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June 3, 2011

The Home Depot Promotes the Homosexual Agenda & Causes Fear and Boycott

by Accidental Bear

Are we on the playground in kindergarten again? “Either you go or I go” say’s some Home Depot supporters to their support of the “gay agenda.” Immature little homophobes shouldn’t you be building something and not worrying about our nuts and bolts? I suggest you do the opposite of what AFA wants you to do and give your local Home Depot and ring and tell them thank you!

This is what is displayed on the AFA’s (American Family Association) websites front page:

February 18, 2011

On Display In Portland: The Art Of Beautiful Beards

by Accidental Bear

Times they are changing. In the past to hunt down a grouping of beards you would have to stalk the local Home Depot, truck stops ( get out of the bathroom men), hunting clubs, biker clubs ( HOT) or hippy gatherings ( FYI, Farmers Markets are great for beard watch). Nowadays getting the same street credit as Michelangelo or Picasso, lovely unusual beards are being put on pedestals in museum and fashioned into a wonderful art collection.

by Mike Enders



A wise woman — I think it was the Millionaire Matchmaker (or maybe it was my sister) — once said that men hide their insecurities behind facial hair. Well, that’s just one theory. Other men see beards as an outlet for creativity. Every few years, such men from around the world congregate and compete at theWorld Beard and Mustache Contest.

Jeremy of Anchorage, Alaska 

Dave MeadJeremy of Anchorage, Alaska 

In 2009, photographer Dave Mead traveled to the competition being held in Anchorage, Alaska. What resulted is a portrait series that has since traveled the globe and is now at Portland’s Land Gallery through February. See more beards, if you’re so inclined, on his site.

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