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May 26, 2011

Sit-Lie Ordinance Useless, Says SF Police; I Don’t Like Looking at Ugly Things, Says Accidental Bear

by Accidental Bear

As much as I don’t like having to step over people sitting or lying on the sidewalk while being hit on for my spare change, the sit-lie ordinance isn’t making a damn difference, says SF Police. This is just a band-aid on the bloody wound. Like when it is tourist season and the SF politicians sweep the streets of the homeless. The fundamental problem is, homeless defined means no home, they have no where else to go. In order to make this sit-lie ordinance work, we need to fix the homeless problem. On a side note neighborhoods lack outdoor seating and benches for use when Sir Sun decided to make an appearance. Sit-lie is slammed by homeless advocates who see the ordinance as “a loss of civil liberties and an attack on all homeless people.~AB


CBS 5 reports:
After months of training, officers began enforcing the law in March, but at a bimonthly CompStat meeting involving some of the Police Department’s top brass Wednesday, police Lt. Belinda Kerr from the Park Station acknowledged that the law has not done much to change behavior in the area.
There has been “a prolific amount of arrests, citations and warnings … but I haven’t seen that it’s done a whole lot,” Kerr said.
She said the transients will often get up when they see officers drive by in their patrol cars, but “unfortunately are getting up and going around the block and then sitting down again.”

May 19, 2011

‘Encampment’ brings attention to homeless LGBT youth/ Castro SF CA

by Accidental Bear

This tickles my heart string for personal reasons. One day we’ll sit down with a box of tissue, take out Chinese food and chocolate in 10 different forms. We all get bombarded with homeless people daily and most likely we walk over top of them as we would any other stray object on the sidewalk. SF is famous destination spot for homeless gay runaways all hoping to land in a glamorous new life or in the hands of a sugar daddy. Unfortunately it most likely doesn’t end up as “glamorous” as it all sounds. Homeless youth gather in a sort of Take Back the Night type of rally. ~AB

Castro nightclub patrons were startled last Saturday night when several dozen homeless youth and their allies established a temporary encampment around the stairs at Harvey Milk Plaza, part of a day of actions meant to bring attention to budget cuts for groups that provide housing to at-risk LGBT youth.

The May 14 encampment was part of a nationwide demonstration to raise awareness of homelessness among a demographic known as transition-age youth. Homeless and foster youth between 16 and 24 years old can face unique housing challenges, particularly as they age out of the foster care system and learn to navigate services for adults.

“We’re here to engage the community on homelessness, and specifically queer homeless youth issues,” said organizer Beck, who uses only one name. “We’re in kind of a state of emergency, saying, ‘hey community, wake up.'”

Saturday’s action started at Civic Center with games, an unveiling of protest banners, and hot meals served by Food Not Bombs. A march proceeded to Harvey Milk Plaza, where speakers read poetry and called for improved access to services to get off the street.

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January 25, 2011

1 Homeless, 2 Homeless, 3…. Need a Do good Thing to Do?

by Accidental Bear

You don’t have to talk with or give SPONGE BATHS to the homeless ,but you are needed to count. Unfortunately our homeless problem is out of control. You will need to count real high (more than hands , feet, and body appendages).

City Still Seeking Volunteers to Count the Homeless

berkeley-homeless.jpgThe city’s annual Homeless Count is coming up this week but CBS5 reports today that the project is still short about 150 volunteers. Last year’s census of our city’s vibrant, address-free population counted about 6,500 homeless folks. The population count determines how much money the city will receive from the federal government to help these folks out and the Local Homeless Coordinating Board is looking for Enumerators, Team Leaders, Dispatch Center Volunteers and Data Entry Volunteers. Some of you already make it a personal hobby to note anyone sitting/lying along your route to work, so you’re already qualified. has the volunteer details.

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