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May 11, 2011

Furlesque’s Debut Performance; Move Over Show Girls

by Accidental Bear
Show girls move over, Furlesque, the men from down under are  here to take over. This was Furlesque’s debut performance and they put on moves that might make the delicate blush. I have my eye on these hair balls and will document their every move. You’ve been warned. You have my word on that!

The New Bear Sensation!

Theses images come from The Femme Guild’s ‘Love Boat’ party was the venue for the debut performance of Furlesque, and two other equally wonderful performances. Vanessa Wagner MCed.
There’s an extended set of photos at:

Photos by Morgan Carpenter.

February 19, 2011

BULK – The Series ( A Bear Melrose Place )

by Accidental Bear


( oh my god Bears)

I am imaging a Melrose Place type set up with a log cabin built around a pool, BACK HAIR pulling and cigar being put out in their enemies faces and fights that end up in a pool orgy of hair ball soup! On a serious note ( I have one from time to time), this series looks to be representing a true culture of gays that are typically out shined by “images of gay men who look like to me are desexualized or comic relief.”


BULK – The Series

BULK – The Series is an exciting, raw, sexy dramatic web series exploring the Bear Community in New York City. J. Julian Christopher and D.R. Knott are Executive Producers.

BULK, written by J. Julian Christopher & D.R. Knott, is an exciting, raw, sexy exploration of the Bear community in New York City.

BULK is a dramatic web series following Leo Duran, who after months of avoiding reminders of his ex has returned to the scene. Can he escape his past and find happiness again?

As a proud member of the Bear Community, I have noticed media images of gay men who look like me are desexualized or comic relief. I am producing this web-series with a long time collaborator to celebrate how beautiful, passionate and authentic we are.

We hope you will help us in this project by giving to this true representation of the Bear and Leather Community.

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