism - homecore-01

“Homecore is a French brand that has edged into the more mature realms of casual work-wear, while never forgetting its street-wear roots. Find out more with the Q&A with the founder Alexandre Guarneri  via Selection

Selectism - homecore-02

July 18, 2011

Model and Front-Runner: Double Amputee Oscar Pistorius the New Face of Thierry Mugler A★Men

by Accidental Bear


THE first thing that registers in a glance at the new advertising campaign for Thierry Mugler A★Men fragrance is that the model, shown running across the page, appears to have neon laser beams shooting out of his rump.

The second thing is his physique, his thick slab of a chest and powerful forearms in motion.

The last thing (and here it takes a moment to click) is that in place of feet, his legs end in hooked metal blades.

The model is Oscar Pistorius, the South African sprinter with Olympic ambitions who is known on the track as the Blade Runner. As a double amputee, he runs on J-shaped prosthetics made of black carbon fiber. In the ad campaign, his blades are stylized to evoke the legs of a superhero, dipped in liquid chrome and wrapped in metallic foil, now resembling something like the shiny body of a motorcycle crossed with a dental pick.

They are a striking addition, certainly, but not what draws you into the picture. READ MORE



 Today, you are NOT aloud to complain!


July 17, 2011

Moncler V Men’s Collection Autumn/Winter 2011

by Accidental Bear


Moncler V Men's Collection Autumn/Winter 2011

An excellent look at the Moncler V collection for Autumn/Winter 2011. “Entitled ‘Himalaya 1977′, the collection sports wonderful wool patterns and showcases again the knowledge and expertise by Nakamura to tell a story with fabrics. Of course you will also find a good amount of outerwear, accessories, great boots and a premium luggage range as part of the collaboration for the coming season.”

moncler v fw11 collection lookbook 12 150x150 Moncler V Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbookmoncler v fw11 collection lookbook 13 150x150 Moncler V Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

moncler v fw11 collection lookbook 14 150x150 Moncler V Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbookmoncler v fw11 collection lookbook 15 150x150 Moncler V Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

moncler v fw11 collection lookbook 16 150x150 Moncler V Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbookmoncler v fw11 collection lookbook 17 150x150 Moncler V Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

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July 15, 2011

Burkman Bros. Autumn/Winter 2011 Illustrations

by Accidental Bear

My life is somewhat  illustrated and cartoonish at times. Burkman Bros. illustrations give me comfort to live my world with rounded edges and and sublime compositions of color. Job well done Bros.

Selectism - burkman-bros-autumn-2011-01

The Brothers Burkman have been cutting up a storm recently, gaining plenty of new fans in Europe – including the likes of Dover Street Market, Liberty & L’Eclaireur – and they’ve just released these illustrated images to show off this collection. Illustrated by Michael Sanderson, they’re a great way to add life to a collection. There’s only so many pictures of dead eyed surly models in the woods we can take. (Selectism)

Selectism - burkman-bros-autumn-2011-02

Selectism - burkman-bros-autumn-2011-03

July 14, 2011

K-Swiss Joey Yates Collection: I Need to Be Bitch Slapped

by Accidental Bear

Ok, I actually enjoy these pieces from K-Swiss. I usually jump over K-Swiss like dog crap on the side walk. Will somebody bitch slap me to be sure that I am awake and well.

crewneck 1 front 540x359 K Swiss Joey Yates Collection

K-Swiss is doing two things incredibly well at them moment. One, The brand is giving us a good laugh (#fuckyeahkennypowers) and two, producing tight capsule collections that hit the mark on core sporting heritage. The Joey Yates “Love Hurts” project sort of combines both skill sets, propelling an 80s tennis renegade back into the spotlight and providing the proper duds for a serious comeback. The collection boasts everything from sneakers to sweatpants.

All product will hit this Autumn.

July 7, 2011

22 Ben Sherman Looks, 1 Bearded Hunk of a Model: Ben Sherman Plectrum A/W 11

by Accidental Bear
Look 1 Look2
Look3 Look 4
Look 5 Look 6
July 7, 2011

BBB | Viberg Service and Chukka Boot for Spring/Summer 2012

by Accidental Bear

I want to dress you like a doll.

BBB | Viberg Service and Chukka Boot for Spring/Summer 2012

Rather than preview the clean unworn takes, we take Mr. Cabourn’s advice and showcase the service and chukka boots coming from Viberg this Spring/Summer 2012. Might as well show you how they wear. You’ll be giving them the same work over.


July 6, 2011

Bear Shop: Bear Evolution T’s

by Accidental Bear


July 5, 2011

Cold Splinters Campfire Shorts: Perfect for Ball Sweating Weather

by Accidental Bear

Cold Splinters Campfire Shorts

Super basic mountaineering shorts from the Cold Splinters line. What you get are  tough, poly/cotton twill shorts with reinforced pockets (deep ones as well). Absolutely perfect for the weather. Properly made in Porland, OR. Oi Polloi has them. (Selectism)

July 1, 2011

Video | FREITAG F49 FRINGE Backpack (sexy backpack model testers)

by Accidental Bear

Strongest bag on earth (say with growl). “The F49 FRINGE Back-to-School-Back-Pack has been deemed street-legal by theFREITAG R&D department. Because there’s no tougher hood than schoolyards, it was tested to the fringe of sadism. Whoever manages to tear up this backpack clearly should be dispensed from school.”

[vimeo 24816489 w=400 h=225]
June 30, 2011

Accidental Bear’s Inside Fashion Bear Connection Corbin Brett Chamberlin Interviews Michael Macko For His New column via Avenue Magazine.

by Accidental Bear

( Via The CBC Style File: Michael Macko | AVENUEinsider)

Interview by Corbin Brett Chamberlin

Using words like dashing and stylish to illustrate Michael Macko would actually sell him short. Often found in a bow tie, a dash of safety orange and a Michael Bastian ensemble, The AVENUE insider salutes the style of Mr. Macko. Previously the Men’s Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue and then Fashion Director of Details, Macko’s trailblazing taste has made him one of the best dressed gents around town. As of late, Macko is the Editor-at-Large of Valetas well as a freelance stylist and consultant. You’ve seen his work with Ascot Chang, Michael Bastian amongst others. Macko talks fashion and tells all about his fashionable adventures with The AVENUEInsider.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

MM: “Right now it’s all about Spring 2012. I’m working on styling shows and presentations for September and shooting look books for clients as well as curating a special section at MRket Show next month in New Tork and Las Vegas. That’s a really fun project. It’s like having my own little menswear show. I’m also doing a fun project with L.L. Bean Signature in Provincetown. I also just styled a story for photographer Matt Albiani. It’s a modern version of “The Great Gatsby.” It comes out next month in Plum Hamptons. It was really fun to do.

For Full Interview CLICK

June 29, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 and Our Favorite Male Model Benjamin Dukhan

by Accidental Bear

Accidental Bear’s friend and bearded hero BENJAMIN DUKHANworks the runaway again for Jean Paul Gaultier‘s men spring- summer 2012 |






Visit our interview with Benjamin HERE

For more lovely pics of  bearded, artist model Benjamin D. make the the jump.

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June 29, 2011

Gimme Clarks or Give Me Crocs (Death)

by Accidental Bear

Who told Clarks that I demanded comfortable, cute, elf shoes? Thanks

Clarks Desert Rain Shoes

Clarks Desert Rain Shoes

“This walking cousin of the Desert Boot gives the moc an interesting and clean re-look. The Desert Rain features a suede upper and a crepe sole and  features almost nothing extraordinary outside of the shape of the silhouette. Oi Polloi has them.” Selectism 


June 29, 2011

Lee 101 Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection: Woodsy

by Accidental Bear

 Woods, but the real test is, Can you swing an axe? Back in the day Lee was un-cool hand me downs. Through the test of time and durability Lee is stronger than ever. Woodsmen, dock workers, and laborers alike are the inspiration for the Lee 101 collection. “A highlight of the collection is the Logger Jean – sturdily constructed it is fitted with extra durable and functional details such as suspenders and additional pockets, it is available in a selection of 5 finishes (2 rigid, 3 washes).”  You will be protected by the city elements you city slicker: rough train seats, close encounters with rogue nails sticking out under your  work space or desk and unexpected downpours of acid rain.

Lee 101 Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

June 25, 2011

France fashion Week: Men’s Spring-Summer 2012: Walter Van Beirendonck and Some Others

by Accidental Bear

Men’s Spring-Summer 2012 collection, part of the Paris Fashion Week, in Paris, Friday, June 24, 2011. Designers include Japanese designer Junaya Watanabe, Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck, Brazilian designer Gustavo Lins, Belgian designer Kris Van Assche and Italian designer Stefano Pilati.

A model wears a creation by Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck as part of his Spring/Summer 2012 fashion collection presented in Paris, Friday, June 24, 2011. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

Nothing screams pride and confidence more than Walter Van Beirendonck‘s confidence in the use of bold colors and fabrics. This collection has a jovial bounce to it. It makes me feel like a virgin all over again, “touched for the very first time”. If I were ever stricken with a wicked case of Narcolepsy, I would hope to awaken dressed in Walter’s garments, a mixture of The Muppets meet in Candyland  and  take a trip to Japan. Just go with me on this one.

We have our eyes on all things Walter!