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January 13, 2011

Friday Night’s Dolores Park Shooting: Questions Remain

by Accidental Bear

Walking to work on Saturday morning I saw a sea of police men and women in grid formation searching Dolores Park. I had no clue why, there didn’t seem to be urgency in the air. I overheard cops joking about having to make a report because they had stumbled on to a set of lost keys. Like other events I wintness , I find it hard to track down the statistics on news or the internet. Today I find out there was a


Almost a week later all the pieces of the puzzle have not been found. I HATE the news of violent crimes, and a bit more when they are in my back yard!


by Heather Smith

A reader wrote in today about the shooting this past Friday evening of a young man near Dolores Park:

Hey. I live right at 20th and Dolores. I ran out the door on Friday night when I heard the poor guy moaning to find him, two onlookers (who had called 911), a few police officers, and — here’s the thing — a barefoot Marine kneeling over him, resuscitating the guy.

It was actually one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen — this guy, just a former Marine in the neighborhood who had heard the shots and ran outside. He found the victim no longer breathing, diagnosed the problem (it’s called a “sucking chest wound”) and used a discarded plastic bag that one of the police officers handed him to bring the guy back to life. It was truly amazing.


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