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March 10, 2011

Fred Phelps = Ick

by Accidental Bear

_John Culhane

An elderly man is standing near a grave. A funeral memorial service for his life-long partner has just concluded. Surrounded by mourners, he is allowing himself a moment of quiet reflection and grief.

Just then, two young men burst from behind a wall of mourners and shout: “Fag deaths are God’s punishment! U.S. is going to Hell.” One man then pushes the bereaved, frail man into the open grave, and the other grabs the nearby shovel and starts piling dirt on him.

After about thirty seconds, the two miscreants are dragged away by a group of mourners.

A few months later, the victim sues his two attackers for his physical and emotional injuries. Does he have a claim, or does the First Amendment protect the actions of the men who attacked him?


March 3, 2011

O’Reilly Cheerleads Against the Westboro Baptist Church

by Accidental Bear

For once O’Reilly and I are on the same side. How do you say,  “SHUT THE F**K UP BITCH nicely? ” O’Reilly does his best. But I wish he had ended with a bitch slap!



O’Reilly Slams Westboro Baptist Church

By Editors


Bill O’Reilly and Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly get into it on the air over the Westboro Baptist Church verdict, with O’Reilly calling them “vile idiots who are happy our soldiers are coming home dead.”

Kelly supports the SCOTUS verdict, saying she doesn’t like what Westboro stands for, but she does like the First Amendment.

Watch their argument here

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