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March 27, 2011

The Bullied Now Masturbate for Revenge

by Accidental Bear

Wow, that is revenge but Im not quite sure what the message is he is trying to send. I prefer stories of kids that were bullied in high school growing up and getting all super sized buff then going and kicking the crap out of the bullies. Thats message is clear. Although the idea of breaking into a mens lockers room and masturbating on dirty jocks underwear does fulfill some fantasies and fetishes, I think the message comes across as just , weird gay guy with issues.



Man Returns To The High School Where He Was Bullied To Steal Underwear Out Of The Locker Room And Masturbate On It

John P. Gallagher, a 19-year-old (now former?) FedEx employee, was arrested for breaking into the boy’s locker room of his old high school in Kansas City, Missouri, and masturbating onto students’ underwear he stole out of the lockers.

He’s been seen on security camera footage at least 11 times breaking into the locker room through an unlocked window. One student reported finding a used condom tied to his shoe, though he thought it was a friend’s prank and didn’t report it. Ew. Gallagher allegedly put the underwear on the floor, masturbated onto it, then stuffed the soiled undergarments in an unused locker.

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March 12, 2011

Put SF’s Best Trainers & Best Gym back on Top; DIAKADI

by Accidental Bear
    • Friendliest most knowledgeable gym I have ever walked into.

      The owners Mike and Billy have built their establishment with heart and soul. I have seen their clients after a few special months with them or on return from one of their out of this world boot camps and the results are to die for. I want Mike and Billy to adopt me in hopes that their health mantra and dedication would rub off on me.
      On a side note you may want to vote because Mike and Billy are HOT! There’s now shame to that, we’re queer after all.
      Take a minute to VOTE. Then you can check it off as good deed for the weekend. Support local, support our gays but most all keep the best on top.
      DIAKADI has dropped to 4th place as the Best Trainers & Best Gym in SF. 

      PLEASE take 10 secs to vote for us in both categories w/ the link below. Anyone can vote no matter where you live! You can vote once in each category through your Facebook account and through each email address you have. It does not seem to work if you try and vote through your phone. Sorry.

      Thanks everyone so far for your time and help with this!

      photo by Greg Endries

      Mar 9, 2011 – Peter S. voted for DIAKADI Body as the BEST Personal Trainer … Vote for the places you LOVE on the SF BayList and earn points, pins and amazing deals along the way. Voting ends Mar 18…


      290 Division Street
      #200 San Francisco CA, 94103
      P 415.863.4922
      F 415.863.4926

January 17, 2011

Lets Talk About Locker room Etiquette ( Behind the Scenes of Gay)

by Accidental Bear

I have had discussions on this topic and usually find myself on the other side as everyone else. Lets have a grown up talk about gay mens behavior in the locker room. Putting internal homophobia, body issues and the excuse that men are just animals and need sex aside. What are your observations in the locker room ( No, this isn’t going to be a discussion about size queens) Often I have found myself  irriatated by the complete lack of discretion by my gay brothers. Most people are there to work out, shower and get on with their business. On the other hand some guys stand in mirror and shave for an hour , while their naked peters press against the sink ( not sanitary, no debate), other walk around with bright red peters they have obviously lathered up far to long. Just because Im gay ,  I have to be ok that the guy in shower across from me is making tweaker gestures at me with his face  while he jacks off 4 feet from me? As an “adult” gay male, I know sex happens in ALL SORTS of places( I’ve tried most) including gym steam room amongst a long list. I’ve been told, ” This is what happens at a gay gym”. This furiates me because , its a gym with regular gym fees, weight machines and treadmils, NOT gay machines, gay fees ( unless they are sneaking them in, hmmm), gay showers etc.

I believe in the utimate disretion. So imagine, after an intense , focussed work , a gym member  taking a quick rinse to get back to work, is stalked and RUDELY gawked ( not just a friendly, Hey nice ass gesture with his eyes) at by a  troll of sorts ( of any age or race)  jacking off using  free soap provided by gym, and then after not taking the hint of his  shower mate  for being NOT  interested, the shower cruiser doesn’t disarm and keeps masturbating. Who would be at fault if the stroker got punched in the face?

Many of the places I have lived across the US I encountered  bizarre incidences in steam rooms where a guy has taking the liberty to make awkward advances without thought or concern at who is around. This is not being prude and I am all about sexual liberty and freedom, but at some point, common sense, compassion of those around you, common decency all need to be considered.

Now, how do you feel gays?


December 16, 2010

Can I Ask You a Question?

by Accidental Bear

Can you be a card holder for a Gay Bear Man & a Gay Gym  Bunny?

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